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Found 11 results

  1. WeaponPack alpha currently adds 9 new weapon types with metal variants. Weapons are now gated to certain types due to material limits which adds a fun dynamic to progressing though the ages. For example the khopesh can only be cast in a clay mold and is a starter weapon, as such its not able to be made from iron+ metals. Then you progress to the gladius when you have an anvil and the rest of the mod tries to follow this pattern. Important: I will no longer be updating the hardcore version as I need to find a better way to implement harder recipes into a single mod. But it's not efficient to keep up with essentially two versions of the same mod, and I just feel like the hardcore version is not really worth maintaining unless I get enough people who want it. New weapons for 1.15 update: Added the Katar- a very short range weapon capable of insane amounts of damage, it's a hit and run weapon so the risk of getting hit is high but that risk rewards you with up to 15 damage at the steel tier meaning it can one-shot surface drifters! Not all is crazy though as they suffer from not only that tiny range but also in their durability, it's also hindered by a slow attack speed like the spear. Added the Throwing-Spear- This spear is meant for throwing, meaning it does even more damage when tossed than the standard spears double damage, its also able to fly a bit farther. Throwing spears can be made from every tool metal and in primitive versions with flint or obsidian. You must forge metal spear heads on an anvil but each ingot will give you 72 spears in total which is important because they are a single-use item meaning they will break when they hit anything and cant be retrieved. They do less damage and have less ranged when used as a direct weapon as compared to a vanilla spear. Other changes this update include slight buffing to scrap weapons and the club, overall tweaks to increase damage across the board but also reduced range overall. The halberd and heavy spear are now fully implemented with respect to attack speeds, they will now attack at the rate of the spear with a similar animation. Added descriptions to weapons for handy info. Also removed resin from pine logs recipe, flax twine to rope, and the plank needed to make the macuahuitl so now it takes a whole log. Weapons: Other Tweaks: Currently adds some big buffs to scrap tools/weapons, and clubs to keep them up to par with the rest of the mod, long blades are left alone in every way but they are not as good as most weapons of their tier. Currently scrap weapons have around bronze statistics but they have less than copper durability, now there's a good reason to use them. Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/445 Old versions:
  2. Temporal Tinkerer (Formerly "useful-locusts") is a mod that aims to implement all sorts of gadgets and trinkets to extend out endgame content. Currently there are two technologies temporal and electric, both have their own quirks but still provide powerful items. Includes 3x3x2 mining, a super fast multi-tool, powerful armor cutting swords, and a couple new sets of insane armor. Now introducing the new temporal armor sets! These armor sets are split into two categories- utility and combat. These armor sets, like the tools can be recharged with temporal power cells in the crafting grid, watch out however as they are not unbreakable- they will still get destroyed once the durability reaches 0 so try to repair them before they get too low. The utility set provides: +75% movement speed on the boots but you use hunger 35% faster and they don't protect you very well +50% faster ranged weapons and accuracy on the helmet but provides mediocre protection The chest plate provides a new unique effect- reduced-hunger drain! While wearing this device you will drain hunger 50% slower, it has drawbacks though, the device is heavy, sometimes unreliable, and you only heal at 50% the rate with items when wearing it. It does not provide any armor value but still degrades when hit. The combat set provides: better protection values than even the strongest of metal armor sets, high protection tier. But they are vulnerable in PVP to the swords added in this mod because they deal massive damage to armor durability. +20% movement speed and very high protection on the leggings, but 5% increased hunger rate +15% ranged accuracy, high protection, but 5% slower move-speed/increased hunger rate on helmet The chest plate generates an invisible force field around itself meaning that any attack targeting the chest slot (50% chance) will be completely negated, the armor also amplifies the effect of healing items. The item has fairly low durability though so be sure to frequently recharge it with cells or it will eventually break, items like the temporal sword can chip down the durability pretty quickly as a counter New schematic/trading system: Now you can summon a trader hologram when using a trader summon item, this will spawn a tinkerer trader who can offer up parts and schematics you will need to craft any temporal equipment, save up those gears! Schematics are used in the grid with ingredients and will never be consumed, so you can use them forever once purchased. New stuff: The new schematic system introduces a complete overhaul to all the recipes for temporal equipment Temporal essence is now the new power source for temporal items, you can obtain the essence from drifters or purchase it from tinkerers then use it to craft temporal power cells Added recipe for the creative rotor using very late game components New items like ancient plating can be obtained from junk piles, locusts and the tinkerer General Mod Content Overview: Images: Feel free to- suggest anything, build off of the mod, or use these assets in your mods! All existing worlds with the mod previously installed are compatible with any previous update. You wont loose any items, but you will need to generate new chunks to find any new ruins. Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/444 Old Downloads:
