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Found 10 results

  1. Aliases now accept arguments! You can... .commandalias new onetwo {0} {1};{1} {0} // so .onetwo one two // becomes one two two one Download from GitHub!
  2. Stability improvements and general touch-ups This release improves how aliases are handled by dynamically registering client commands as new alias triggers are added. This means that .help will show all registered triggers. As of now, VS does not allow deregistering commands so aliases will show up even if you delete them. However, they will not be saved and re-logging will remove the dangling triggers. The next update will probably include dynamic arguments for aliases and a very major refactor of the Alias class to support that. Click here to download from GitHub!
  3. Adds a tooltip to the map for regions that you have prospected. This mod is clientside only, no need to install it on the server. Add files to mod folder -> done! Now when you prospected a region the latest info gets displayed on the map ("M"). SourceCode: https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsProspectorInfo 1.0: initial release 1.1: embedded dependency to allow mod to work even if the library mod is not installed on the server. ProspectorInfo-1.1.0.zip
  4. Version 1.1.0-RC2 Main features of Mod Portcullis in different sizes (3x3 to 5x5) Drawbridges in different sizes (3x4 to 3x6, more will follow) Floor-Plates for auto-open/close Doors and Gates Full animated Every item has recipe Seperate Portcullis-Part item for construction Recycle gates back to parts recipe included Languages: English + German V. 1.0.0-RC1 Only client which interacts with Block is able to see animation (fixed) Placing on blocked positions dont show message and removing blocks on client, server blocks replacing as expected (fixed) V. 1.0.2-RC3 Animation sync Fixed Precheck of blocked positions fixed changed portcullis part recipe improved reverse construction from portcullis to new item which can be craftes to parts V. 1.1.0-RC1 Added Floor-Plates for auto-open/close Iron- and Wood-Doors, Fence-Gates and Portcullis in Stone in Wood must be places in front of door/gate Added Drawbridges full animated sizes: 3x4, 3x5, 3x6 preplace checks that full vertical and horizontal blocks are available ( example 3 x 4 x 4 blocks available) after placing blocking the first vertical and horizontal layer of Blocks recipes need ropes Fixed: Sometimes clients run out of sync during animations. V. 1.1.0-RC2 New Drawbridges sizes: 4x5, 4x6, 4x7, 5x6, 5x7 recipes included pre-check behaviors like other drawbridges Known issues: currently none Planned features : Interaction-Blocks for open / close Drawbridges and Portcullis different textures for drawbridges, based on materials Big Gates / Doors Please remove the old version before using the new one! gates_v1.1.0-rc2.zip
  5. CommandMacros Ever needed to run commands so frequently that your fingers get tired? Ever think command names are too long? Just hate typing? This mod is the solution for you! It lets you create custom (client side) commands that can be bound to run any command, both server and client side, it will even talk for you! Look at the readme for a bit more detail. https://github.com/VeryGoodDog/CommandMacros If you find a bug, submit an issue on GitHub, or ping in the Discord server, I'm VeryGoodDog#0377, please include as much information as you can.
