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Found 7 results

  1. Temporal Tinkerer is a mod that aims to implement bunch of gadgets and trinkets to extend out endgame content, while also providing some content to even the early-game. Currently, there are two technologies temporal and electric, both have their own quirks/costs but provide powerful items. Includes 3x3x2 mining, a super fast multi-tool, powerful armor cutting swords, new ruins, a couple sets of awesome armor, and overhauled hacked-locusts. General Mod Content Overview: Images: Feel free to- suggest anything, build off of the mod, or integrate these parts and pieces into your mods! Installing the mod after you've already generated the world works just fine, but you will need to generate new chunks to find any new ruins. Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/temporaltinkerer Old Downloads:
  2. VSMM adds: Stamina based climbing (BotW Style) More movement-options like crawling A Glider-item A Sailboat see full description FAQ: Atm supports only SP ! Most propably will never be MP compatible because a rewrite would be necessary Mod-Systems : Stamina Sailboat (Beta) Glider Climbing Hanging / Grabbing Crawling Dashing Sliding Backflip Powerjump AutoStep Custom Animations New Sounds Configs = Download = : https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/970 Video-showcase (Sailboat - beta): Video-showcase (Glider): Video-showcase (Moves) :
  3. MORE ROADS & PATHS! DOWNLOAD HERE GITHUB PATREON Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Have you got more stone, metal, and temporal gears than you know what to do with? Does your friend live 2000 blocks away and you want to regularly visit them? Do you just like more blocks? THEN YOU NEED MORE ROADS AND PATHS! More Roads introduces 3 new road types! Now bundled with More Wooden Paths! Make your roads POP with edge stones of all kinds! Stone/Wooden Paths Clay Roads Stone Roads Temporal Roads Let me know what you think and if you find any bugs! Future plans: Fix weird shadow issue with corner edging. Edge stones, to make your road pop a little bit more. Make the temporal roads less ugly. I am taking suggestions. When 1.14 comes out, make the temporal road recipe require dust instead of gears. I'm just waiting for Zeekea and Simple Elevators to iron out compatibility issues first. Add a Concrete Mix recipe that then needs to be soaked in a barrel of water for a while.
  4. This huge mod doubles the current amount of tool-grade metals in the game, massively expanding the endgame content. Enjoy 7 unique metal types all with their own quirks and complexities to create, start with blacksteel- a tier 5, progress to crysteel or move on to redsteel/bluesteel in teir 6. Finally, with some rare resources you will be able to create the three legendary metals-adamantite, mithril, and ultimately vinarium. Mod takes major inspiration from the minecraft mod "Minefantasy II", currently using TerraFirmaCraft colored steel ratios, might change them for balance though. I recommend using my mod: BetterDrifters so post steel tools have some sort of point in progression. Looking for feedback on things like "is the durability/mining speed difference too small or dramatic?", crashes or general balance suggestions on things like the hammer/excavator. I'll read all feedback. Mod is currently in a alpha/testing state, while unlikely, there may be crashes and there might be incompatibilities with other mods like: Metal recovery is at least one mod that will not work with this from what I've seen, so use it/similar mods at your own discretion. Brief description: I'll go over some basics here but I've included three new guides in the handbook going over stuff in more detail. You should give them a read if you need help. Metal properties: Each new metal offers a choice: durability or speed. While some metals may let you mine faster or offer increased mobility this often comes at the cost of durability, as such you will need to make a choice of what metals you will want to make your tools or armor out of. Images: Downloads: Current- MysticalMetals1.0.1.zip Old:
  5. Currency Coins I have no clue how to add a picture to this post. Not much to say about it, just pay your rent and sell stuff. You can make a coin mold with clay & cast your own coins! For Serverowners: There is a creative mold for Coins with the stamp "VS". So you can stop that players generate to much money. There will be still the normal coins without the Stamp. But you can just tell them thats fake money. Todo-List - Add Coinpiles - Add Doubloons - Add remelting-recipes (No idea yet, if i really want that, raises currency value) - Add Coin Bags - Cosmetic Blocks for Vaults (Not sure on this one, but would be nice) - Brands maybe, like the VS Coins just for normal players. English & German Translation Downloadlink
  6. THIS MOD IS NOW INCLUDED IN More Roads & Paths, GO DOWNLOAD THAT INSTEAD! I brought this up in another topic, but it bothers me that you can only create wooden paths with aged planks. Planks are gated behind the bronze age... but the stone path can be created potentially within seconds of starting the game and it makes you walk faster than wooden paths anyway, plus it has slabs and stairs which make it mechanically superior. But the wooden paths look nice, so I changed it so that you can create them with regular planks too. For compatibility reasons, these paths are made differently than vanilla paths. You just need 2 boards instead of 1. Version 1.1: MoreWoodenPaths1.1.zip Version 1.0: Changelog: Bugs: Compatibility issues with LazyTweaks - you can only make sticks and not wooden paths. I'm working on it.
  7. Here is a basic mod that causes sheep to drop a single "carcass" block instead of exploding into a bunch of meat minecraft style. Intent of this mod is a proof of concept The idea is a single carcass item will drop which is processed back at camp where you have no threat of wolves and lots of storage. Animal Products 0.0.1 [].zip - Carcass only with vanilla drops. Concept of a carcass drop. Animal Products 0.0.2 [].zip - Adds items and recipes below. Concept of many raw materials for processing into other things. download version 0.0.5 here for VS - Removed arrows until I can make them work. Fixed a bunch of recipe errors. added carcass for wolves and pigs. wolf carcass drops less meat and more sinew. only rams drop horns needed for composite bows. Updated textures. Thanks @Balduranne Items and mechanics Recipe Examples License all rights reserved. Contact author to contribute or re-distribute. Feel free to modify this for your own personal use but do not re-publish because that just confuses the heck out of everyone. Let everyone know if you like (or hate) some of these concepts or content and maybe they can be added to the game.
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