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Found 8 results

  1. Hello and welcome to the Xlib and XSkills mod. These are technically two mods with the aim to add a character progression system to the game. I split this in two mods to seperate the systems behind the mods from the actual skills. Xlib is an interface that does nothing noticeable at its own. It consists of two parts XLeveling and XEffects. XLeveling provides an interface to add skills and abilities to the game, does synchronisation between server and client and saves and loads data. And it provides a dialog that can be opend by pressing the 'O' key by default. I made it so that you can use this to implement your own skills to the game if you want and you don't have to rely on the ones i created. The mod also adds some general information for skills and abilities to the ingame handbook. XEffects provides an interface to add temporary or permanent effects to the game that can influence a player. XSkills is an implementation for skills and abilities that uses XLeveling . You gather experience for different skills by doing certain actions. And if you have collected enough experience you will get an additional ability point that you can use to increase the tier of an ability. This mod is still under development and some things will probably change. Never the less save games should always be compatible. If you have ideas for new abilities or skills i would like to hear them. If you find any bugs please report them to me so that i can fix them. Skills Following skills and abilities are currently implemented. Only the first tier of every ability is represented here: Configuration The mod creates automatically config files for every skill. You can usually find them in this directory or something similar: C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\VintagestoryData\ModConfig\XLeveling. The files are named after the skill they represent. You can also find a xleveling.json there which contains some general configurations. Here is a list of the things you can configure and a short explanation what everything means: Commands This mod also adds some new commands to the game: Installation As any other mods just download the .zip folders and put them into your games mod folder. Do not unpack the .zip folders. Uninstallation If you want to uninstall the mod make sure you have no meals or meal containers such as crocks left in your world with more than 4 ingredients in it. You can receive these from the happy meal (cooking) ability. Meals with more than 4 ingredients in your world without the mod will crash your game. Unfortunately crocks seem to be affected by this even when they do not have more than 4 ingredients in it. So you may need to remove every crock. FAQ Q: Can i change the minimum skill level i need to learn this ability or the experience i need to reach a skill level? A: Yes you can. For Questions like this i recommend to look at the configuration section of the mod post first. Q: How can i get unleran points? A: You can just search in the handbook for consumables that give unlearn points. The exact search term could be language specific. Xskills adds mead which can be created in barrels from honey. It will give you one unlearn point when consumed. Q: Can i change the experience i get from mods or can i add experience to new modded mobs? A: You can adjust the values in the mods json files and i think json patches shold work, too. You can find the file here: xskills/assets/xskills/patches/combat.json. You can also use this file as an example on how to add experience to new mobs. Q: Can you release a version for the game version X. A: Probably: yes. But i only develop the mod for the newest game version. Providing support for older game versions would just be to much work. I may not be able to provide versions for every pre release version of the game since the game can change heavily between these updates and i sometimes need some time to adjust the code and sometimes i simply have not the time for this. So please wait at least 24 hours after the release of a game version before asking for a mod version for the game version. Q: What does the all-rounder skill do? A: First of all you can not choose another class with this ability. You can choose another XSkills Specialisation/Profession. These are a class of abilities that allows you to receive more experience for specific skills. By default you can just have one of these abilities. With the all-rounder ability you can have more than one. You can also identify these specialisation abilities by looking at the requirements in the tooltip. A few examples of these abilities are: farmer, miner, digger, metalworker. Experience In general you will get experience from doing skill related stuff. But since it was