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Found 9 results

  1. Adds Acorns as a food source. Also adds a Wooden Mallet which is needed to crack the Acorn shells. Acorns (Oak seeds) drop from Oak tree leaves and are highly nutritious. Acorn flour is gluten-free. It must be mixed with another flour and water to make bread dough. It gives a 50% nutrition boost to bread. Acorns can also be fed to pigs. "There is no food that means more to me than the acorn, for the acorn fulfills both a promise and a fantasy: that the forest will provide for me. When I gaze across the [valley] I see more than scenery. I see thousands of acres of bounty, millions of pounds of delicious food dropped from the crowns of countless trees, waiting to be gathered by eager hands. I see more food than I could ever eat—more than I can even fathom. A wilderness and an orchard in one." ...from "Nature’s Garden: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants" by Samuel Thayer. At some point I'll add Acorn Griddle Cakes, too. These can be made without adding another flour. Changelog Download For VS 1.15 Acorns v0.4.0 for VS 1.15.zip For VS 1.14 and earlier Acorns v0.3.2.zip Previous Versions
  2. Im playing with friend on private server and after some time i figured three things: One. We need more kitchen utensils. Two. Compost making is really slow. Three. Full vegetable cooked meals are bad. Before vegetarians start The Hate let me explain. Apart from cabbages all other vegies have much lower satiation value than meat so they are disadvantageous in using hunger blocking mechanic compared to meat and if you want to go for longer trip you will need to take much more crooks with you. In conclusion they are less energy dense than meat and its ok in terms of each individual item because its much easier to farm huge amounts of vegies compared to meat but it limits choices for food in some situations. So my proposition is adding a chopping board. Chopping board is a functional block that can be placed on any full horizontal block surface or table and in item form hung on tool rack. After its placed as block you can "store" up to 6 or n*6(balance) vegies of one type (much like in crates). Once "stored" vegetables can be sliced using knife producing : 1 unit of vegetable slices and 1 unit of vegetable peelings for each individual vegetable on board. Vegetable slices have slighly lower satiation value (by 10 / 15 / 20?) than full vegies but twice(or thrice) as much can be placed on each slot in claypot, that gives players a way to close the gap in energy density per meal between meat and vegetables but with cost of additional time used and some energy value overall. Slices decay as fast as raw meat. Also slices can be pickled but take half the time to do so and decay 25% faster afterwards. Vegetable peelings can be used as animal feed (boars) or compost material they decay as fast or faster than berries. If its to hard to make higher max stack size in claypot just for slices alternatively slices could be made from two or three units of vegetable keeping ratios in claypot unchanged. As for chopping board it is entirely immersion oriented (slicing could be made in grid as well) so making it show what and how much vegetables are curently "stored" and adding a short player animation to cutting would work wonders here. Also you could add new metal tool more specifically kitchen knife, if so normal knife should either make worse slices (coarse) taking more satiation away , use more of its durability , taking more time to slice or any combination of those. While kitchen knife should be worse than normal one in every other task.
  3. Allows Bushmeat to be used as an ingredient in meals. Bushmeat Meals v1.0.6.zip
  4. TL:DR, cook a pot of fly agarics, grab the pot of soup (still toxic, water isn't changed) and set it back on the fire to cook again. Presumably you changed the water for second cooking, and the toxic effect is thereby removed, as is the case in real life. Additionally, a suggested change to the poisoning for a more true-to-life experience and better interactivity. Explanation below; this is my favorite (and also a very misunderstood) safe edible mushroom! I was very excited to see even a small a variety of mushrooms, because as a mycologist, I get repeatedly disappointed by games mishandling these delightful organisms. The best two I'd found aside from this are oblivion/skyrim and Kingdom Come : Deliverance. I was super excited to find that I could pick A. muscaria (fly amanita) alongside boletes and field mushrooms, and happy to see that it had a different characteristic. Once I realized I could make stew in my cooking pot and I presumably just got water somewhere nearby, I immediately made a pot of fly agaric stew. I was a little disappointed to find that it was still toxic, and in fact much more so for my having made a 4-cap pot. Then I realized I could take the pot off the finished side and set it back to cooking again; brilliant! That would account for the normal two-stage cooking process! But no such luck A. muscaria is very frequently misidentified as a particularly dangerous mushroom. Set aside that there aren't actually any confirmed deaths from this thing at all - yeah, a pot of kidney beans is more dangerous than even a raw fly agaric as far as mortality goes. Beans just won't get you high. It's incredibly easy to remove the toxin, and it makes an incredible stew, which is the most common way I know people to first try it. IRL, you just need to lightly boil the mushroom, skin, gills, and all if you please, and then dump that water out. The psychoactive compounds are water soluble and the boil treatment renders the caps