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Found 9 results

  1. Version 1.2.8 Adds a 2block size workbench. can be crafted in inventory, see handbook for recipe. Offers own recipes, discribed in the Players Handbook with own Description-Page. Works in Singleplayer, also on Online-Server. V. 1.2.6 Fix rmemory leak after game session V. 1.2.7 Remove chiseable plaster blocks while introduced in vanilla (1.14.6) V. 1.2.8 Fix log spamming while recipe matches MOD Download [if you like my mods, with a donation you can support me and my work]
  2. Version 2.4.2 Shows a simple HUD Clock in the left upper corner with the current ingame time. Client side only Hotkeys available Customize what you want to see all mod relevant data is saved in vintagestorydata/modconfig/hudclock showing claim area you entered (requires server mod) Have fun with it. Version 2.4.x is for 1.14.0 or higher! Older notes: V. 2.3.0 Add support of VS 1.14.0-pre7 V. 2.3.1 Tweak background operations for all mods, include saving mod specific files to vintagestorydata/modco
  3. Version 3.4.2 Main features of Mod Portcullis in different sizes (3x3 to 5x5) Drawbridges in different sizes (3x4 to 5x7) Gates in different sizes (3x3, 4x4 and 5x5) Waterwheel Mechanical Power (breastshot, undershot and overshot technics) Lampposts Firebrazier Floor-Plates for auto-open/close Vanilla-Doors, Portcullis and Gates Languages: English + German + Russia V. 1.x V. 1.2.0-Alpha1 V. 2.x V. 3.0.0 Rename mod for less confusing players when need mo
  4. Pols Server Utilities 1.2.0 This mod will add some useful commands for servers such as /home and /spawn. Note: This mod works for both server and clients. It also works as standalone version on servers so no need for clients to have it. Everyone Commands: This will list commands all players can. /home works by teleporting the player to their current spawn point. This can be set by using a Temporal gear. /home [name] teleports the player to a home they named. /sethome [name] will create a players home with that name. /homelist will display a list of the p
  5. Hello, This one is strange. I'm experiencing fairly regularly, but not 100% repeatable hard crash to desktop on my Win 10, i7-2900K, AMD Radeon 6970 system running VS 1.14.8 client with a few mods against community server (Mischief of Mice). There is no update to the client-crash.txt file. There is no windows error dialog. It just stalls for a few seconds, I get the windows "spinning circle", then bang, hard crash to desktop. I'm not sure if other players see a crash message on the server, but I think they do---something like player Astrobirder left the server due to client crash
  6. [Mod Edit] Moved discussion from https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/301-client-cheat-free-client-side-chat-commands-v020/ On my desktop, I have my C drive in a small Solid State Drive and 4 x 4 TB Hard Drive in Raid mode. That's my Drive D. I always keep all the Data in the D drive and reserve the C Drive just for the Operating system and essential software. It actually bothers me how more and more games nowadays keep inserting data into the appdata folder. No option for the player there. When I noticed Ark Survival evolved had already used almost 50 GB of my C D
  7. Ever wanted an Offline world scale map that is permanent? This mod offers that, it is fully client side - works on any MP/SP VS install of at least version 1.13. Preview-Release 0.1.4 *DOWNLOAD* [for VS 1.13 RC] There is a newer Work-in-progress version for V.S. 1.14, while it functions is also has uncorrected *BUGS* - that affect the visual map look... (there are also very likely data compatibility issues, and/or upgrade problems - with old map data; meaning you will want to BACKUP the 'old' map data FIRST! Its Strongly recommended to delete the old map data when testing
  8. This mod will not work for 1.14+ and i don't have the intention of updating/enhance this mod for the time being. If you are looking for a version that works, has some additional features and my blessing please use: -------------------- Old Description: Adds a tooltip to the map for regions that you have prospected. This mod is clientside only, no need to install it on the server. Add files to mod folder -> done! Now when you prospected a region the latest info gets displayed on the map ("M"). SourceCode: https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsProspectorInfo
  9. A simple client side mod that allows to switch on a toggle for the mouse buttons. Gone are the days with hurt fingers because you had to hold the mouse button to get rid of the whole forest. Also since version 3 there is a toggle for sprinting (thx @Tyron for the necessary changes to the input handling) Put it into your Mod folder and press the "Toggly Toggle Mouse" (defaults to tilde) or "Toggly Toggle Sprint" (defaults to capslock) hotkey ingame. For more information and source code: https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsToggly 1.0: initial release 1.0.
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