asked multiple times i will add a more detailed list here. Translations German and english translations by myself Russian translation by @Digitalr, @Jay_ Polish translation by @Granolah Create your own skills To add new skills or abilities to the game you should be able to code. Preferably in c# or a similar language. I recommend to set up your development environment like described here and here. Notice that a mod that uses XLib or code from any other mod always has to be a compiled mod. Your mod only needs to add a reference to the XLib library(.dll file) if you want to add abilities or skills. Note that you may have to unzip the file to get direct access to the .dll library. The xlib.zip also contains a xlib.xml file. It contains the documentation for xlib and you may want to add this file to your references, too. I think it is always the easiest to learn from examples. So i made an example skill that shows the most important features of XLeveling. You can find this example in the download section. Downloads The mod can now be downloaded through the mod db: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/247 https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/244 exampleskill.zip
  2. -Collaborative Classes Revised- PLEASE NOTE: Any version earlier than 2.0.0 will not be compatiable with versions after and including 2.0.0 Why the revision? I after testing the mod I felt that the amount of classes were too large and that this stopped most people from playing the mod, this is one of the reason for the change but also due to balanceing issues and general feedback. This is my first mod so thank you for both your time and understanding. Collaborative Classes is a mod that aims to bring a stronger focus on classes in vintage story. This includes changing the postives and negatives of the classes to be more focused on collaborative gameplay. Many of the classes now specialize in only a few particular things, with a set of negatives to things they are not good at. With the aim of the mod to promote trading and collaboration on servers, I would recommend not playing in single player. Mod Includes: Revamps the classes to be more focused around collaboration and trading within a community. Adds reinforced tools (2x Durability) that require mulitple classes to craft. (Tools for All Classes) Miner can turn Crystalized Ores into Gem Bits for other classes to use in recipes. Miner can craft a hybrid pick that both mines and can be used as a weapon Mercenary can turn Gem Bits into sellable gems. Mercenary can make smaller denominations of rusty and temporal gears (for player trading) Mercenary can craft superior copper and iron weapons Mercenary can mend metal armor Gatherer can craft dye which can be made into coloured chiselable blocks Gatherer can craft seeds (quite expensive) Hunter can make bone masks Hunter can mend leather armor Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/453 Classes: Features: Things (Hopefully) To Come: Finish Gem-Cutting Trait & Recipes. Done Bone tools/weapons for hunter. Scraped Idea Seed recipes for gatherer. More Classes Such As Cook. or maybe adding recipes for food to existing classes? Need a coder More Gem Bits recipes for Gatherer, Hunter, Miner Additional Items For Mercenary. Done Get Feedback=Better Mod? Potential Issues: Any mod that adds/changes classes or traits WILL clash with this mod. BUT should work with xskills and xlib mods Any mod that edits the game lang file MAY clash with this mod. Reinforced tools won't use other mods crafting recipes. Loading up an old world and opening the traits tab WILL crash your game This mod will only work on fresh worlds Credits: Thanks to BluryFace for some great models - (https://www.twitch.tv/blury_rng) If anybody is looking to help or want to make a addon to this mod, absolutely, message me and I will be glad for the help/support ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: Collaborative Classes Revised 2.0.2.zip
  3. Need help understanding charactor class traits My request is simple. Is there a list/config of the ingame traits (or rather the modifers that make up the traits) that can be applyed to a charactor class? If i wanted to make a class do certain thing better or worse how would I find what modifers I would be able to change/modify? For example I want a farmer charactor class to be able to farm better or have better yeild how would I do so/what would be the modfier I would have to put into the 'traits' json file? Future thanks for the help.
  4. I'm a lefty and would just like to see this. Thanks for reading! : )
  5. I think it would be smart to disable hunger, damage and body temperature until after the character creation is done. Starving/dying/freezing before you've even started playing seems like an obvious flaw in the game.
