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Found 12 results

  1. [Pre-header] Alright so ive been playing as blackguard player single player and in servers for a wile now i have a lot of hours fighting nightmare drifters hunting for rifts to spawn more nightmares and going deep underground not to mine but to fight drifters and a lot of grievances to air with the gams combat system so potent in my recent playthrough i took an oath of pacifism and to never hit anything. i can suggest on how to make it not so bad so please hear me out. [Issues with combat] In this section ill write down what stopped me from combat all together and name the most major and frustrating problems i have encountered. . Combat Latency: This is the highest order of sin, both in single player and multiplayer i have experienced Drifter nightmares teleport behind me and be like Nothing personal kiddo after i was multiple blocks away from them, i have experienced Nightmare blades hitting from 3 blocks away after i had clearly dogged them. And i have experienced multiple of rocks flying at me instantly through the air rocks ive never seen thrown. I have seen thrown rocks and shot arrows that hit the target but instead bounce off with the hit never connecting, and it was not a graze issues it was center of mass or head. Animals can be really easy to fight when latency is generous and impossible when its bad Bears and wolfs become practically undogable. . Hitbox tracking: Hit boxes seem a bit inconsistent, wile the weapons feel like they have the appropriate reach a lot of the time i feel like hits connect both from the enemy and me that shouldn't have connected. I have in multiple instances dogged a nightmares blade wile standing a block away and in multiple instances been hit 2-3 blocks away from a nightmare. I have also noticed that some times when i hit above the drifters head or under their legs or pass through them and hit a little bit after i still get the hit.` The is a bell type locust that is virtually impossible to hit we have been fighting it with a friend among drifters and we were taking turns trying to hit its head with 10 hits wile the other person fought the drifters off 1-2 out of 10 hits connected wile we were right next it beating it down. As mentioned previously throwing rocks and arrows can just gel off of mobs even if they hit center of mass doing no damage. . Rock Throwing Drifters: So i don't know who's bright idea this was but i hope your pet wolf dies and your pie burns. ill put it simply EVERY DRIFTER THROWS ROCKS. The is really bad when fighting 20 of them perfectly aimed rocks falling from all directions and being practically undoggable not fun, no one likes this change, the animation is too short and they keep throwing them. In bad latency is equivalent to torture. If you want to do this JUST MAKE A RANGED TYPE DRIFTER for the love of god and oh god stop it from having knockback. Suggestions for this will be mentioned on the next section. . No body collision: So if latency decides to be nice you can practically run through drifters unpunished making you never have to hold your ground or have to make a stand anywhere, in fact when latency is good this is the most effective way to combat, i have managed to fight a heavy storm with a stone knife this way just running around or through them delivering hits. Even in late game this is the only potent way for combat ive tried shields but they are useless when i can indefinitely move and doge. Suggestions for this will be mentioned on the next section. . Infinite Stamina: This in combination with the previous issue encourages only one type of combat run forward hit run back or side ways and repeat. this is by far the most efficient way to fight and wile it can be fun some times it really limits combat to this one tactic and it gets old and boring fast combat feels more like a grind for gears to me then an engaging experience of immersion or story telling. Suggestions for this will be mentioned on the next section. . Boring Combat: So ill prefix this by giving the game some credit for being kind of better then Minecraft on this by giving us spears and letting us throw them but generally the weapons never feel unique they don't give you any special abilities they only preform 1 move two for the ones that can be thrown. Suggestions for this will be mentioned on the next section. . Lack of enemy variety: If you have fought a drifter you have fought them all the differences can be slightly longer hitboxes and more damage thematically it doesn't make sense with the lore and in gameplay it makes them very boring. Suggestions for this will be mentioned on the next section. . Early game gatekeep: So to get copper iron and generally progress you need to go mining and fight drifters there is almost no way around it, wile i agree risk and reward should go together it gatekeeps many players from accessing things they truly want like pottery or homesteading with out making them have to experience combat first and well combat has many issues for the reasons mentioned above. Suggestions for this will be mentioned on the next section. [Suggestions] . Slower combat: So latency issues are hard to deal with and making good hitboxes can be actually hell so let me give you an alternative. Separate enemy hits to generic and special attacks. Generic hits are the hits every drifter can do they are fast as the hits are now but deal 1/6th of the damage they do now. in gameplay they are mostly used so you don't encroach on them too hard unpunished. Drifter specific attack's those will be slower and more telegraphed and animated attacks depending on the type of drifter (As mentioned on drifter variants bellow) a drifter can have up 2 three of those. . Body Collison: You can no longer pass through drifters like they are ethereal you now collide with their bodies and have to push them by sprinting on them wile taking damage. Sprinting at drifters or other players also delivers damage to them depending on what armor your are wearing and generates knockback based on speed and armor. . Advanced combat control and abilities: Now you can choose the type of swing you do with your weapon by