  3. Better drifters is a mod that aims to make drifters a little more terrifying. As one of the main enemies its weird that these little guys are a threat at all to anything but your ankles. With this in mind I have increased the tainted, corrupt and nightmare drifter size by about 50% and they are now just barely smaller than the player. The normal and deep drifters had their size increased too by a slightly smaller extent. Nightmare drifters now have a glowing face so you can identify them a little easier so you have a little more time to try and out run them. Now drifters have new sounds and a distinct aggro sound. Combat tweaks: Drifters have had their health increased from: normal- 12-15, deep- 16-20, tainted- 22-25, corrupt- 30-40, nightmare- 40-65. But have also had their max spawn count decreased from: normal- 14-10, deep- 8-7, tainted- 7-6, corrupt- 6-5, nightmare- 5-3. Now you will face fewer drifters but they are individually more dangerous. In addition their movement speed when chasing you has been increased for every drifter except the normal surface one. Nightmare drifters will chase you so fast you almost cant out walk them, so while you can run away, they will close that gap far faster now. Drifters can now see you from further away depending on tier, for example the surface drifter is unchanged at 14 blocks, while the corrupt drifter can see you from 20 blocks. They also will attack more frequently depending on level, and will attack at a range of rates rather than a fixed one. Normal and deep drifters now deal damage 20 milliseconds later than they used to so you can have more time to dodge them. Drifters now spawn at more distinct heights, now you wont face nightmare drifters but at the deepest of depths. Loot and cosmetics: Not all is so scary, these drifters will now drop loot much more frequently and as a base you are almost guaranteed to get at least one flax fiber from a surface drifter. Drifters take less time to harvest with a knife and some can just straight up drop metal scrap/parts off of themselves on death. Overall most loot drop rates have been increased to match the difficulty increase, but not so much as to be considered overpowered. Nightmare drifters have a 5% chance to drop their severed spiked arm on death, this weapon deals tons of damage but has a low durability. Drifter size increased, includes hitbox extension. Nightmare drifter looks scarier. Drifters now make idle sounds less frequently because its annoying. Enabled a rare unused idle animation called "despair", its purely cosmetic but I though it was a neat animation for being unused. Now drifters have new sounds and a distinct aggro sound. Images: Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/547 Alternate hardcore version available in comments. Thanks to Thaliusfor making the changes. For those who want a even bigger challenge.
  4. PvP is pretty boring! This mechanic is already so stale in games like Minecraft, etc. As for me, it would be interesting if players fought not just by constantly clicking on the right mouse button. And let's say players would try to evade or repel a blow with a sword(this will not work with a spear, but it can find other advantages). Or for example when arrows would hit metal armor in consequence of which the arrows would ricochet (with the effect of sparks) and it would depend on the angle of the shot at the target just like in life.. And all this mechanics would depend only on the angle of the attacker's strike and the angle of the defender's block. You can also add shields to the game. And most importantly, such PvP would cause a lot of tension and interesting artificial experience! It would be necessary to constantly monitor the enemy's attacks, make clever maneuvers and strike directly at vulnerable places, and all this would be accompanied by the sound of metal hitting and sparks. You can also think about stamina, but not too much.. Otherwise the fight will turn into a rest )) And with such mechanics, even an Indian with a stone spear with a good skill will be able to defeat a man clad in armor. vgif-ru-25202.gif (720×404)
  5. Your crosshair shifts so much during an attack you hit off to the side of what you are pointing at. Vintage Story 2020-12-09 00-06-30_Trim.mp4
  6. Good morning! This discussion is linked to the other that talk about combat but it's about using natural elements to create nasty things and also about enemies. First of all, I suppose that all of you ladies and gentlemen have experienced a night closed in your shelters made of dirt with drifters pushing against the walls. Drifters behavior is improved compared to the other versions nevertheless I think they could become a more serious opponent giving them the ability of breaking certain blocks and therefore give them the chance to eventually break inside our shelters. On the other hand, I suppose that it should be nice to be able to realize traps and obstacles. At the base of them should be the punjis which can be crafted from bamboo and a knife and then placed on the ground. Punji placed on the ground should damage all the mobs which push against the side where the Punji is oriented. Another nice thing that could be easly done is a pit cover made with sticks and grass. This cover should be used to cover pits (which can include vertically placed Punjis) in order to make them invisible to mobs and as consequence, let them fall down if they step over them.
