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Found 4 results

  1. I'd love to have an option to place a marker on the map when you get killed or at least be able to open the map to place one myself. I know that I can set the game to allow me to keep my inventory, but this would be nice for people who don't want to use that option.
  2. I've been murdered twice by the same tree now. Just hanging out building a tree house, and suddenly half my health is gone! Turns out the new *awesome* wavey affect actually moves the tree branch hit box and can *squish* you quite violently... (I've been crouched, hanging off the end of an unmoving block both times, if it matters)
  3. Hello, I joined a server for some time and at each connection I know that I will find my lifeless body. Before logging out I fill my life bar to the maximum but despite that I do not survive. I have the impression that even if I am not in play my character continues to be. Has this problem happened to other players? Do you have a solution to prevent theinfinite dead? With the satiety system I spend my time cooking rather than exploring the world or mining. Cooking is very interesting but others could be just as much. Thank you for the help you can give me. Good game everyone
  4. After running back to my "point of death" everything i had on me was gone. I died on a waypoint marker so i got the right location and i only took less than 2 minutes to get there so despawning over time is a no as well. For recreation of the process: I was running around with low health and a bighorn sheep suddenly headbutted me (which does quite a lot of damg actually) killing me. i ran back from the nearby spawnpoint and found the point of my death right away but my droped inventory was gone i had on me... [4 linenbags, 1 copper pickaxe, 1flint shovel, around 22 granit stones, 10 salpeter, 18 pieces of black coal aaand a few blocks medium fertile dirt]... at least i think thats all i had on me. while my inventory was quite empty, the linenbags hurt a bit since i made them without a farm and it took quite a bit of exploring.
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