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Found 5 results

  1. Hello there! Welcome to my suggestions megathread, I would like to have a place where my suggestions can be made and not pushed away from chatter in Discord so I will be starting this thread to help that happen. If I find a similar suggestion to my own I will also be linking it here as a reference to multiple people wanting something similar. Well no more chatting and here are the suggestions. Server Browser Key Feature Requests for the server browser screen: Timescale: Allows players to know how fast things will progress while they are offline Current Time and Date: Allows players to pick an appropriate time to play on a new server, no more winter starts or joining a server just to leave! Latency/Location: Allow players to ping a server from the browser page or server owners to set a location, let us know the ping even! Current Modlist: A way to check the current modlist a server is running, and maybe a link to the mod database so we can find that mod (see below). Link to Server Forum Thread or Discord: Let server owners set a URL to their discord/forum thread we can find from the browser. vintagestory.at or discord.gg domains only! Player notes, per server let us set some notes from the server browser so we know what the server is about/notes we might need. Client side playtime stats: time played like single player worlds, deaths, what ever else. Mod Database/Mods Clicking a mod takes you to that mods Database Page: When a mod creator publishes a mod they can place the mod database url into the settings or info file and vintagestory picks it up and lets you easily browse there from in the game. Removing Rusty Gears from Circulation + Class Respec Currently, rusty gears only are removed from circulation via buying items, taxing trades or dying(both kinds!). They come into the game via ruins loot (sort of finite), panning loot (sort of finite), and trading things with traders(infinite based on finite items and infinite items). I propose there should be more gear sinks if possible to keep long term servers health in the medium to longer run lengths. A way to tie revamped class respec system into this system would be to have a trader of a particular skillset offer to respec you for a fee. This respec would have a long cooldown and it would be customisable for server owners (disabled if wanted). This would allow players to explore classes and find one they would like to fit at a large cost to their saved up gears. Long term players could slowly respec and play to their new class strength while shorter term players could at least swap off a class they aren't enjoying as much as they'd initially would have thought. The cost for the respecs could start reasonably cheap (50-100 for first time) then jump up into the hundreds/thousands if used in succession too much. This price could slowly drop as you stay one class for an extended period of time to something of a flat rate after x-respecs. Arrow Crafting New Item: Arrow Shaft Arrow Shafts would be crafted by using a stick, firewood or logs in the crafting menu with a knife. Logs would only be processable this way with higher tiered knives as crude knives aren't sturdy enough. This would yield more arrows per stick as 1 stick to 1 arrow ratio is a bit off. Arrows could still be crafted with a stick at a 1:1 ratio but if you processed the stick into an Arrow Shaft you'd get 2 arrows for 1 stick. The ratio for logs would be (1:4) and firewood (1:1) as this means overprocessing would net you a loss of 1 shaft. Uses for Poison Mushrooms New Item: Poison Paste (with different tiers based on the mushroom types used, weak poison, poison, strong poison) Poisonous Mushrooms could be utilised in making a poison paste that could be applied to the tips of weapons. Weapons that can be poisoned would be spear-type and piercing weapons (spears, arrows, knife). Poisoning knives would give them a boost in combat situations. The paste could either be applied once and it has a chance of being removed during every durability loss and/or a system where it only works for a set amount based on the tier/type of poison. The effect could have a chance to not apply based on the tier of the item applied and/or the poison tier. Poison tipped weapons could deal simple damage over time effects to enemies and alternatively/additionally prevent natural health regeneration effects for a period of time for fleeing enemies. Poison could optionally effect the meat quality from hunted harvestable enemies, giving tainted or less meat dropped. Tainted meat could still turn to rot for compost but would damage you if eaten similar to current mushrooms. This meat could lead into my next idea. New Item: Poisonous Baits (would have different tiers based on the mushrooms/tainted meat used) Poisonous baits would have a chance to attract monsters that would eat the type of meat or food used to create the bait. This would lead to a passive way to slowly fight back against wolves, sneaky raccoons, and rabbits among other things. To balance this there would also be a chance that the baits would attract good wildlife and be eaten by them causing loss of livestock. Passive Trapping/Killing/Hunting Animals New Mechanic: Pitfall Traps (optional spikes) New Items: Branch Spikes, Metal Spikes, Leaf Cover/False Floor Pitfall traps would be created by placing a Leaf Cover or False Floor above a hole 2 blocks deep. A Maximum size of 1x2 per Leaf Cover or it automatically falls in on itself. A Maximum size of 2x2 per False Floor or it automatically falls in on itself. With a knife and a few sticks you could create Branch Spikes that could be placed inside the trap to cause damage to the entity that falls inside the hole. With an anvil you could create spikes that would be much sturdier and deal more damage based on tier. New Mechanic: Deadfall Traps New Item: Deadfall Trap (deconstructed) WIP New Mechanic: Box Traps (class locked?) New Item: Box Trap (deconstructed) WIP
  2. I wanna know people’s thoughts on how far technology in game should go and why. My thought is the beginning of the steam age because the roadmap says that’s what they wanna end it at it seems. I think the early steam age should be the cap of technology because if we go to far it is not then about survival but about have the most items or most efficient way of processing things. But I also think there could definitely be more ways to automate or make easier some things like pottery and tool making let me know what you think.
  3. I wanna see the community thoughts on animals that would be cool to add but may be endangered irl and if they should and or shouldn’t be added to the game and the reasons why.
  4. Title. I was wondering if the night sky and stars are the same after every night? Could we have Vintage Story Astronomy, or the in game equivalent of a North Star to help us find our way?(Even if a bit unnecessary given the mini map). Or maybe constellations to see, although those people create themselves. Is the sky randomized every night, or determined with the seed of the world? It would be fantastic to have a unique sky to look up at every night as I stand on a few block high pillar while on my journey to find a desert. Are any of the things I described currently in the game, and if not, what are your opinions on implementing them?
  5. Hey, first off I want to say that this game is great fun. However, there are occasional bugs/glitches that I encounter while I play (i.e. in the character creator, you can click through the menu to the button of the help suggestion). I was wondering if it would be possible to create a sub-forum specifically for reporting bugs in the game, as the player base would surely be able to find bugs rather quickly, and discuss possible workarounds. Cheers!
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