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Found 8 results

  1. The reimagined grave system. After the death of the player, the player's corpse will spawn in its place (at the moment it is a regular humanoud skeleton). You can go to it and collect things (by holding RMB), by default only its owner or a player in a creative can collect a corpse. Not despawning. In addition, a waypoint will be created at the place of death. By default, it will try to resolve conflicts with known mods, for example supports StreamDC. Since the game is an unpredictable thing, this mod also adds the ability to restore items lost at the last death using the /returnthings command. By default, the last 10 deaths are stored for each player. You can also configure some things in the config: CanFired - the corpse will be destroyed if it burns for more than 15 seconds (default: false) HasHealth - a corpse has 100 hp and can be broken by other players (default: false) CreateCorpse - whether corpses will be created at all (default: true) SaveInventoryTypes - what types of inventory will be saved NeedPrivilegeForReturnThings - what privileges are needed to return things (default: gamemode) MaxDeathContentSavedPerPlayer - the number of recent deaths that are saved per player (default: 10) CreateWaypoint - whether to create a waypoint at all upon death (default: auto; automated turn it off if there is another well-known mod adding waypoints). And also various settings for waypoints. FreeCorpseAfterTime - makes corpses available to everyone after N in-game hours (default: 240, 10 days) CorpseCollectionTime - corpse collection time in seconds (default: 1) CorpseCompassEnabled - enable craftable compass to search for corpses nearby (default: true) Download: ModDB or GitHub
  2. The Helve hammer can now forge more than just plates and ingots Mod support: To make the hammer support (or not support) custom items, it is enough to add attributes/helvehammerworkable: true or false to the output item. By default, the absence of such an attribute is considered true (changing in config) Config: AllWorkable - will this work for any items (default - false) DefaultWorkable - default attribute (default - true) AnvilTier - minimum anvil tier (default - 3, iron) Vanilla items are patched, by default you can do everything except the anvil. Download: ModDB or GitHub
  3. I'm digging through assets and I am trying to figure out whether projectiles, and other entities, can emit particles just like class: "BlockTorch" does. Can they? Really, all I'm looking for is if there is support in place already ...or if it'll take c# code to configure. (Disclaimer, I'm new to vs modding and have extremely limited knowledge on cs/c#) Any feedback would be appreciated!
  4. How do I turn the players head and camera with the mod. Also can I add custom libraries/dependencies/apis to my mod?
  5. -HELP! I'm in un-bee-lievable trouble- i've recently got into this game and there are some things that I would like to mod but have very little techinical skill/know-how. Over the last 8 hours I've been trying to add a new block into the game which is identical in function to the base Skep block but looks diffrent and is built with a diffrent crafting grid recipe. I have have achived the creation of said block and implemented it into the game as a 'static' block, not to mention I have manged to stumble through working out how to allow myself to craft the block. -I don’t hive a clue!- The real issue I have is the functionality of the block, long story short I just have no clue how to make it give honey or even change the block look after it's 'full'. I have played around with the .cs files for quite a number of hours now but I really have no clue what i'm actualy doing. -if you can help me work this out I would bee happy- Here is a working version of the 'static' block I have made: OatsOddities0.1.zip
  6. RU: Создаю мод добавляющий в игру катаны. Проблема создания моды возникла с момента создания слитков. Они не отображается когда складываешь их на пол. Вылетает игра когда кладу слиток из моды на наковальню. Еще я нашел "code:" ingotpile "," в файлах игры Другие моддеры, пожалуйста, помогите мне советом. Как исправить это дело. RU: Я создаю мод, который улей в игру катаны. Проблема создания моды возникла с момента появления слитков. Они не предоставят, когда вы кладете их на пол. Игра вылетает, когда ставлю на наковальню слиток из моды. Я также нашел в файлах игры некий код: "слиток", ". Другие моддеры, пожалуйста, помогите мне советом. Как исправить это дело.
  7. Tell me where to find storageFlags or a code for creating your own storageFlags
  8. Feature to share the chisel drawing code. The window where you enter the code and the button to copy the code to the clipboard. As an example: blueprint in factorio video game.
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