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Found 8 results

  1. Better drifters is a mod dedicated to making drifters more notable as an enemy. Most importantly it scales up their models, adds new sounds, and a new nightmare drifter model, all in hopes to make them more intimidating. It also changes many aspects of their stats making them slightly less common but more dangerous, tweaks the loot tables to be slightly more generous to compensate, and adds a new weapon drop to high-end drifters, below are a deeper breakdown of the changes: Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Combat tweaks: Drifters have all had their health increased by a few hitpoints on the low end and progressively more as their tier increases. Max spawn count for each drifter has been decreased by a large amount so there should be fewer drifter swarms and more 1-1 encounters but they should be more dangerous All movement speeds (except surface) have been increased by a scaling amount depending on tier up to double speed Drifter aggro/sight range now scales with tier from 14 blocks to 20 Now deal slightly more damage, the rate of attack has been slightly randomized and now scales with tier so harder tiers hit more often. Surface and deep drifters take a little longer time before they damage you in a swing so you have a a tiny bit more time to dodge them. Chance to flee when hit has been reduced overall, means fewer cowardly drifters that wont finish what they started Scaling with their larger models, each tier also has larger hit boxes to mach the size MOST IMPORTANTLY: The priority override for stone throwing has been fixed to make drifters not interrupt themselves with an absurdly high rate to throw stones, in addition to these next changes this means drifters will try to only throw stones at you when they cant reach you The cooldown between thrown stones now scales with drifter tier but has been increased by 3x at the minimum and up to 8x at max, so drifters cant just spam stones but higher tier drifters can throw more often Loot and cosmetics: Drifters have been tuned to have slightly more drops, added flax twine to loot tables and gave surface drifters a tiny chance to give rusty gears, flax fiber drops really commonly but the other drops have only been increased by a small amount Harvest times with the knife have been cut in half New weapon drop from corrupt, nightmare, and double headed drifters, rare chance to drop on the first two but the weapon offers lots of damage but does not have that many uses Drifter size has been increased, surface/deep have had a 30% increase in size, double headed is 2x larger, and the rest have are increased by 50% Nightmare drifter model tweak- now has many glowing eyes, don't stare into them for too long... New sounds for all drifters, corrupt and up have reverb added to sound more otherworldly Images: Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/547 Alternate hardcore version available in comments. Thanks to Thaliusfor making those changes. For those who want a even bigger challenge.
  2. TL:DR, cook a pot of fly agarics, grab the pot of soup (still toxic, water isn't changed) and set it back on the fire to cook again. Presumably you changed the water for second cooking, and the toxic effect is thereby removed, as is the case in real life. Additionally, a suggested change to the poisoning for a more true-to-life experience and better interactivity. Explanation below; this is my favorite (and also a very misunderstood) safe edible mushroom! I was very excited to see even a small a variety of mushrooms, because as a mycologist, I get repeatedly disappointed by games mishandling these delightful organisms. The best two I'd found aside from this are oblivion/skyrim and Kingdom Come : Deliverance. I was super excited to find that I could pick A. muscaria (fly amanita) alongside boletes and field mushrooms, and happy to see that it had a different characteristic. Once I realized I could make stew in my cooking pot and I presumably just got water somewhere nearby, I immediately made a pot of fly agaric stew. I was a little disappointed to find that it was still toxic, and in fact much more so for my having made a 4-cap pot. Then I realized I could take the pot off the finished side and set it back to cooking again; brilliant! That would account for the normal two-stage cooking process! But no such luck A. muscaria is very frequently misidentified as a particularly dangerous mushroom. Set aside that there aren't actually any confirmed deaths from this thing at all - yeah, a pot of kidney beans is more dangerous than even a raw fly agaric as far as mortality goes. Beans just won't get you high. It's incredibly easy to remove the toxin, and it makes an incredible stew, which is the most common way I know people to first try it. IRL, you just need to lightly boil the mushroom, skin, gills, and all if you please, and then dump that water out. The psychoactive compounds are water soluble