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Found 3 results

  1. Detailing a bug within Vintage Story, regarding Wooden Axles and Angled Gears. When logging into a server, if the angled gears are on a chunk border, the subsequent line of wooden angles will fail to connect.
  2. Erik

    Water anomalies

    Water appears to be luminescent, I think it is caused by bioluminescent bacteria in the water, maybe even bioluminescent bugs. Furthermore they seem to fear chunk borders so much that the water wouldn't flow. Not even reloading the world could cause it, but a block update next to the water causes it and the bioluminescent bugs to spread.
  3. Sometimes chunk columns never load, need to relogin. Twice it happened when I die and respawn at 0,0,0 and I am in a loaded chunk, but a circle of unloaded chunks, 1 chunk thick, surronds me, and I wait few minutes - still absent. Since I am afraid to loose my thungs, I just tp to the house. Once I met an unloaded group of chunks when travelling, again no loading after a minute. Reopening the world helped.
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