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Found 6 results

  1. /worldconfig saplingGrowthRate [0.1-20] doesn't work on my server no matter what i try the saplings always have the the same "days to mature". wondering is anyone knows if its a bug or I'm doing it wrong? Sick of waiting 160 days for a sapling to grow XD.
  2. Adds more commands for chat. Currently available commands: /me <message> - send message as player action /tell <player> <message> - send private message to other player (alias: /t) /reply <message> - reply to last private message (alias: /r) Download: ModDB or GitHub (works on 1.13.4 and above, not needed on client) If you are missing any commands, write, I will try to add.
  3. Can someone help me understand the info /weather is giving me. Are these percentages static for a given area? what does the tl@975/976, ect mean? what is the noevent(v=0.642) mean. Is this actually telling me the percentages that of different weather condition at the particular location? Can i use this to find a good windy place for windmills?
  4. Since my Question on Discord goes unanswered and the search function yields nothing (although i might just be using the wrong search words)... How do i remove a Trader, including his Cart and the Claim? I am Building a rather... big project and a Trader is in the way. Moving the Project is not possible (first of all, i'm doing it in Survival and i have already invested a few hundred hours but there are more reasons) I hope the question catches the eyes of some knowledgeable Person who may enlighten me. And by all means, do treat me like an Idiot while explaining. That would probably safe a lot of sidequestioning. (since my world-edit experience is non-existent)
  5. Console Command stops also rain. ^^ great game (not ironic ^^)
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