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  1. DOWNLOAD HERE GITHUB PATREON NOTE: PLEASE POST WHAT VERSION OF THIS MOD YOU ARE USING WHEN POSTING BUG REPORTS OR QUESTIONS THIS MOD REQUIRES A CULINARY ARTILLERY IN ORDER TO FUNCTION! GO INSTALL IT! This is the biggest food mod Vintage Story has to offer - it adds so much extra food and ways to cook it that it basically adds an entire extra layer of complexity in the kitchen! Adds dozens of new liquids, hundreds of new items, and thousands of new recipes. Integrates with Acorns, Alchemy, Braziers, More Animals, Primitive Survival, Superfuels, & Wildcraft! Why don't you have those mods already? THIS MOD INCLUDES THE ABILITY TO MAKE BUSHMEAT MEALS, VINEGAR, AND SALT - DELETE THOSE MODS IF YOU ARE USING THIS ONE. Basic Foods Expanded Foods New Meal Types New Liquids Compatibility WHEN IN DOUBT, CHECK THE HANDBOOK! I think I was pretty exhaustive about covering everything. I've added a lot of new food and I'd like to add more! Recommendations are encouraged. To-Do List: Add kebabs, Pâté, aspic, fondue, acorn coffee, roasted acorns, mayonnaise, cabbage rolls, syrup-glazed termite sticks, century eggs Add config files
  2. Multiplayer has a significant issue of time passing while only one person is on. This leads to the issue of many people logging on during winter with no food. With fishing not being in the game yet, I think a good feature would be for a 'temporal fridge' block a player could store food in for later that has an extremely low/no decay modifier in exchange for a temporal gear/new items from 1.18. I believe there are two choices that prevent this mechanic from being unfairly exploited. The first is a clone of the current crock system where once sealed, unsealing would remove the decay reduction, "wasting" the gear. The second is a timer that has to countdown before the player can open the container, measured in months; This would prevent the block from just being used as a rich players endgame minifridge. Both options would burn at least one temporal gear, and for balance reasons the block would have 2-6 item slots.
  3. Animals Are No Longer Covered By This Mod Fields of Gold is for the farmer who prefers more naturalistic growth periods for their crops and is wanting yields more in keeping with real-life farming. 1.1.9 continues this theme by adding support for More Crops and Wildcraft. In addition, you’ll find some small features and changes to existing recipes. Features: - The Haystack (New) – A haystack has been implemented, allowing you to store large amounts of dry grass in a convenient pile that adds more of that farmland feel to your barns and fields. Haystacks are created by Ctrl+Shift clicking the ground with dry grass, getting larger with the amount it holds, up to a maximum of 256. - The Hay Bale – The hay bale grid recipe has been removed. You will now create a hay bale by interacting with a haystack with a rope. The hay bale takes 64 straw to make, so the haystack must hold at least that much. You can place a hay bale and use a knife on it to return your 64 straw. While they can still be carried in your inventory, they can also be carried with CarryCapacity. - The Straw Mat (New) – The straw mat is created in the same manner as the hay bale, but requires 8 straw and 4 reed fibers (Cooper’s Reed/Papyrus). Straw mats can also be placed on the ground to create a nice straw floor for your house or animal pen. They are also used in crafting beds, and in making thatching. - Thatched Roof – As mentioned above, straw mats are now required for crafting a thatched roof. In addition, sticks have been added to the recipe to account for framing. - Grain Seeds – Grain seeds can no longer be used as a form of seed as in earlier FOG iterations. Instead, you can craft grain in your grid recipe to produce 3 seeds of the appropriate type for each unit of grain. This crafting process also works in reverse, so you can make a portion of the appropriate grain out of three-grain seeds of the same type. Seed drops have accordingly been removed from the individual grains, and the overall drop rate of grains from crops has dropped. You will now receive 1 or 2 grains per plant. Plan your fields accordingly. - Cattail/Papyrus – These roots can now be split in half, with each half being able to be planted. This allows the propagation of cattail root and papyrus. Each half can also be roasted and eaten for half the nutrition of the full root. When freshly planted you will create a ‘growing’ cattail or papyrus plant that will not drop anything if broken. Also, cattail and papyrus roots will now decay. - Beehives – Beehives have had their harvestable hours set to once every 60 days, encouraging the creation of larger apiaries. You can modify how often you can harvest the hives in the config file. This portion of the mod is automatically disabled if From Golden Combs is installed. - Configurability - Many features of the mod are now configurable, with more to come. Growing Time Information: Cattail/Papyrus: - From Growing to Harvested: 154 days - From Growing to Harvested: 115 days - From Harvested to Normal: 39 days - Hives: 1488 hours –> 62 Days Berry Bushes - Empty to Flower: 62 days - Flower to Berry: 28 days - Berry to Empty: 14 days Vanilla Crops: - Amaranth: 84 days - Bellpepper: 84 days - Cabbage: 70 days - Cassava: 540 days (Cassava takes a ridiculously long time to become harvestable) - Flax: 110 days - Onion: 100 days - Parsnip: 90 days - Peanut: 120 days - Pineapple: 485 days (Can confirm, have Pineapples in my yard) - Pumpkin: 90 days (Some concern over how well this works) - Rice: 120 days - Rye: 120 days - Soybean: 65 days - Spelt: 110 days - Sunflower: 90 days - Turnip: 40 days (this stuff grows FAST RL) More Crops: - Beets: 56 Days - Cauliflower: 90 Days - Corn: 90 Days - Eggplant: 120 Days - Jalapeno: 80 Days - Potatoes: 90 Days - Yam: 98 Days WildCraft: - All Herbs: 56 Days (This will likely be updated further at a later date, but for now, they all grow on the same cycle) Frequently Asked Questions: - Did you decrease hunger or increase crop yield to compensate? No. The intent was to require larger farms and bring crop growth in line with a more real-ish standard. Upcoming Features: Add planters pots, racks, and trays for pre–Spring planting. Change grains to drop ‘fresh sheaves of <grain> Add Stook mechanic for drying sheaves of grain. Stooks will hold up to 12 fresh sheaves of grain It will take a base of 21 days to dry Modified by local rain/temperature Will not dry underground (unless underground farming is true) Must have 6 of 8 horizontal spaces near it empty of other non–grass blocks. Must have 3x3 space over it exposed directly to the sky. (Keep your stooks outdoors!) Add a threshing mechanic to separate the dry sheaves into dry grass and threshed grain. Add winnowing grain mechanic using panning pan to convert threshed grain to grain. Mushroom cultivation mechanics Stackable sacks for storing grain GUI–less interface Will display stored grain type on the sack. Will have storage time similar to a storage vessel. Can be stacked 3 to a block. Can be set down and opened for accessing contents.
  4. The preservation of meat requires an unusal amount of effort in game, and I think it could be improved via adding a feature where the player can build a special firepit to smoke meat as an effective way to preserve meat without so much effort.
  5. this is mainly a brainstorm thread i've been thinking about this a lot, but i haven't organised my thoughts, so this will likely be kind of messy will i ever actually try to make it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ posting this partly in the hopes of bouncing ideas around, but honestly mostly for the potential of someone else doing it, lolll i want it to at the very least require a culinary artillery, and preferably also expanded foods so the vanilla bread being ten litres of water with a handful of flour is just bonkers i want to bring yeast, sugar, salt, and oil into the equation the idea isn't to completely get rid of the vanilla recipe, though. maybe just reduce the amount of water all bread added with this mod will technically be sourdough. so there'll be a starter that needs to be fed, but i think i'll simplify it some compared to what my research tells me feeding it twice a day every day for at least a week? not likely going to get players excited, lol maybe it could be feed when you can, and after you've fed it five times, it will be ready for dough however, it should spoil if not fed in... a month or two? i honestly didn't do a whole lot of research for wheat, but one person seemed to get ~256g per what would be four blocks, which is perfect game-wise 64g per crop, but you'll need eight crops to make a decent sized loaf (which will be bigger than vanilla, and you'll need to cut to eat) i'm wondering if burlap sacks should be added, or if it's okay to store flour in barrels instead of a vague handful, you'll pick it up with a measuring device this would likely be a bowl, which we'll say can manage to hold 100ml of any liquid or 100g of any solid, just to keep things simple sugar would be collected from honey or maple syrup first you boil it to remove as much water as you can without burning it, then store it somewhere cool to crystallise can be put in a mixing bowl to speed up the process crystallized sugar needs to be dried out somehow, but its melting point is too low to bake... hmmm... could just skip that for game purposes as for a basic recipe 500g flour 300ml water 200g bubbly sourdough starter (meaning you need to feed it shortly before) 10g salt (here's where i'm not sure how to measure... should measuring utensils also be added? i did forget i also want a bowl in which the bread can rise) 20g sugar (my source says honey, but i wanted to have sugar production... i guess it can be used for something else in a "bakery" mod) mix all that in a mixing bowl. it doesn't take long at all because you don't want to knead it take it out, coat it in oil (25ml) in a bowl, cover