  7. Some people (*cough* Tyron *cough*) expressed a distaste for a stamina system for combat, so I'll try to explain, why a stamina system is important: Spam. When there is no restriction or drawback for an action and that action is very useful, then players will use it. And don't stop using it. They will do it all the time. Minecraft had and still to some degree has this problem: Combat was sprint-jumping around and triggering the left mouse button to no end. It made for a really unimmersive and chaotic experience. How did Mojang try to fix this? A timer on the attack. Severely limiting the players freedom. And sprint-jumping all over the place is still a thing. Minecraft isn't the only example of this problem: Mount and Blade also has a similar problem. Melee combat in M&B is a large bit more complex than in Minecraft. The player can attack in four directions and block in four directions. Blocks only count if they mirror the direction of the attack. Attacks also aren't instant and can be cancled. And then there are some things like different damage types, stunning and chambers. Sounds like it would make for a great combat system and it sort of does, to a point. The problem arises from canceling attacks, which is often used to make the opponent block in a wrong direction. This attack canceling to outplay the opponent is called fainting. However, the player can faint attacks at any time and players make use of this at any time. The combat is less about timing/reflexes and much more about confusing the enemy. Fainting and attacks are spammed at a really fast rate and the readability of combat suffers a lot. It also looks very stupid. However, it's the most effective way to play. To fix this, one could either put a timer on feints, however this isn't really a good idea as seen in Minecraft, limiting player freedom too much. A stamina cost however could be very finely tuned (even weapon-specific), making feints have a drawback, while also not limiting the player from using them. Stamina could also help fix the other problem of Minecraft combat: sprint-jumping. Having stamina cost to sprinting and jumping can help making these actions the retreat option they're supposed to be. When discussing stamina, we also have to discuss the punishment for low or zero stamina. The player still has to have some options for combat, or it would be like killing the player when stamina reaches zero. So basic actions like attacking and blocking should still be possible. I like to think of stamina as the evasive/defensive capability of the player. The only action that I think needs to be disabled would be sprinting, as it would be a way to effective way of evading and retreating, possibly restoring stamina. The other actions, especially the defensive actions, need to be heavily impacted: Blocking should be highly ineffective, perhaps only blocking half the damage and causing stagger. Attacking also needs to be slightly nerfed or going hyper-aggressive would be too effective when at zero stamina. Probably something like slower swing speed or lower damage would do. The point is, at low stamina you should be at a massive disadvantage, but not without options.
  8. This is a critique on the armor/defense and weapon/attack types system, in hopes it doesn't get added to VS and current implementations (arrows) get removed in the future. While the rock-paper-scissors system of armor and weapon types (cutting-blunt-piercing) is easy to implement and is easy to balance, it does massively limits in player freedom: Players with a wrong weapon or armor type are at a massive disadvantage, making the combat much less skill based, but luck based instead. To counter this, players will need to carry multiple weapons, of which they will only be effectively able to use one against a certain enemy, because the others are at a massive disadvantage. By choosing your armor, you can effectively dictate which weapon the opponent has to use and so does your opponent for you. This is obviously not a good thing, because your weapon is arguably the item with the most gameplay impact in combat and dictates the way to play. Instead of having weapon types, a more classical approach with weapons having different armor penetration values would be better. Sure, heavy armor is still best countered by a weapon with high armor penetration, but there are significantly more options for the player, because there would be a very broad range of weapons with different armor penetration values, not all weapons being specialized. A warhammer would be specialized against heavy armor and a dagger against armorless opponents, but swords and most other weapons would sit in-between, being effective in any scenario. Furthermore, the armor and weapon types system isn't very transparent for players, the tooltips would need to provide a lot of information which can help confuse the player. Judging the weakness of enemy armor is also somewhat hard, how can the player see that the armor is ineffective against piercing damage? Only having one armor penetration value on the weapon makes the system much easier to understand and players should easily be able to see the difference between heavy armor and light armor. In short, I think armors and weapons should have only a very loose dependence on each other. Weapons should be balanced against other weapons and armors against other armors, as that broadens the possibility for more combat gameplay and gives the player more freedom.