swinging your mouse and camera left right up and down to control the direction of your swing and animation, you can press the mouse wheel to stab which has the best reach. and you can kick F. All weapons will have a special ability activated with R which is a big slow animated move with high damage. . Advanced Weapons and Armors: Now you can find advanced weapons and armors are really rare and or really hard to craft advanced weapons give you different R move special abilities and maybe effects like setting up enemies on fire Advanced armor gives you various passive abilities things like double jump, slow fall, special fire resistance, Faster Healing, Etc. . Enemy variety: So drifters are a fungal species of a hivemind colony. Hiveminds tend to have specialized members used as parts i think that concept has a lot of potential, some drifters can be ranged (Instead of making them all throw rocks) Some can spit acid limiting the environment you can walk on, some can be more physically hardy, some can move fast, some can have longer reach, some can set you on fire. all drifters have a generic attack and at least one special attack based on their type. Be creative and i don't think you can go wrong it will do a massive service to the lore and gameplay. . Enemy bosses: So those are limited to temporal storms or hugging rifts or interacting with rifts in special ways. think of like uncle two heads. The bosses look much more distinct being bigger size and or built from their normal counterparts. they only have slow telegraphed animated moves and have a big health pool as do a lot of damage. Killing them gives you a lot of gears and or TG as well as special trophies you can use to make special armors and weapons shown above. . Stamina: Players can no longer run endlessly and can't spam special abilities or keep fighting for hours Running takes stamina, Using special abilities takes a lot of stamina and attacks take slightly slivers of stamina. Stamina also goes for mobs. When out of stamina you can't run your attacks are slower and can't preform special abilities. Recover stamina by moving slow, even faster by staying idle, and fastest by sitting down for a bit. . No Gatekeep: This game has a lot better things to offer then combat especially at its current state and i don't think all players should be forced to engage with it, it would be nice if there were less efficient but not extremely hard ways to obtain mineral resources with out having to deal with drifters. wile providing much harder ways to make it big for players that are willing to engage in combat. . Only specific Ranged drifters throw rocks : Nothing more to add here. [Summary] I have written this long post out of love for the game as someone who likes to play combat but has many problems with it. I have offered my contention with combat system now as well as my suggestions on how to make it better, I understand this is no easy fix and we are talking at least 6 months of work if not more but i feel like its a big part of the game that stays overlooked. I feel like it either needs to get the love it needs or be pushed aside and made optional if not removed cause this is a very good game but it forces players to engage with its most unworked aspect. Thank you for your time and reading this. If you are a developer i want to thank you for making this game and the work you put in so far, unless you are the one that gave drifters stones.
  2. Temporal Tinkerer is a mod that aims to implement bunch of gadgets and trinkets to extend out endgame content, while also providing some content to even the early-game. Currently, there are two technologies temporal and electric, both have their own quirks/costs but provide powerful items. Includes 3x3x2 mining, a super fast multi-tool, powerful armor cutting swords, new ruins, a couple sets of awesome armor, and overhauled hacked-locusts. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon General Mod Content Overview: Images: Feel free to- suggest anything, build off of the mod, or integrate these parts and pieces into your mods! Installing the mod after you've already generated the world works just fine, but you will need to generate new chunks to find any new ruins. Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/temporaltinkerer Old Downloads:
  3. The weaponpack mods are a series of individual mods focusing on their own individual section of combat- melee, ranged, defense. The mods attempt to overhaul and/or improve existing mechanics in the game without straying too far from the vanilla style by offering modded weapons that are slightly better than their vanilla counterparts, this keeps vanilla things untouched most of the time and lets me have a lot more freedom with what I can do with the additions. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Some important info: WeaponPackAlpha: WeaponPackBeta: WeaponPackGamma: Downloads: Alpha- https://mods.vintagestory.at/weaponpackalpha Beta- https://mods.vintagestory.at/weaponpackbeta Gamma- https://mods.vintagestory.at/weaponpackgamma Old versions (alpha):
  4. Better drifters is a mod dedicated to making drifters more notable as an enemy. Most importantly it scales up their models, adds new sounds, and a new nightmare drifter model, all in hopes to make them more intimidating. It also changes many aspects of their stats making them slightly less common but more dangerous, tweaks the loot tables to be slightly more generous to compensate, and adds a new weapon drop to high-end drifters, below are a deeper breakdown of the changes: Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Combat tweaks: Drifters have all had their health increased by a few hitpoints on the low end and progressively more as their tier increases. Max spawn count for each drifter has been decreased by a large amount so there should be fewer drifter swarms and more 1-1 encounters but they should be more dangerous All movement speeds (except surface) have been increased by a scaling amount depending on tier up to double speed Drifter aggro/sight range now scales with tier from 14 blocks to 20 Now deal slightly more damage, the rate of attack has been slightly randomized and now scales