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Found 4 results

  1. I wanna know people’s thoughts on how far technology in game should go and why. My thought is the beginning of the steam age because the roadmap says that’s what they wanna end it at it seems. I think the early steam age should be the cap of technology because if we go to far it is not then about survival but about have the most items or most efficient way of processing things. But I also think there could definitely be more ways to automate or make easier some things like pottery and tool making let me know what you think.
  2. I wanna see the community thoughts on animals that would be cool to add but may be endangered irl and if they should and or shouldn’t be added to the game and the reasons why.
  3. Title. I was wondering if the night sky and stars are the same after every night? Could we have Vintage Story Astronomy, or the in game equivalent of a North Star to help us find our way?(Even if a bit unnecessary given the mini map). Or maybe constellations to see, although those people create themselves. Is the sky randomized every night, or determined with the seed of the world? It would be fantastic to have a unique sky to look up at every night as I stand on a few block high pillar while on my journey to find a desert. Are any of the things I described currently in the game, and if not, what are your opinions on implementing them?
  4. Hey, first off I want to say that this game is great fun. However, there are occasional bugs/glitches that I encounter while I play (i.e. in the character creator, you can click through the menu to the button of the help suggestion). I was wondering if it would be possible to create a sub-forum specifically for reporting bugs in the game, as the player base would surely be able to find bugs rather quickly, and discuss possible workarounds. Cheers!
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