it with a damp towel and let it rise somewhere warm. i have no idea how to do this in-game. after a few hours, come back, fold it, cover and let rise some more. a few hours later, remove it to a cutting board (which i had been considering for a different mod idea that i'm now thinking can be combined with this), coat in flour, cut in a design if you want then bake i mentioned a cutting board, so here's another somewhat related idea sandwiches. all(?) food can now be cut into smaller pieces, like slices of meat or single leaves of cabbage i guess it would work best like a cooking pot: four slots for ingredients when putting sliced bread on the cutting board okay, i think that's everything i've been thinking of (for now, lol) hopefully this post isn't a complete mess
  6. Not a coder by any stretch so I don't know the difficulty of producing such an item. But playing on multiplayer with people on at all hours so food spoilage is a problem. One of the ideas that popped into my head was a fridge that slows time. Which if it requires iron/black bronze tier metals, possibly tech loot (I forget the metal parts that the translocators need repaired using), and powered by consuming temporal gears then it would require work to get and a resource sink that would eat up some of the items that tend to pile up during play. Added bonus, people that don't play for long periods of time won't be refueling their fridge with temporal gears so their food won't be just permanently preserved. I make this request because even using sealed pots in an ice house, the server ticks along so much that a 2-3 day break in play still results in players coming back to everything being rotten.
  7. Adds Acorns as a food source. Also adds a Wooden Mallet which is needed to crack the Acorn shells. Acorns (Oak seeds) drop from Oak tree leaves and are highly nutritious. Acorn flour is gluten-free. It must be mixed with another flour and water to make bread dough. It gives a 50% nutrition boost to bread. Acorns can also be fed to pigs. "There is no food that means more to me than the acorn, for the acorn fulfills both a promise and a fantasy: that the forest will provide for me. When I gaze across the [valley] I see more than scenery. I see thousands of acres of bounty, millions of pounds of delicious food dropped from the crowns of countless trees, waiting to be gathered by eager hands. I see more food than I could ever eat—more than I can even fathom. A wilderness and an orchard in one." ...from "Nature’s Garden: A Guide to Identifying, Harvesting, and Preparing Edible Wild Plants" by Samuel Thayer. At some point I'll add Acorn Griddle Cakes, too. These can be made without adding another flour. Changelog Download For VS 1.15 Acorns v0.4.0 for VS 1.15.zip For VS 1.14 and earlier Acorns v0.3.2.zip Previous Versions
  8. Basically title. I love the food spoilage/preservation mechanics but play pretty infrequently. This is fine in a single player world, but some friends have started a server and I’m running into the annoying problem of much of my food rotting while I am offline. This is made even worse by the fact that the most active server member works nights and is therefore on when few others would be, causing the server to be running very often. This makes it nearly impossible for me to really engage with a lot of the food systems besides extreme long lasting ones because it is otherwise impossible for me to stockpile or prepare for winter. As a solution to this, I would love a mod that makes it to where food stored in an area I claim will only degrade while I myself am online. I realize this may be fairly niche because it really only helps infrequent multiplayer players who enjoy food spoiling and cooking variety, but as it stands, the food spoilage system as it currently stands is my biggest issue with multiplayer servers and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. Thanks.
  9. The idea for Tea would to give some minor buffs, nothing like increased strength or anything outside the realm within of potions. As an example when drinking hot (variant) tea you get a small heating bonus for cold environments. Another tea related idea would be Herbal teas, one of the ingredients could be Horsetails, which could provide a minor regen bonus. To get Tea leaves we could use shears on leaf blocks to get a minor amount of leaves along with sticks, or alternatively we could have a separate tree type like the fruit trees. Tea Trees. In order to get dried tea leaves we could smoke them in a smoking pit or leave them in a bowl out in the sun for a smaller return. Feel free to provide any more ideas. This was just a thought I had all of a sudden so its not completely fleshed out.
  10. I was looking up maple syrup articles in general and the thought came to me - why not be able to tap maple trees in game with either copper or iron taps? (I'd say copper taps would be single-use and iron taps multiple-use.) Players could make maple syrup mills and refine the sap into syrup of various grades.