inert. Actually, it's not uncommon in rural Siberia to do this and then keep the initial water as a sort of alcohol/stimulant! The mushroom caps themselves are still surprisingly meaty, and they have an excellent flavor, even if you boil them 2 or 3 times out of an abundance of caution! I like to dump the water, refill with clean water, and then blend a few of them into a thick soup afterward because it's easier than drying and frying them The flavor is exceptional! If you wanted to be even truer to the mushroom, it shouldn't kill you, but you could still have dire, and much more interesting consequences. The most penalized you should be if not properly prepared is that it takes some of your fullness (it often causes vomiting and sweating) and if you really wanted to do well by it your character can hallucinate and/or have a dizzy/drunk screen. I don't know if it's feasible, but given the twitchiness with temporal storms, I'd bet you have the skill needed to swap out in-game textures on some things for 2 hours, like, maybe your storage jars look like drifters and moan/swipe at you, but don't hurt. Maybe you see a yawning chasm on the floor but it's still solid ground. You could also give them a nice trip, like their food storage counts look to be overflowing, or their inventory has impossibly high numbers: 73 pieces of wood, 5 jars of stew (stacked), things like that. It'd be hilarious if people got excited and wasted resources thinking they had an excess, and certainly a plausible scenario XD As an aside, it'd be pretty easy to make distinctive morels as another edible mushroom, and Chicken of the Woods and Oyster mushrooms would liven up the trees even more and be easy to identify
  5. lrain111


    look: you need dough and minced meat to make them. there is already dough in the game, and the creation of minced meat can be realized, and here minced meat + dough = raw pelmeni 12 pieces, and if you cook them in a pot, you get boiled pelmeni, and they will be made like a stew, from ordinary portions to abundant
  6. As the title says: just some of my ideas written down. - Smoking of meat/fish. Similarly constructed as the bloomery. - Fishing. - Fish traps. - Graved salmon. - Creating oil lamp by clicking with fat on the bowl instead of crafting it in the grid. - Grinding/repairing tools. For example with grindstone, leather or on the anvil. To a certain extent until they are no longer suitable for grinding/repairing and finaly brake completely. - Recipes By clicking the ingredients on buckets, pots or a working surface (like a cutting board). - Cut into slices and top breads with, for example, jam. - Super moon spawns monster (werewolves?) - temporal Storm while super moon spawns even more Stronger and "stranger" monsters - Irrigation by mechanical energy (Archimedean screw?) to fill waterchanels within the fields. This would need to overhaul the water mechanic i guess. - Stick "tent" for early shelter, with NO storage or fire. just to hide and sleep. Out of sticks and dry grass maybe? Simple A-frame shelter. - Stick wall. Very basic "defense". Decays into rotten stuff for a composter or just fall apart after a few days. - Reduced stability after x days of no sleep
  7. How is the soilage of cooked food calculated? Does it make a difference when you use fresh food (e.g. fresh for 50 days) vs not fresh food (e.g. fresh for 5 days)?
  8. Here i'd like to suggest an idea of cooking. A lot of food i've come across in game only restores stamina and not health. That's where i bring in cooking. To start off you'd make a cooking pit. That would require metal ingots or stone in a square of 8 with a fire pit in the center. After that you would require a fired pot made with any kind of clay. That would just be made with clay in a circle lol. In this, you're basically making soups and stews for the most part...but also boiling meats and veggies. You can use any kind of fuel in the fire except coal bc that would be nasty, and the layout is similar to a fire pit with a crucible. However, you'd need to fill the pot with water to work. Other than that, cooking is the same as melting metal in the crucible. Recipes: Broiled bushmeat Veggie soup: boil any veggie berry juice: boil an berry Game Stew: raw bushmeat + carrots + wheat and more to add onto
  9. Over the dinner table, me and my dad had an idea for the game that uses pre-existing mechanics to VASTLY increase the amount of food items available through cooking. The basic idea is as follows: we already have a system for shaping clay, and speaking from experience, clay is very similar to dough in consistency. As such, its not much of a stretch to imagine a dough-forming system as a re-skin of the clay-forming system. The advantage of this is it allows for the creation of a variety of shapes. Instead of just being able to make loaves of bread, we could also make dozens of different pastas (including meaty ones like ravioli, though I imagine the meat would be added after forming the dough), pizza crusts, rolls, dumplings (again, adding the meat later) , biscuits and even pastries, though sugar will have to be added first for most of them. These items wouldn't have to be stand alone foods either: pastas could be added to soups, as could dumplings. Pie crusts and rolls could be filled with meats and veggies, creating a whole new class of food. You could even have breadbowls for soup, because who doesn't like breadbowls? Not to mention all the permutations of pizza... I imagine this mechanic of dough-forming would be best to add after the addition of ovens, which appear to be a wip already, at least judging by Saraty's twitter.
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