  9. Telem

    Weapon range

    While running around all over the place and getting bitten, rammed and swarmed to death I found the standard melee range to be a bit lacking. I don´t know if its only me but if e.g. a locust sits on the side of the block I am standing on, I wasn´t able to hit it in melee. It might be a misperception of range but it feels to me as if you have to somewhat cuddle in melee combat. So maybe upping the range of melee weapons would be an issue?
  10. Hello again! This is really turning out to be my favorite forum isn't it... welp I got another suggestion, and this one might be applicable to the game as it is now and not as it will be in five years! But first some context because I wrote it and am now trying to justify not removing it...yesterday I was thinking about stealth in games... what makes stealth good... and how enemies play into stealth. I was also thinking about my favorite moments in Minecraft and a very specific monster the Weeping Angels. Beginning with stealth there are three things that make stealth experience. First understandable detection... NPC should be able to hear and see (possibly a perception stat to increase how far they can hear and see?). Sight is a cone projecting out from the NPC (perception could increase how far out that cone goes) while hearing range is a sphere that could be projected around the NPC (again possibly made larger by perception). Both cones are blocked by blocks, the exception being blocks tagged as transparent or non-dampening which the sight cone and hearing sphere go through respectively. This simple (at least to the player) system could then be projected on the ground in front of NPCs (and other players) while the player is sneaking (if the player them-self has a high enough perception or maybe sneaking skill). Giving skilled stealthies an idea of what they need to avoid. Additionally whenever a sneaking player moves it would cause a small sound, raising a rapidly decreasing counter for every NPC that can hear them. Similarly for vision, if an NPC sees a player it starts building a similar counter (based on distance). If either counter gets too high the NPC will become suspicious and set off to search for the source of his suspicion. And in the case of intelligent creatures, won't give up until it finds something. Allowing players who get detected to potentially plant something to offset the NPC's suspicion. Additionally, there would be some blocks which count as stealth blocks. These would have to be blocks players can enter, and while inside of them sneaking will make that player invisible to any other NPC or player. Allowing stealth players to approach their target location using bushes and other underbrush. Next is the monster... which for the purposes of this post I'll call a Rock Golem (since the BBC probably wouldn't be thrilled by the idea of Weeping Angels in a commercial product). It would take advantage of sight cones to only move when nothing can see it. But it will move fast, and it will hit hard! Players who can't keep track of it will be in for a very bad time. This would create tense situations where players have to go through an entire encounter facing towards a single creature while trying to deal with whatever else is besetting them from every other side. But as with all of my posts, these are just suggestions... possibly half-baked ones at that. Thank you for considering my proposition!
  11. I have been thinking over potential threats the player would encounter in the world, especially since Luc released his initial background story for the game. I will put my initial thoughts here for the community to comment on or to ignore, as they see fit. Looking forward to any feedback... Natural Threats Bears- Dangerous but plentiful food supply. Also provides good skins for clothing, and oil for candles/lanterns. Hard to kill, and ferocious once provoked. Hunt with care. If one could capture a cub and raise it up as a companion... that would be sweet!! Wolves- Huge, wild canine animal. Very dangerous, but only if provoked or encountered in conditions where food is scarce- usually snow bound conditions. Given they normally travel, hunt and fight in packs, it is best not to bother them unless absolutely necessary. Captured and domesticated pups make great companions/allies. Yields leather if killed. Snakes- Sneaky, silent little buggers. Found mostly in wooded conditions, snakes are not good for much other than keeping you on your toes. Many are venomous and should be avoided. Yield poison glands if killed, which can be used in the making of poison traps, darts and arrows. Moose- Dangerous but plentiful food supply. Also provides good skins for making leather goods, and strong sinew for the making of strong rope and string for things such as good hunting bows. Moose are extremely aggressive in the wild, and very strong. Their very large horns make traveling through dense forest a slow process, but if caught in the open they can close in on a human with amazing speed, crushing armor and bone into the ground with their great antlers. Approach with caution!!! Leach Squid- Squid-like creature that lives in fresh water lakes and rivers. The critter latches on with great strength and begins to slowly drain the blood of its victim. its slippery skin makes it very hard to get a grip on once attached. Only way to remove it once it latches on is to get out of the water. It cannot stand dry air for more than a few moments before dropping