  6. INTRODUCTION As part of the future RPG elements of the vanilla game a Player Character Development System (PCDS) may be expected. When pondering what such a system should entail if it were match with the vanilla game, I thought of the following concepts and starting points that I wish to bring forward for consideration. The vanilla game leans on the principle of ‘no grinding to max player capabilities’ and I am personally a huge fan of that. I think the way the players max hp is managed in dependency of a balanced diet (nutrient intake) in time while making use of moving average ‘intake’, should also be the template for other systems affecting player capabilities. Therefore I propose to use this same concept for a future PCDS. So, which appropriate starting points could further be considered for such a system? TRAIN, SUSTAIN ... OR DRAIN Player characters can improve their skills through practise ('training'), but if they do not sustain them, the effects of any training gradually decreases, or ‘drains’ off. Any 'muscles' of both body and brain weaken through lack of activity. This implies a ‘moving average’ record is to be kept of character ‘training’ (executed actions that contribute to some level of skill). This concept is very similar to the way health is implemented. PLAYER CHARACTER SPECIALISATION Players should be able to specialise, i.e. to maintain a high level of skill in specific pursuits through focussed efforts. This will offer interesting dynamics on servers where a cook can prepare the most nutritious meals, hunters and livestock keepers can produce the most animal products from any ‘harvest’, a forester can get the most usable timber and saplings from logging, and a miner can get the best and most of breaking ore containing rock. CLASSLESSNESS Despite the use of names of 'professions', I do not suggest to implement a system using 'class' or 'profession' identifiers in any way. I’d rather recommend to not use such ‘artificial, immersion breaking tags’ at all. Players should be free to develop whatever combination of specialisations for their character. It would be nice-to-have if somehow NPCs and/or players in the environment of a player character can recognise specialisations. ATTRIBUTES AND SKILLS An attractive PCDS would consist of a set of physical and mental attributes ('muscles') that can be trained to get better at a set of in-game specific skills who all relate to player actions like breaking and placing blocks and items (‘mining’ and ‘building’) and processing resources to ‘craft’ products (‘crafting’). Ideally, every activity contributes to training a specific skill and improve one or more attributes (as to reward the player for their in-game performance), even if the effects would just be hardly noticeable on short term. Also ideally, each attribute can be trained with multiple activities and also affect multiple skills, but improving an attribute through training in only one specific activity will not allow for the same specialisation for all attribute affected skills as all skills require a different mix of attributes to be put to use. Such a system could lead to the following example. Imagine a melee specialised warrior with formidable might (a physical attribute) able to chop down trees and break rock faster than any cook can, but their friend specialised forester or miner will get a better yield from logging or mining (specific skills) than said melee warrior. This would be due to the fact that in melee combat (sword wielding) the warrior player's training mainly affects their attributes might, endurance, reflexes and resolve, while through logging the forester player's training mainly affects their attributes might, dexterity, knowledge and caution. As only the improved might attribute will effectively contribute to the warriors ability to cut down trees, he will not be as effective and efficient as a forester, even if their might would be superior to that of the forester. This part will require a lot of thorough thinking in order to design a fair and balanced system of attributes and skills in agreement with all other starting points addressed here, but the basic mechanics can be implemented in a quite straightforward and well-known manner. 1) For clarification, the present set of nutrition values and the resulting maximum health value of a player can be considered as 4 specific 'constitution' attributes of the character that each add to their maximum health. This maxium health value of a player can therefore be considered a 'skill' that can be trained. The proposed attribute-skill system can be implemented in the game code in much the same manner, with values of attribute increasing and decreasing dependent on the (in-)activities of the player and these values being used to calculate the effects of player actions in the game. THERE'S ONLY SO MUCH ONE BLUE MAN CAN DO To suppress any ‘mindless’ grinding of players trying to continuously keep up their maxed levels, the effectiveness of training shall be restricted. To ensure this, training effectiveness should be reduced in dependency of the training intensity (‘training per measure of time’). The more a player trains per measure of time, the less effective their training becomes. Assuming skill training and ‘experience’ is calculated in the same way as health now is, the time dependency will be taken care of. Additionally, the ‘experience gain’ will have to be dependent on the training intensity. Simplest way would be to have a linear dependency where above a certain threshold training intensity, the experience gain per action linearly reduces to some minimum value (say 10%) when reaching the practical maximum training intensity. Smart setting of sample time periods (for moving average intensity calculation) for each type of activity will be essential. This mimics the realistic limited ability of characters to train their ass off while still resulting in improved level of skill. No, characters get tired after some intense training and will have to recover before being able to get better at something. And the nett effect of training reduces at some point when physical, and mental, limits are met. This also