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Found 8 results

  1. i like the idea of the kiln for clay, but at the moment the length of time it takes to fire a single object is, a lot! especially when its so useful for storage and necessary to continue in to the game with higher level tools and such, i really like this game but the waiting can get to be a lot, especially when im pretty sure sleeping doesnt speed up the clocks on this sort of stuff? the sort of point i want to make is an improved kiln with faster firing speed, or possibly using charcoal as fuel to speed things up might be a good idea? or just reducing the cook times lol, maybe an option for that when creating a world? anyway! i love the game a lot and im excited to see where it goes.
  2. Can we make a mod where clay is distributed around the perimeter of a centered square (since that is the shape of most pots). it would greatly reduce the time it takes to make most pottery items, and it would be realistic, especially if there was a potters wheel. one of the problems is that most pots are centered on one pixel, but the storage vessel is centered on 4 (and maybe the watering can too, but I didn't check)
  3. When playing (v1.14.0-pre.7) version of the game. I was playing single player and I experienced two situations where game froze completely, I could hear sounds playing in the background (campfire burning) but game was unresponsive, after waiting for some time I had to force close the game in both cases. This thing also happened to me on stable version of the game (1.13.4). I remember that I could be tapping crouch once or twice and placing items on the floor before freeze happened. I provide logs of last 15 minutes in spoilers: client-debug client-main server-debug server-event server-main I didn't post the rest of logs because they are blank.
  4. Even in the Iron age, you still have to mould clay by hand, well not any more, once you get access to metal, and a saw, you can create a potter's wheel. the windmill probably is not neccessary, since I am pretty sure it is manually operated. The pottery wheel will easily make any radial shape (well square, but that's just the game), these are things like bowls, pots, crucibles, pots and crocks. The wheel uses the same crafting interface as by hand, but there is another option to place clay in a ring (square) shape extending out from the axis. and of course, the moulds are equivalent to the ones found in the immersion / neolithic mod; negatives of other common clay patterns, like ingot moulds, bricks, and shingles, and maybe other things the dev adds; and can be filled up using the "copy layer" function of clay forming. The moulds could be made of (fired) clay themselves, or out of metal
  5. We currently use clay mostly for pottery and creating buildingblocks, but clay brings also a feature that is still not used in VS. Clay is a dense material and if the layer is thick enough it becomes waterproof, so why don't make some use of it? Suggestion: Irrigation canals for watering your fields Basically all you need is a lane of clayblocks, a source of water, a block to control the amount of water and your hoe. You can use your hoe to turn clayblocks into irrigation canals the same way like turning dirtblocks into fields. Suggestion: Rainwater cistern Just like a big hopper made of clay, collecting rainwater - leading all the water into a cistern, making rain more useful for you. Maybe this is a way to enrich your haggard field with new minerals, making them fertile again. Suggestion: Aqueducts for longrage water transport, Watermill You found a beautiful valley for building a house and fields - and all you miss is water? - Than you need an aqueduct to fix that (if you're not willing to run around with an inventory full of buckets searching for water.) This kind of longrange waterconduit also brings you the feature to use the waters force for milling your grains, bones and other things by water-powered mill, an alternative for the windmill. Aqueducts are nothing else but bridges. Clay lined, waterproof ones for water transport. -- Constructive comments are like cookies - and I love cookies!
  6. Hello everyone. This is my 1st post on this forum hence I would like to thank Tyrone and all the ones who are involved in the development of the game. Keep up with the excellent work! I'd like to give my little contribution by telling you about my experience with building materials. Let's start with clay: in my opinion clay is a fine material to make roofs. During a run I decided that I wanted to top my base's buildings with blue clay stairs and slabs in order to simulate a tiled roof. I cooked some clay and I realized that the process yelds one block of clay instead a single brick. Who wants to make a block of brick has to use 4 units of clay for a single brick. To me this is a nonsense: why a single brick should be 4 times more expensive than a block made of the same material? It would be more logic if 1 or 2 pieces of clay made a brick and 9 made a raw block. Another 2 ideas about bricks: 1. Bricks forming. Instead putting the clay on the crafting table it would be nice to craft a wooden frame then put the frame(s) on the ground and fill it with softened clay (clay + water, in a similar fashion of bread dough). After a certain amount of time the sunlight would dry the bricks and make them ready for being cooked. 2. Bricks cooking. It would be nice if it was possible to build a multi block structure (like the charcoal making one) where raw bricks can be cooked in large batches. In order to make stones collection more efficient my suggestion is to use both hands: the left hand would hold the chisel and the right one the hammer. Hitting a rock block a certain amount of times would drop the whole block. I suppose that this thing could pave the way for other 2 hands mechanics like: quiver and bow or tongs and hammer for metal forging. Right now clay is used as binding agent to make brick blocks. I think that it could be interesting to use lime instead. Burning animal bones or certain types of stone on a campfire would yeld dye which mixed with water would make lime. The mixing could be made in an empty bucket placed on the ground instead using the crafting table.
  7. Not enough reeds to make a Basket? Chopped down one too many Giant Oak Trees? Or just the usual Quarry overflow... Use clay to make a STORAGE BIN. It stores, stuff. The form does need lots of clay to create it... Release Notes (v 0.1.0): Took longer than expected, due to odd way VS had generic containers defined, also my modelling skills arn't stellar. Tested locally, no show stopper bugs (but you should always BACKUP before testing any mod) >>> StorageBin_Release_v010.zip <<<
  8. hi i am not sure if this is the right place to ask for help. so sorry in advance. for whatever reason i am unable to burn the clay crucible. i put it into the fireplace, add something that burns hot enough, but the clay thingy does not get burnt. i did however manage to burn ingot molds. thanks for any help
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