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Found 8 results

  1. Tschady

    Wilted crops

    Below tested several times with Cabbage: If crops that yield only 50% due to exposure of heat are additionally eaten by a hare a wilted plant ist left behind. If this wilted plant is broken it sometimes still yields more crops than a nearby plant that is only heat damaged. So in other words the states "eaten" and "heat damaged" seem to not stack.
  2. Noticed that my Rye crops are no longer growing on the dedicated server I play on. No server mods are installed. I am in an area with farm land that existed during v1.15.0 which previously grew crops. Now that we updated to v1.16.0 no crops have progressed passed the first stage. The entire world seems to be effected by lack of crops growing. This world was created during 1.15.*. I haven't tested if trees are having the same issue.
  3. I know originally the developers intended the game to have solely European/Old World crops, but (so I've heard) this has changed, so if we already have Cassava (native to South America) and Sunflowers, I don't see why Corn, Squash, Avocado, Beans, Cacao Trees (Cocoa), Tomatoes, Peanuts, Peppers, Tobacco or Potatoes couldn't be added in the game, since it's set in a sort of post-history. Even if it's a European setting a post-history would be well long after we brought new world crops over and they would still be found growing in the former Europe. I'm not entirely familiar of the lore so please correct me if I'm wrong! I've only had the game for a week or so. A non New World addition could be Coffee! Coffee is native to Ethiopia and could commonly be found growing in parts of Europe. Coffee beans could be combined with water and give the drinker a caffeine buff. These don't all need to be added but these are just some really cool crop ideas that I think would fit if it's set in a post-civilization Europe long after human cultivation of them. Tobacco, while not a food crop, could be used for medicinal purposes, as it can be used as an antiseptic, sort of like Flax has use as a utilitarian crop. Alternatively, while unhealthy, tobacco could also be smoked to provide a temporary buff of some kind. I'm not promoting drugs at all but tobacco was a popular historical use. Cocoa could be used to make chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate pies, hot cocoa, and so much more! Let me know of your thoughts! I would love to see these crops in the game. The amount of crops is already incredible and the addition of some of these would make the game even more unbelievable!
  4. Corn would be an amazing crop addition! It could be a fall crop as corn is typically harvested in the fall. There could be so many uses for it like cornbread, cornmeal, even Ethanol in the far late game!
  5. Not winter. Brand new world, first in-game month or two, none of the berries I plant are progressing. The wiki says "Berry Bushes flower only during Spring, Summer and Autumn. In Winter, their growth is completely halted, even if put in a greenhouse. It will constantly show 'Will Flower in 4 Days, weather permitting.' even if the weather is not permitting." The last sentence perfectly describes my problem, though it is currently not winter. The area I am in is relatively warm (30-39C). The only two explanations I can figure are: A) Berry bushes have a maximum heat tolerance I did not know about before (as far as I know, berries grow in any temperature or climate. Temp/climate only affects their generation). B) It's a bug.
  6. It is a relatively shared issue/opinion that berries are too strong. They are one of the easiest to obtain and lowest-maintenance food sources in-game, and are very easy to collect in mass quantities until the player effectively needs no other food sources outside of winter (given you're not surviving in extreme climates). Though, there are a matter of "false" solutions to the problem: - Nerfing saturation threatens more problems than it solves. Berries are already one of the lowest time:saturation ratio growables, and lowering them further would make them tedious to eat and require more berry gathering (which is tedious on its own) for the same satiety. - Increasing natural bush rarity, making bushes harder to translocate, decreasing berry harvest size, or increasing length between harvests doesn't solve the issue, it just increases the labor it takes players to reach the aforementioned tipping point where they need no other foods. Players can still collect berries in mass to reach this status, and the problem persists--you just have to eat more of them for the same satiety, which adds tedium. Both of these changes add tedium to the berry-usage process (and makes them generally less useful), which can threaten the abandonment of berry usage as a whole. Though, making all of these changes but in small amounts may avoid more glaring consequences while still maintaining a nerf to overall usefulness, but it is a patch over the wound at most--not a full fix. The problem lies with how berries are obtained and cultivated--they are far too easy to collect and plant in obscene quantities. The solution relies on changing how berry planting functions with minor tweaks elsewhere to complement such changes, but nothing severe enough to discourage berry use altogether. A few example solutions: - Berry bushes must be planted in tilled soil like crops, and consume nutrients. A rather unelegant solution, this poses problems: they may have to be removed to regenerate soil nutrients, they don't naturally grow/function like soil crops (no growth stages, seeds, etc.), they'd now need water for the soil, etc. On the other hand, berries would now be limited (like other crops) by soil quality and quantity, access to water, nutrient regeneration/crop-cycling, etc. which begins to solve the prolific-propagation problem. - Give berries alternative, useful uses. Encouraging players to use berries for uses other than eating will simply reduce the amount of berries used for satiation. Things like brewing alcohol (which can be drunk or traded for non-satiety benefits) or baiting wild animals (have them eat stray berries on the ground) provide alternative use that creates more content or solves other existing problems, respectively. One could also make berries significantly more useful for generating rot/compost than other options (which helps solve the problem that compost takes so much rot it is not worth actively pursuing... it takes 1 stack of rot for 1 compost and 8 stacks of rot for one high-fertility soil block). The main issue with this is that it is a pseudo-solution: players do not have to actually pursue/utilize these alternative uses. The reason I mention "minor tweaks elsewhere to complement such changes" is that, with proper tweaking, one can create the most solutions while preventing the most problems. I personally think that a combination of a slight all-around nerf to raw berries as food plus enough alternative uses would slightly discourage their usefulness (and commensurately use) as food while greatly encouraging using berries for other purposes. This would not only create more content and depth to berries in the process (a positive change), it would largely avoid the negative repercussions that may come with major numbers nerfs. There are definitely more potential solutions I have not thought of, but I think it is safe to say that berries need some form of tweaking in order to balance them.
  7. Hello. This is my first post on this forum and I'm just learning this game. I would like to know what is the maximum temperature for growing crops? What is in the game is shown the maximum temperature that the crop can survive, but not at which it grows at 100% speed. I planted a turnip that can stand up to 27 degrees. Currently, I have an ambient temperature of 22-24 degrees. The crop does not want to grow and will only yield 50% of the harvest. Thank you in advance for help. I am sorry for my language. English is not my main language.
  8. Had a thought for how to transplant and grow mushrooms while keeping the realistic theme of vintage story. We simply craft a mycelium block. Take a base material of strewn hay, compost, or cobb, and combine it with 5 or so mushrooms of the same type. This makes a mycelium block. Then you plant said block in a shaded/ dark spot to start growing.
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