off and returning to the lake or river it came from. Yields squid as a food source if killed. Supernatural Threats Trolls- Read an idea on these in another post, but can't remember which. I really like what I read, so I included them in my list along with a few suggestions... Large, unintelligent creatures that usually like living alone in caves and under bridges. They use large boulders and tree trunks as weapons, hurling them with their great strength. Shields are not much use against a large bolder, and both shields and armor take a beating in a battle with a troll. They prefer to stay out of the light of the full day, but will venture out in the early mornings or evenings, or on cloudy or rainy days. Trolls usually do not yield anything when killed, but usually have a treasure stashed somewhere nearby. Some carry leather bags and keep treasure on them. Orcs - Ugly critters that live in caves in the mountains of our world. No one is sure where they came from. Not overly strong, they tend to travel in packs and like to use bows and small knives as weapons. Their strength is in their numbers... They stay in their mountain caves during the day but hunt on the surface nearby their cave entrance under cover of night, returning to the darkness with the rising sun. Killing them can yield arrows, some tipped with mysterious concoctions that have various effects against an enemy. These concoctions can be understandably problematic for you as well when engaging them.. Drifters- Already used in the game, I would keep the name but make some serious changes. Ideas included below... The first to stray into our world from the shadow realm, drifters are a bit of an unknown. Humanoid in appearance and usually traveling alone or in packs of no more than three, drifters are very intelligent and often carry a weapon of some kind ranging from daggers and bows to swords and more powerful weapons seemingly enhanced through alchemy. They appear only at night, and seem drawn to human presence. They can be found at all hours of the day and night deep in the caves and light-less dungeons of our world, or roaming the surface in the night. When the day dawns however, any drifters caught on the surface begin to quickly dig into the ground. Once covered by the soil, they mysteriously disappear without a trace. No one has ever determined how they do this or where they go when they disappear. Killing them can yield weapons or other items consistent with what they are equipped with when engaged in battle. Implings- Pesky little creatures resembling a small orc with wings. Not very strong, they prefer to assault their enemies with darts fired from blowguns. The darts are mildly poisonous, and too many hits can render one lethargic and unable to regenerate health for some time. They are not very good fliers, and therefore prefer the cover of the forest. When pursued by an enemy they fly for short distances to evade attack, and then land before mounting another assault with their blowguns. They are not too difficult to chase down, but if encountered in numbers they can pose serious problems, especially if you have to engage a stronger enemy while under the slowing effects of their poison darts. Killing them is a good way to obtain large quantities of poison darts, useful for hunting and slowing an enemy down before engaging in battle. When the sun rises, they fly into the early morning sky and vanish from sight. Spider Colonies- Also saw the idea for these in a post somewhere, but can't remember where. Really like this idea as well, and so included it in my list with some ideas attached. Creepy, dangerous, unpleasant things! Spider colonies occur in cave systems and in very dense forest areas with high, dense tree canopies. Usually there is a very large queen accompanied by many of her smaller offspring. Feeding all those little ones is not easy, and they love the juicy meat of a human being. Once aware of your presence, they descend on their silky webs in mass, trying to surround their prey and pin it down with their webs, which are very sticky and which can be fired from a short distance away. They are particularly vulnerable to damage from fire, and arrows punching holes in them will do the job quickly as well. Their webbing also burns well. For all of these reasons, flaming arrows are a must have when you plan to engage one of these obstacles. Otherwise, run and try to find a better vantage point to engage those that are coming for you. If they manage to surround you in the open, you are in trouble. There is a chance of them yielding spider silk when killed- very strong and very rare. When combined with sinew, among other uses, they make the strongest bow and crossbow strings. Banshee- No one quite knows what these beings really are. They abhor the light, and only come for you in the dark of night on the surface of our world. For this reason no one has every seen one clearly and lived to tell about it. A shrieking and grinding cry in the night, and a shadow seen against the starry night sky. Two dull, pin-points of green-ish yellow light that are its eyes are all that is seen aside from shadow as it comes for you, flying through the air like a wraith. There is no known way of killing them. Your only chance against them is to stay in the light... ------- Will post additional ideas as I have them, assuming what I have shared in this post fits with the desired direction of the game...
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