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Found 3 results

  1. I wanted to be able to craft a few of the clothes in the game so I made this. You can craft around 20-25 pieces of clothing. The recipes are in the handbook, they take simple ingredients: flax fiber, feathers, leather, rope and dry grass. PS: this is volume 1... I couldn't do all of them in one day... Updated! Now with rope crafting recipe and pelt slicing recipes so you don't have to kill countless rabbits for your clothes Updated again! Now that warmth is a thing... i made the player able to reroll the condition of clothes! Simply put your lovely clothes, even if they are not craftable besides some flax fibers in the grid and get the piece of clothing with a diferent condition! Old Version: ClothesCraftingVol.1.zip Version that should work. Thanks to @pawsbrake ! What happened? I butched the way i packed into 7z. to solve someone's problem ! Sorry for the inconvinience. ClothesCraftingMk2.zip Now with 1 less bug ! Hehe... Thanks @Craluminum for telling me the correct code for the Nomad's Pants... ClothesCraftingMk2.0.1 (1).zip ClothesCraftingMk2.0.1.zip
  2. I am unable to sell clothes to any trader. I am unable to place the requested clothes in the trade dialogue. The clothes are better condition than requested, I assume the percent condition is not intended to require an exact match.
  3. Thank you Vintage Story team for an awesome game. Assuming that down the road there will be more added for food preservation such as an ice box, which would then need knives to cut the ice right? .... it would be a cool idea to be able to then take those knives used for cutting ice and strapping them to shoes or boots (once we are able to make other clothing items besides armor) for ice skates. It would also be cool to have skiis or snow shoes for areas of heavy snow fall.
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