with tier so harder tiers hit more often. Surface and deep drifters take a little longer time before they damage you in a swing so you have a a tiny bit more time to dodge them. Chance to flee when hit has been reduced overall, means fewer cowardly drifters that wont finish what they started Scaling with their larger models, each tier also has larger hit boxes to mach the size MOST IMPORTANTLY: The priority override for stone throwing has been fixed to make drifters not interrupt themselves with an absurdly high rate to throw stones, in addition to these next changes this means drifters will try to only throw stones at you when they cant reach you The cooldown between thrown stones now scales with drifter tier but has been increased by 3x at the minimum and up to 8x at max, so drifters cant just spam stones but higher tier drifters can throw more often Loot and cosmetics: Drifters have been tuned to have slightly more drops, added flax twine to loot tables and gave surface drifters a tiny chance to give rusty gears, flax fiber drops really commonly but the other drops have only been increased by a small amount Harvest times with the knife have been cut in half New weapon drop from corrupt, nightmare, and double headed drifters, rare chance to drop on the first two but the weapon offers lots of damage but does not have that many uses Drifter size has been increased, surface/deep have had a 30% increase in size, double headed is 2x larger, and the rest have are increased by 50% Nightmare drifter model tweak- now has many glowing eyes, don't stare into them for too long... New sounds for all drifters, corrupt and up have reverb added to sound more otherworldly Images: Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/547 Alternate hardcore version available in comments. Thanks to Thaliusfor making those changes. For those who want a even bigger challenge.
  5. I'm using 1.16 stable, but I noticed it sometime during the RC's. I'll be running, usually from a wolf, and then I just stop moving. Nothing is blocking my path, my shadow is still running, and so is the wolf! I've died a few times from this. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1260848014
  6. First thing that i discover from my own experiance in this game that it doesn't have that much fights in pve. In world we only have: traders, mobs (especially wolves) and drifters. And the only danger of being killed only comes from wolfs and drifters. Pretty lame isn't it? So what do i suggest is: Cultist. Can be found in every biome on surface(even in underground rarely) Spawn in groups Agressive towards player Have different roles(warrior, archer, healer maybe priest) They have new clothing, cosmetics Have different personality Belive in their religion. In my opinion they can diversify gameplay, like you see them and run around avoiding contact or kill them for loot.(and sell it for good price) Maybe even add new trader that will buy everything you stole from them and players. Also more about cosmetics, religion and their role in lore. Cosmetics: will be new masks, amulets bracelets and new weapons,(thruble for priest),with new mechanics. Religion and lore: Because this game has a lovecraftlike story i thinked that cultist would fit really good. I think that the best religion for them would be about drifters and "Rust World" or "rust" God, something like that. In that scenario they would have close impact on story (perhaps by them we can discover more things about "Rust World"and solve more mysteries about this cruel world). Appreciate ya all for reading, hope that i given you new ideas to think about and see ya!
  7. PvP is pretty boring! This mechanic is already so stale in games like Minecraft, etc. As for me, it would be interesting if players fought not just by constantly clicking on the right mouse button. And let's say players would try to evade or repel a blow with a sword(this will not work with a spear, but it can find other advantages). Or for example when arrows would hit metal armor in consequence of which the arrows would ricochet (with the effect of sparks) and it would depend on the angle of the shot at the target just like in life.. And all this mechanics would depend only on the angle of the attacker's strike and the angle of the defender's block. You can also add shields to the game. And most importantly, such PvP would cause a lot of tension and interesting artificial experience! It would be necessary to constantly monitor the enemy's attacks, make clever maneuvers and strike directly at vulnerable places, and all this would be accompanied by the sound of metal hitting and sparks. You can also think about stamina, but not too much.. Otherwise the fight will turn into a rest )) And with such mechanics, even an Indian with a stone spear with a good skill will be able to defeat a man clad in armor. vgif-ru-25202.gif (720×404)
  8. Your crosshair shifts so much during an attack you hit off to the side of what you are pointing at. Vintage Story 2020-12-09 00-06-30_Trim.mp4
  9. Good morning! This discussion is linked to the other that talk about combat but it's about using natural elements to create nasty things and also about enemies. First of all, I suppose that all of you ladies and gentlemen have experienced a night closed in your shelters made of dirt with drifters pushing against the walls. Drifters behavior is improved compared to the other versions nevertheless I think they could become a more serious opponent giving them the ability of breaking certain blocks and therefore give them the chance to eventually break inside our shelters. On the other hand, I suppose that it should be nice to be able to realize traps and obstacles. At the base of them should be the punjis which can be crafted from bamboo and a knife and then placed on the ground. Punji placed on the ground should damage all the mobs which push against the side where the Punji is oriented. Another nice thing that could be easly done is a pit cover made with sticks and grass. This cover should be used to cover pits (which can include vertically placed Punjis) in order to make them invisible to mobs and as consequence, let them fall down if they step over them.
