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Found 5 results

  1. REQUEST: I'd like to be able to plant flowers onto farmland. Specifically in my greenhouse, as there are periods when you're not cropping, but some decorative flowers would be nice. I wouldn't mind if planting flowers on farmland converted it back to the underlying dirt block. That seems a fair trade. It only requires hoeing again. (This would also tie into the other feature request that people have of being able to break farmland blocks.) Thanks!
  2. I think it would be neat to have a mechanical push lawnmower that can be created later in the game. It could cut grass and flowers, and could be adjusted to either completely destroy them or trim them. Going along with this idea, a traditional plow would be cool to hoe a field much quicker. Just quality of life things that I think would be neat additions to the game!
  3. As the title says: just some of my ideas written down. - Smoking of meat/fish. Similarly constructed as the bloomery. - Fishing. - Fish traps. - Graved salmon. - Creating oil lamp by clicking with fat on the bowl instead of crafting it in the grid. - Grinding/repairing tools. For example with grindstone, leather or on the anvil. To a certain extent until they are no longer suitable for grinding/repairing and finaly brake completely. - Recipes By clicking the ingredients on buckets, pots or a working surface (like a cutting board). - Cut into slices and top breads with, for example, jam. - Super moon spawns monster (werewolves?) - temporal Storm while super moon spawns even more Stronger and "stranger" monsters - Irrigation by mechanical energy (Archimedean screw?) to fill waterchanels within the fields. This would need to overhaul the water mechanic i guess. - Stick "tent" for early shelter, with NO storage or fire. just to hide and sleep. Out of sticks and dry grass maybe? Simple A-frame shelter. - Stick wall. Very basic "defense". Decays into rotten stuff for a composter or just fall apart after a few days. - Reduced stability after x days of no sleep
  4. I'm a new user and love the game so far--it reminds me a lot of TerraFirmaCraft. About a day after I plant seed in farmland, the farmland "rejects" the seed. Often I can collect it and try again. I planted on medium fertility farmland, placed on a lakebed so it's 1 tile from water. I used a flint hoe, while the starter guide says metal tools are required for farming, but the hoe actually worked and made farmland. What might I be doing wrong?
  5. Watched Ashantin's video and I also want those new beautiful flowers in survival. Maybe until you properly do them as herbs or other complicated mechanics you plan, just allow them to rarely spawn on empty farmland, like now horsetail does? E.g. twice as rare as horsetail? Will not spoil future proper introduction because can't just accumulate tons of them via this method. Altho you would need to support placing them to planters/pots too.
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