  6. Version 1.0.0-FINAL Requestet by an other Player. Shows a simpll HUD Clock in the left upper corner with the current ingame time. Client side only Hotkey "U" for show / hide Have fun with it. hudclock_v1.0.0-Final.zip
  7. A simple client side mod that allows to switch on a toggle for the mouse buttons. Gone are the days with hurt fingers because you had to hold the mouse button to get rid of the whole forest. Put it into your Mod folder and press the "Toggly toggle Mouse" hotkey ingame. For more information and source code: https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsToggly 1.0: initial release 1.0.1: working on multiplayer clientside now 2.0: use foundation mod to ensure compatibility 2.1: embed the library because library mods currently do not work independent where deployed. Toggly-2.1.0.zip
  8. Ever wanted an Offline world scale map that is permanent? This mod offers that, it is fully client side - works on any MP/SP VS install of at least version 1.12. Preview-Release 7.1 *DOWNLOAD* Version History (PR7.1): FULL map Snapshots (VeryGoodDog's Very Good Work! ) Updated HTML5 map Small tweaks for POI/EOI handling POI & EOI Persisted to Tab Delimited text file (and binary data files) Small bugfixes This current version IN-DEVELOPMENT has some known defects, limitations, incomplete features and has lots of bugs! Don't install unless you like making crash reports. The C# code is mostly my own work - with VeryGoodDog making significant patches and changes. The dynamic HTML map is fully VeryGoodDog's work, address bugs to appropriate party... Known Issues: GUI is glitchy Note taker is buggy Metadata reload isn't totally reliable (across version especially) Rainmap data is STILL used - results in gappy roads...[fix still pending] GUI panel has most controls (but not everything is configurable, yet) Scrolling in HTML map is W.I.P. Rock ratio not shown on map Legend yet... Working Features: Map shard metadata reload (height, weather conditions, rock-map) PNG file storage of metadata internally Giant PNG map exports Static HTML map, with Dynamic rendering from metadata JSON fixed TRANSLOCATOR tracking Merchant tracking
  9. This mod adds a few simple chat commands to the VS client. The mod does not need to be installed on the server, just add the dll to your "Mods" directory and the commands will be available to use in both single and multi player. Currently there are only a few commands, more are planned for later. ".moon": Prints the current moon phase. Great for judging if you will be able to work outside during the night, before nightfall. ".client+": Change configurable options. Call with no arguments for a list of options. Other features include: A (customizable) sound is played every time a chat message is received, a player joins, or a player leaves. The chat log actually has stuff in it now! All chat messages are logged to the chat log (in the vanilla game the chat log is empty). Suggestions for more commands are welcome, provided that A) they are not cheats or otherwise unfair for only some players on a given server to have and B) they can be implemented without a server component. To install this mod, download the zip and add it to the "Mods" directory in your Vintage Story directory, no need to extract it or anything. ClientPlus.1.0.0.zip Sound Configuration: If you do not like the default sounds, you can change them. To change the default sound, find a sound you like in "assets/sounds/" and type ".client+ chat-sound <sound path>" into the game chat. "<sound path>" should be the asset path used by the sound you want without the "sounds/" prefix and ".ogg" suffix. For example, the default chat sound is "sounds/block/anvil3.ogg", but you would type ".client+ chat-sound block/anvil3". If you want to use a sound in a domain other than "game", simply add the domain to the sound name separated by a colon like so: "game:block/anvil3". When you change a sound setting the game will immediately play the selected sound. If the sound does not play you probably goofed the path up. If you really mess things up and just want to go back to the defaults, you can delete the config file ("%appdata%/VintagestoryData/client+.cfg" on Windows). Changes: 1.0.0 Removed .online, use .clients Updated to work with 1.6.0 and newer. It should still work with 1.5 0.5.0 Fixed a issue with loading on and newer. Mod is now packed in a zip so you don't need to worry about unblocking the DLL. 0.4.0 Added two more sounds, one for group invites, and one for notification messages (off by default, since they are really spammy). If you turn a sound on or off it will now remember that setting. Added a debugging mode to ".online" to maybe help find an annoying game bug. 0.3.0: Added sound alerts for players joining and leaving. Added the ability to change and disable alert sounds (use the ".client+" command). Added a bunch of logging to help identify game bugs related to chat and the online player list. The client chat log isn't empty anymore! 0.2.0: Updated to 1.5.1 Added chat message received alerts.
  10. [Mod Edit] Moved discussion from https://www.vintagestory.at/forums/topic/301-client-cheat-free-client-side-chat-commands-v020/ On my desktop, I have my C drive in a small Solid State Drive and 4 x 4 TB Hard Drive in Raid mode. That's my Drive D. I always keep all the Data in the D drive and reserve the C Drive just for the Operating system and essential software. It actually bothers me how more and more games nowadays keep inserting data into the appdata folder. No option for the player there. When I noticed Ark Survival evolved had already used almost 50 GB of my C Drive. I will change the Drive if it is the only way to make it work though.
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