  10. Some people (*cough* Tyron *cough*) expressed a distaste for a stamina system for combat, so I'll try to explain, why a stamina system is important: Spam. When there is no restriction or drawback for an action and that action is very useful, then players will use it. And don't stop using it. They will do it all the time. Minecraft had and still to some degree has this problem: Combat was sprint-jumping around and triggering the left mouse button to no end. It made for a really unimmersive and chaotic experience. How did Mojang try to fix this? A timer on the attack. Severely limiting the players freedom. And sprint-jumping all over the place is still a thing. Minecraft isn't the only example of this problem: Mount and Blade also has a similar problem. Melee combat in M&B is a large bit more complex than in Minecraft. The player can attack in four directions and block in four directions. Blocks only count if they mirror the direction of the attack. Attacks also aren't instant and can be cancled. And then there are some things like different damage types, stunning and chambers. Sounds like it would make for a great combat system and it sort of does, to a point. The problem arises from canceling attacks, which is often used to make the opponent block in a wrong direction. This attack canceling to outplay the opponent is called fainting. However, the player can faint attacks at any time and players make use of this at any time. The combat is less about timing/reflexes and much more about confusing the enemy. Fainting and attacks are spammed at a really fast rate and the readability of combat suffers a lot. It also looks very stupid. However, it's the most effective way to play. To fix this, one could either put a timer on feints, however this isn't really a good idea as seen in Minecraft, limiting player freedom too much. A stamina cost however could be very finely tuned (even weapon-specific), making feints have a drawback, while also not limiting the player from using them. Stamina could also help fix the other problem of Minecraft combat: sprint-jumping. Having stamina cost to sprinting and jumping can help making these actions the retreat option they're supposed to be. When discussing stamina, we also have to discuss the punishment for low or zero stamina. The player still has to have some options for combat, or it would be like killing the player when stamina reaches zero. So basic actions like attacking and blocking should still be possible. I like to think of stamina as the evasive/defensive capability of the player. The only action that I think needs to be disabled would be sprinting, as it would be a way to effective way of evading and retreating, possibly restoring stamina. The other actions, especially the defensive actions, need to be heavily impacted: Blocking should be highly ineffective, perhaps only blocking half the damage and causing stagger. Attacking also needs to be slightly nerfed or going hyper-aggressive would be too effective when at zero stamina. Probably something like slower swing speed or lower damage would do. The point is, at low stamina you should be at a massive disadvantage, but not without options.
  11. This is a critique on the armor/defense and weapon/attack types system, in hopes it doesn't get added to VS and current implementations (arrows) get removed in the future. While the rock-paper-scissors system of armor and weapon types (cutting-blunt-piercing) is easy to implement and is easy to balance, it does massively limits in player freedom: Players with a wrong weapon or armor type are at a massive disadvantage, making the combat much less skill based, but luck based instead. To counter this, players will need to carry multiple weapons, of which they will only be effectively able to use one against a certain enemy, because the others are at a massive disadvantage. By choosing your armor, you can effectively dictate which weapon the opponent has to use and so does your opponent for you. This is obviously not a good thing, because your weapon is arguably the item with the most gameplay impact in combat and dictates the way to play. Instead of having weapon types, a more classical approach with weapons having different armor penetration values would be better. Sure, heavy armor is still best countered by a weapon with high armor penetration, but there are significantly more options for the player, because there would be a very broad range of weapons with different armor penetration values, not all weapons being specialized. A warhammer would be specialized against heavy armor and a dagger against armorless opponents, but swords and most other weapons would sit in-between, being effective in any scenario. Furthermore, the armor and weapon types system isn't very transparent for players, the tooltips would need to provide a lot of information which can help confuse the player. Judging the weakness of enemy armor is also somewhat hard, how can the player see that the armor is ineffective against piercing damage? Only having one armor penetration value on the weapon makes the system much easier to understand and players should easily be able to see the difference between heavy armor and light armor. In short, I think armors and weapons should have only a very loose dependence on each other. Weapons should be balanced against other weapons and armors against other armors, as that broadens the possibility for more combat gameplay and gives the player more freedom.
  12. Telem

    Weapon range

    While running around all over the place and getting bitten, rammed and swarmed to death I found the standard melee range to be a bit lacking. I don´t know if its only me but if e.g. a locust sits on the side of the block I am standing on, I wasn´t able to hit it in melee. It might be a misperception of range but it feels to me as if you have to somewhat cuddle in melee combat. So maybe upping the range of melee weapons would be an issue?
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