and the boil treatment renders the caps inert. Actually, it's not uncommon in rural Siberia to do this and then keep the initial water as a sort of alcohol/stimulant! The mushroom caps themselves are still surprisingly meaty, and they have an excellent flavor, even if you boil them 2 or 3 times out of an abundance of caution! I like to dump the water, refill with clean water, and then blend a few of them into a thick soup afterward because it's easier than drying and frying them The flavor is exceptional! If you wanted to be even truer to the mushroom, it shouldn't kill you, but you could still have dire, and much more interesting consequences. The most penalized you should be if not properly prepared is that it takes some of your fullness (it often causes vomiting and sweating) and if you really wanted to do well by it your character can hallucinate and/or have a dizzy/drunk screen. I don't know if it's feasible, but given the twitchiness with temporal storms, I'd bet you have the skill needed to swap out in-game textures on some things for 2 hours, like, maybe your storage jars look like drifters and moan/swipe at you, but don't hurt. Maybe you see a yawning chasm on the floor but it's still solid ground. You could also give them a nice trip, like their food storage counts look to be overflowing, or their inventory has impossibly high numbers: 73 pieces of wood, 5 jars of stew (stacked), things like that. It'd be hilarious if people got excited and wasted resources thinking they had an excess, and certainly a plausible scenario XD As an aside, it'd be pretty easy to make distinctive morels as another edible mushroom, and Chicken of the Woods and Oyster mushrooms would liven up the trees even more and be easy to identify
  3. Want a more chill Vintage Story experience and or not enjoy life with drifters and locusts? Love the wonders of cave exploration without the stress? If so, the No Monsters mod is for you. It prevents drifters and locusts from spawning. It does not affect any other entities so you can still enjoy the dangerous wolves! Mod Version: 1.1.0 Game Version: 1.14.0 Download Mod Access mod source.
  4. IMHO, killing poor drifters from dirt pillar are... m-m-m.... Kind of cheat? It is sad, but there is no enemies with ranged attack at this moment (only in roadmap). But... We have bees and locusts. Both of them can ignore pillars. So, can anyone make mod, which adds spawn of locusts during temporal storms, and give tainted/corrupt/nightmare drifters ability to spawn swarms of flies (corrupt bees?) with configurable chance? Thank you.
  5. It would be nice to be able to mine a big ore vein in peace, but drifters should still be a problem underground; I propose a candle made with temporal gears (1 gear makes 4 candles?) they can only be activated when placed on a block, and will go out if broken or enough time passes (maybe 24 hours?). The candle will repel monsters, and restore some temporal stability (or just mitigate the penalty for being underground, or in an otherwise unstable area). The candle's effect will be weakened during temporal storms, it wont stop drifters from attacking you, but it will stop them from spawning next to the candle. What do you guys think?
  6. So I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended but, I noticed that when I killed a few drifters, a few minutes later they vanished. Also, I've yet to find anything from their bodies. I've probably killed 50 so far. A streamer I watch has started p[laying and it seems he killed well over 100 and still no gear. Again, maybe that's how it's meant to be, idk. One other thing I've seen is a drifter literally coming out of the wall in my base. If this is not a bug, I'd suggest them leaving a hole where they came in from.
  7. Good morning! This discussion is linked to the other that talk about combat but it's about using natural elements to create nasty things and also about enemies. First of all, I suppose that all of you ladies and gentlemen have experienced a night closed in your shelters made of dirt with drifters pushing against the walls. Drifters behavior is improved compared to the other versions nevertheless I think they could become a more serious opponent giving them the ability of breaking certain blocks and therefore give them the chance to eventually break inside our shelters. On the other hand, I suppose that it should be nice to be able to realize traps and obstacles. At the base of them should be the punjis which can be crafted from bamboo and a knife and then placed on the ground. Punji placed on the ground should damage all the mobs which push against the side where the Punji is oriented. Another nice thing that could be easly done is a pit cover made with sticks and grass. This cover should be used to cover pits (which can include vertically placed Punjis) in order to make them invisible to mobs and as consequence, let them fall down if they step over them.
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