  11. Hello ! I would like to suggest some ideas and mechanics for the game. 1.Commands 1,1- /weather sett ( /weather settemperature ) - sets the temperature in the player's region 1.2- /weather settype - sets the type of rain For example: rain, thunderstorm, snow, hail . 1.3- /locate - Search for buildings for example : ruin, (merchant's) cart . These commands give coordinates of buildings, biomes or climatic zones . 1.4- /locateclimate - Search by specific climate or temperature (useful in creative mode) for example:North Pole for example: ( 0 150 0) or (40 135 73 ) type ( x z y ) . These commands may be needed to create multiple locations in the world. An example would be cities in several styles. (China style in the jungle), they can also help with finding a suitable climate or structure. 2.Nature and food 2.1- Nature lacks wild-growing analogues of grain crops. 2.2- New trees such as baobab and palm or spruce . 2.3________________________________________________________________________ 2.3.1- New fruits: kiwi, bananas, tangerines, pamela, plums, coconuts, peaches and others. New berries: watermelon, raspberries, grapes, blackberries and others. New vegetables: pomegranate, cucumber, garlic, beets, radishes, peas and others. New crops: corn, cane and others. Where it says "others" you can add your ideas and suggestions to me and continue the list. 2.3.2- Lemon and cocoa beans can also be noted. They can be used to make chocolate or lemonade, respectively. 2.4- Birch sap is the sap that birch gives. 2.5- Drinks made from fruits or breads for example: juices, nectars, kvass (from bread), tea, coffee. 2.6- Supplements of all kinds of nuts for example: peanut . 2.7_______________________________________________________________________________ 2.7.1- Adding shore and ocean with its own flora 2.7.2- Adding different types of fish, jellyfish, shrimp, crabs, bivalve snails, predatory fish and dolphins.Adding a new type of food "seafood". 2.7.3- Underwater caves and ravines 2.7.4- Corals, sea herbs, algae, icebergs, small pieces of ice. 2.7.5- Sunken ruins. 2.8- Cooking types fry, boil, stew.For example: In order to cook you need a pot, for frying a frying pan in order to stew the stove and a pot in it. Also oven mechanics oven dough products for example: pies, cakes, cookies and more. 3.Creative 3.1- Adding various new blocks of concrete, cement. 3.2- Adding a non-playable character for various scenarios. (Like in fashion custom npc (MC)) 3.3- Adding symbols to the command block: @a - all players @s - you @p - closest player @r - random player 4.Mechanics 4.1- Adding water temperature and salinity mechanics.Adding mechanics freezing in cold water or transferring heat of hot tools to water, if they come from a churn furnace, transferring and heating to the ambient temperature of hot water (when the water block is hot, the temperature around it is 1-2 higher), heating water or evaporation if nearby lava block. Also converting salt water to fresh water. 4.2- Improving the influence of the sun on the water (water heating) if it is sunny and warm outside . 4.3- Heating system (with warm water), pipe system (instead of bonfires). This mechanic will come in handy if the building is in the north and setting fires does not match the style of the building itself. 4.4- Airship in vintage style, balloon in vintage style, trolley. Each of these vehicles has its own speed, its own type of control. 4.5- Moving to another dimension,measuring drifters where the shertern goes crazy. 4.6- Natural disasters for example: hurricane, tornado, flood, tsunami, storm, landslide. These cataclysms can be changed in the world settings (off / on). They differ in strength and type (tornado strength 1, type wide and high) 4.7- Processing of precious stones, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, lapis lazuli, poplar, and the manufacture of staves from them (possibly talismans to maintain temporal stability, increase lives, regeneration) 4.8- Enhancing weapons with gems such as a bow with an inserted ruby more damage. 4.9- Pets: cat of different breeds, dog of different breeds, fish, parrots.You can find dogs or cats from merchants. Parrots from traders in the jungle. You can also add a new merchant who sells pets. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks everyone for viewing my ideas.I hope I didn't tire you ! This "humble" list of ideas will improve your gaming experience.If you have ideas or you want to supplement mine, then add something of your own. Have a good game everyone !