implies that players shall not be able to ‘max all skills’ and they will have to choose what to train dependent on what they wish to achieve in-game. Each trainable skill will also have capped maximum ‘experience’, see below for more on that. Nonetheless, ‘Grinder’s gonna grind’. Duh. IN REALISTIC MODERATION Another starting point should be that characters cannot develop super-hero like capabilities. To both ensure the game maintains a feeling of realism and to ensure the capability differences between players with maxed skill levels and other players (servers!), and their environment (also in single-player!), it would seem appropriate to ensure that maxed capabilities do not exceed a base capability with a performance factor of 50 to 100 %, i.e.: players can train to get 100% better reflexes and/or more agile resulting in double the chance they can avoid a blow to the nose, or they can get 50% faster at whacking a pick axe into a wall of igneous rock, but no player can get better than that. As a rule of thumb, I recommend to aim for the relative ‘strength’ of highly specialised characters to be maximally twice as high as that of untrained characters in any (set of) skill(s). LEVELLESSNESS In line with the spirit of the game and the above, I propose to not distinguish '(experience) levels'. Instead, players will be able to view a scale from 0 to some maximum value (or percentage), indicating the degree of mastery they achieved in any distinguishable skill. HIGHER UP, THE SLOPE GETS STEEPER In line with both realism and most RPG games, improvement gets harder with higher 'level' of skill. This simply implies that the mathematical relationship between skill 'level' and effect will have to be non-linear, possibly some exponential function with an asymptote approaching 'max effect' for high skill 'level' (or 'experience points'). PERKS Finally, perquisites aka ‘perks’. Based on the above starting points, player skill can degrade due to inactivity and that can be quite discouraging for players. To counter this effect perks can be used as lasting rewards from intense specialisation. These can for instance be special abilities for sword wielding warriors to develop a chance to cripple their adversaries (chance to impose a 'slow effect') or for smiths to acquire the ability to create a special tool. When those warriors and smiths turn to farming for a while, they may respectively lose part of their attack strength and ability to recover nuggets for re-smelting after forging. But they will not lose the perks they acquired when they were active as warriors and smiths. So the once-warriors still have a chance to cripple their foes with a sword and the once-smiths can still use that special 'recipe' they learned. 2) Perks can be unlocked upon reaching a threshold value for an attribute or a skill. TRAITS On top of that eventually also traits can be added to the PCDS sauce. Traits would be related to a player character's intrinsic mix of pre-set attribute values, or 'defaults' they would have. This can be considered to reflect the genetic map of a player character which can be a result of their ancestry, inherited when they enter the game. This may add another interesting feature for future VS (whether or not part of the vanilla game, some specific expansion or only in mods), as this can support introduction of player character races, each with their specific subset of pre-set base attribute values. A possible additional way to express 'traits', next to using pre-set attribute values, can be by using trait-dependency in attribute learning rates ('experience gain'). TAKE IT STEP BY STEP A complex PCDS requires careful functional design specification and a stepwise approach to realise the code and roll out the implemented features. Not all has to be released in one update and not all will have to be optimally tuned between two. There’s a logical hierarchy in the system’s features determining what should have to go first and what last. So, that's about it. I think the above starting points could provide an appropriate foundation for a 'Player Character Development System' for VS. I hope the VS team will find some of the above useful for their plans. Any constructive feedback is highly appreciated. If useful, I will adjust the above based on feedback provided and further discussion in this thread. The next post is reserved to add my own sauce regarding concrete attributes and skills in VS. Edits: 1) Added explanation regarding relation between nutrition - hp and the proposed system of attributes - skills. 2) Added remark on the possibility to connect perks to both attribute and skill levels.
  7. Bloodwyn

    RPG Mod

    This mod will be adding classic RPG functionality to Vintage Story. Please feel free to add suggestions, critiques and comments. All textures except for the beards are provided by Balduranne. Bug her for more, and I'd be more than happy to add them! Current Version: 1.0.1 Future Goal Partially Done Done, Next Release Done, Released Features: Character Creation Character Attributes Character Skill Trees Abilities Customizable Character Models Models Change with Life-style/Diet/Attributes Other races: Dwarves, possibly Halflings Armor if Tyron doesn't do it soon Fantasy creatures Feature Documentation: Character Creation: All players can change their character at any time by entering the following command in chat: /setskin . A dialog will appear in which you can choose your appearance, race and sex. Changes are shown to you immediately, but in order for others to see the changes, you must close the dialog. Pictures: Changelog: 1.0.1 : -Fixed archive error 1.0.0 : -Added character creation. Downloads: rpgmod_v1.0.1.zip
  8. DId you ever give a thought about providing more character customization :)? . Starting with gender and apperance options. Also - while this game has also a strong focus in battle, i would love to see more roleplaying elements. Like character attributes providing more defense or offense (connected to that limitations in what weapons or armor they can use). Or even magic (offensive- defensive) as an option in lategame.
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