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Found 8 results

  1. I have a 2 suggestions for the mechanics of chiseling. Suggestion 1: As with clayworking, it should be possible to transfer the carved shape to another block to avoid constantly repeating the process of chiseling the same shape on other blocks. Suggestion 2: Let's take for example that I want to chisel a table made of 4 blocks of wood. It would be nice to add the ability when I chisel those 4 blocks into one table it becomes one block, if you know what I mean.
  2. I will start by saying that i love using chisel in VS the level of detail i can imprint into my builds thanks to it is enormous ... and tends to annoy my friend with whom i play on server because while im spending hours upon hours chiseling he would rather go and explore . Anyway even though i instaled QP's Chisel Tools which made chiseling few times faster there are still times i wish for some small additions in chisel functionality. 1. let player use the selection menu without looking at converted block (just disable the add material option if so) 2. add new option : convert block to/and back . i mean theres no reason for us not beeing able to convert chiseled blocks back into they'r original/normal state 3. separate materials - reverts multimaterial blocks back into single material ones. First one purpose is half for speeding up chiseling in certain rare situations and half to enable second and third sugestion while both of those would make multimaterial chiseling much faster, you could just convert stacks of blocks each with 2 clicks and then craft them together. If after work you still have some leftovers you could just revert them into normal blocks and store them with others instead of making another chest full of mixed blocks of various shapes. And to be fair @QPTECHif you read this and decide to use those ideas its the same for me as if devs added them to vanilla, your chisel tools are already part of vanila for me so its either way the same outcome XD.
  3. I found a way to make chiseled blocks count for rooms, it's super easy! Go to Vintagestory\assets\survival\blocktypes\chiseled and open each of the 4 .json files there. Find the line "sidesolid: {all: false }," and change false to true. I spent quite a bit of time searching for this solution, here's hoping this saves somebody else some time. Also, I don't know what side effects this might have, if someone reading this does, please share
  4. I spent numerous hours on chiseled curved pipe for a pot bell stove and few items in a world I want to delete. Is there a way to transfer this object easily? Or perhaps I need to ask is there a specific way to create back ups for specific shapes without knowing coding, etc? I am going to start making really complex objects but I find I want to start worlds over whole lot and this means all I have to start over and I don't want to every time if I start making more complicated decorative objects like I got plans for decorative food, furniture, plants and art.
  5. Long story short, I think, we need more door variations! And why don't allow players to design their own doors using awesome Chisel mechanics? All you have to do is to decide how thick your door should be, chisel the corresponding parts and smite the desired door (variations of 2, 3, 4 and 5 voxels-wide doors available). Place doors where you want it (only two blocks horizontally for now), and apply chiseled blocks to it. And even more! It is possible to attach the "Static" part to the door to create an effect of non-rectangular door (just chisel it and insert into panel after the main door part is installed) To remove static part or panel, just shift-right click the door with empty hand. Enjoy! How to use (video with my awful english :D): Changelog: 1.0.5-B: - Compatibility fixes for 1.15-pre.1 Latest release (for 1.15-pre.1): fancydoors_v1.15.0-1.0.5-B.zip 1.14.2+: fancydoors_v1.14.2-1.0.4-B.zip
  6. Really enjoying both the knapping and clay forming systems. So tactile! Maybe I'm just lazy, but in both activities I found myself intuitively wanting to shift-click-drag-release in a straight line to break/add/remove sections for a little more efficiency. The instinct is probably an Adobe shortcut I've internalized. e.g. Especially when knapping knife heads, that middle section is a perfect rectangle I wish I could knock out with a single, fancy keyboard move. I could see something like a craftable Chisel being available as a mid-game technology to enable this shift-click-drag function for faster knapping (as well as an equivalent tool for clay forming). Or would something like this take too much away from the "earning it" feeling the game does so well?
  7. I was doing some chisel work when i thought it would have been awesome to have similar guidence system like with knapping or Clay working. I imagine it as we make one chiseled block like we do now and then we can "copy" it as design (it could show in our hand book) . Later when looking with chisel in hand on a block that can be chiseled and pressing "f" apart from option that we already have there would be book icon that after you press it would show all your designs (i think it would be best if they could be grouped in folders) and here is a question how much "power" you want those designs to have . I figured that fully copying like in Minecraft's mod chisel and bits is to much since its not yet in the game (considering that on creative we can copy them) and would break immersion. I thought of 3 possibilities : 1. They only hold the shape and ignore materials so you can use each design on any chiselable block but if you want to have multi material blocks you would need to change voxels yourself ( the ones that you want to be different material ofc) 2. They would be locked to blocks with the same materials used in original block and show you where you need to change voxels or just stright up do it themselves. 3. Just both 1and 2 as modes you can freely chose from. As an addition i think it would be even better if those designs would be an profile file so we could use them on any save or server kinda like blueprints in factorio. I think this solution would make it much less frustrating to chisel blocks on survival and maybe even open some new ways to craft things like stone coffin and grate blocks.
  8. Feature to share the chisel drawing code. The window where you enter the code and the button to copy the code to the clipboard. As an example: blueprint in factorio video game.
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