  12. I know originally the developers intended the game to have solely European/Old World crops, but (so I've heard) this has changed, so if we already have Cassava (native to South America) and Sunflowers, I don't see why Corn, Squash, Avocado, Beans, Cacao Trees (Cocoa), Tomatoes, Peanuts, Peppers, Tobacco or Potatoes couldn't be added in the game, since it's set in a sort of post-history. Even if it's a European setting a post-history would be well long after we brought new world crops over and they would still be found growing in the former Europe. I'm not entirely familiar of the lore so please correct me if I'm wrong! I've only had the game for a week or so. A non New World addition could be Coffee! Coffee is native to Ethiopia and could commonly be found growing in parts of Europe. Coffee beans could be combined with water and give the drinker a caffeine buff. These don't all need to be added but these are just some really cool crop ideas that I think would fit if it's set in a post-civilization Europe long after human cultivation of them. Tobacco, while not a food crop, could be used for medicinal purposes, as it can be used as an antiseptic, sort of like Flax has use as a utilitarian crop. Alternatively, while unhealthy, tobacco could also be smoked to provide a temporary buff of some kind. I'm not promoting drugs at all but tobacco was a popular historical use. Cocoa could be used to make chocolate, chocolate cake, chocolate pies, hot cocoa, and so much more! Let me know of your thoughts! I would love to see these crops in the game. The amount of crops is already incredible and the addition of some of these would make the game even more unbelievable!
  13. It is a relatively shared issue/opinion that berries are too strong. They are one of the easiest to obtain and lowest-maintenance food sources in-game, and are very easy to collect in mass quantities until the player effectively needs no other food sources outside of winter (given you're not surviving in extreme climates). Though, there are a matter of "false" solutions to the problem: - Nerfing saturation threatens more problems than it solves. Berries are already one of the lowest time:saturation ratio growables, and lowering them further would make them tedious to eat and require more berry gathering (which is tedious on its own) for the same satiety. - Increasing natural bush rarity, making bushes harder to translocate, decreasing berry harvest size, or increasing length between harvests doesn't solve the issue, it just increases the labor it takes players to reach the aforementioned tipping point where they need no other foods. Players can still collect berries in mass to reach this status, and the problem persists--you just have to eat more of them for the same satiety, which adds tedium. Both of these changes add tedium to the berry-usage process (and makes them generally less useful), which can threaten the abandonment of berry usage as a whole. Though, making all of these changes but in small amounts may avoid more glaring consequences while still maintaining a nerf to overall usefulness, but it is a patch over the wound at most--not a full fix. The problem lies with how berries are obtained and cultivated--they are far too easy to collect and plant in obscene quantities. The solution relies on changing how berry planting functions with minor tweaks elsewhere to complement such changes, but nothing severe enough to discourage berry use altogether. A few example solutions: - Berry bushes must be planted in tilled soil like crops, and consume nutrients. A rather unelegant solution, this poses problems: they may have to be removed to regenerate soil nutrients, they don't naturally grow/function like soil crops (no growth stages, seeds, etc.), they'd now need water for the soil, etc. On the other hand, berries would now be limited (like other crops) by soil quality and quantity, access to water, nutrient regeneration/crop-cycling, etc. which begins to solve the prolific-propagation problem. - Give berries alternative, useful uses. Encouraging players to use berries for uses other than eating will simply reduce the amount of berries used for satiation. Things like brewing alcohol (which can be drunk or traded for non-satiety benefits) or baiting wild animals (have them eat stray berries on the ground) provide alternative use that creates more content or solves other existing problems, respectively. One could also make berries significantly more useful for generating rot/compost than other options (which helps solve the problem that compost takes so much rot it is not worth actively pursuing... it takes 1 stack of rot for 1 compost and 8 stacks of rot for one high-fertility soil block). The main issue with this is that it is a pseudo-solution: players do not have to actually pursue/utilize these alternative uses. The reason I mention "minor tweaks elsewhere to complement such changes" is that, with proper tweaking, one can create the most solutions while preventing the most problems. I personally think that a combination of a slight all-around nerf to raw berries as food plus enough alternative uses would slightly discourage their usefulness (and commensurately use) as food while greatly encouraging using berries for other purposes. This would not only create more content and depth to berries in the process (a positive change), it would largely avoid the negative repercussions that may come with major numbers nerfs. There are definitely more potential solutions I have not thought of, but I think it is safe to say that berries need some form of tweaking in order to balance them.
  14. Allows Bushmeat to be used as an ingredient in meals. Bushmeat Meals v1.0.6.zip
  15. Adds two new food preserving blocks for long term food storage. They require no maintenance and will always work at their full potential and will only be affected by regional food spoilage rates, great for dedicated servers. The two new containers are: Ice Box- Preserves food at the following rates: Vegetables-50% slower decay Grains-75% slower decay Fruits-75% slower decay Proteins-50% slower decay Dairy-75% slower decay Salt Box- Preserves food at the following rates: Vegetables-75% slower decay Grains-50% slower decay Fruits-50% slower decay Proteins-75% slower decay Dairy-50% slower decay Each box has 8 slots, the same as the basket. The best food storage in vanilla being the clay storage vessel, only has a reduced rate of 75% vegetables, and 50% for grains The decay values can be improved further by putting the blocks in a cellar, food items with no category currently decay at their standard rate. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Includes sounds, animations and custom models for the blocks: Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/1231
  16. As in the subject when I try to make Meat Stew, the cooking process is not progressing. I tried to do this with berries, onions and carrots in all configurations. It always looks like on the picture. I think this is a bug, but I can also be doing something wrong. Meat and vegetables are fresh.
