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Found 3 results

  1. Mod adds different variants for existing blocks. morevariants_v1.0.0_1.13.4.zip
  2. This is my first mod for Vintage Story, or any game for that matter. It adds larger storage capacity chests to the game. The recipes are simply adding a plate of the metal tier to the previous tier chest in the player crafting grid. For example: the Copper Chest takes a Wooden Chest + Copper Plate. Bronze Chest takes Copper Chest + any bronze plate. Iron Chest takes any Bronze Chest + Iron Plate. I feel the recipes are fair enough. Every chest can be made into the "Labeled" version by adding a sign to it just like the wooden chest. Labeled chests can be upgraded to the next tier as well. These chests are based on the vanilla wooden chest so they behave and interact the same. They can be reinforced and are lockable. Known Issues: In the GUI the chests will show the Copper Chest as the "Drops when broken" item for all chests. This issue has been resolved with VS v1.13.4. These bigger inventories cause the GUI window for the storage to be taller and eventually have a scroll bar. If you have multiple of these chests open at once they will run off the top and bottom of the screen. In order to resolve this you can set your GUI size to 7 or lower and they will scale down and fit properly. If you don't want to use a smaller GUI scale you could set the windows to movable and arrange them to where they fit. I hope people will find this mod useful and enjoy using it. It was a fun learning experience for me and I hope to make more mods soon. Note: This mod is required for both client and server. Language files for English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian are included. Update: Language file now included for Russian. Thanks DArkHekRoMaNT! Download: ExtraChests_v1.0.0.zip
  3. Have you ever been tired of looking for an iron fence, crates, a quiver or a chandelier in dungeons? Especially if you need ten of them in your mansion? Have you ever been surprised by the strange lack of recipes for a vines basket, omok or colored torches? Why can't lining be added to an already finished lantern? Why can’t the plates cover the floor, although it is written on them? This and much more adds my More Recipes mod. Recipes added for: Deconstruct added for: Also mod added Stalactite/gmite recipe (2 rock to 3 large, 2 large to 3 medium etc.) and fix its drops. If you have suggestions for recipes for other items or changes to current recipes - suggest) morerecipes_v1.2.0_1.13.1+.zip
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