  17. Hello, noob here. I know that you have to feed animals in order for them to breed, but do I have to keep feeding them to keep them from starving or some such? I assume I don't, since exploration for further than a day's away from base would be impossible if animals had to be fed every day, but I'm running low on grains for my chickens and it's winter now... Extra side question: do pregnant animals need to be continually fed in order for their pregnancy to progress, or is it going to take the same amount of time no matter if they have no food since becoming saturated enough to breed or not?
  18. I saw a couple of posts touching at it, but nothing more general than flowers die back, so here's a more general one. I want. To suffer. ... apparently. Skip to the bottom for a bullet list of "Liked" and "Want" My spouse and I were discussing our surprise at the way a harsh winter turned out. I can understand if it makes it too difficult to play for the standard setting (don't want to scare off new users) but I'd like to have winter be even more punishing without switching over to the seriously-don't-die mode, because that's more about unlucky reincarnation and scary monsters than dealing with a Napoleonic winter. A sort of "do your ancestors proud" setting that really kicks you when you're down if you weren't fully prepared. I enjoy the standard difficulty settings, but I struggled to settle in for a devastating cold season that was only mildly inconvenient. I'm glad to see fewer animals, and they have less meat or fat, sometimes none at all, but the plants were unexpected - once fall came, I had hurriedly stocked up on horsetail and reeds (I intended to explore caves and needed poultices handy) and gathered a couple stacks of hay bales so I could breed animals all winter and/or keep them fat enough to be tasty. But the grass grew back, the horsetail stood out like a red flag, and perhaps the most convenient but not immersive, any and all wild crops were fluorescent green against a snowy backdrop. I could climb a mountain and pick out every tasty or seed-bearing target within my very long line of sight. Berries falling off in the snow was a nice touch (I've definitely found mid-winter or last-year berries on bushes and eaten them IRL, but it's super rare), but I wanted more than that. Here's some of what we considered, liked, and wanted. I understand that animal husbandry has a lot on the menu already, so I'm not touching that at all in here. I look forward to others' suggestions! As an aside, the first time I started shivering, I thought it was an earthquake XD Classic human-imposter mistake. Glad no one was around to see my telltale blunder. Liked: *Trees didn't regrow, just got ready. *Snowed-on bushes lost berries (I did find a single bush under a pine tree that had fresh fruit) *Devastating cold (I look forward to clothing crafting lol) *Animals became more scarce and leaner *Snow piling up meant animals (or drifters) could jump fences *If I forgot to light a fire, I froze my butt off while sleeping *Oil lamps appear to keep snow a little bit at bay Wanted: *If skeps are either unprotected or without a full store of honey, bees die (I brought one in side just in case) *Immature wild crops die, or die back to their smallest form to start again next spring *Flowers die/hide *Any short grass the gets snowed on gets buried/destroyed, no grass grows. *Tilled, uncovered ground becomes untilled. Perhaps you could put hay bales across the dirt to protect it/crops? *Snow packing/building. Maybe right click with a shovel to compress or toss more onto your in-progress block? *Dirt gets hard - the top two or three layers of dirt should take double or triple time (and durability?) to dig up once it's below freezing. *I may have just not noticed if snow wets you, but once there's access to clothing, non-oiled clothes should slowly get damp and then soaking in snow. *Food preservation dramatically increased near the cold/snow *Using a saw, collect ice to pile up for later in the year, re: previous food preservation. Underground, in a cave, under a linen tarp all work. Packed snow and piled ice can last until August. *Hot potatoes: heat up a brick (not too much) in a fire and carry it with you. In your pocket, very slight warmth, in your active or off hand grants much more heat at the cost of a free hand. *Naked trees - leaves disappear, branchy leaves replaced by plain branches, trees drop seedlings much less often in winter and spring, much more often in summer and fall. *Hot food, like fresh or reheated on a fire, should boost and/or maintain your body temp. *High activity, like running, chopping wood, shoveling snow or dirt, should keep you warm in most conditions, but at a significant cost to your satiation. A couple parting thoughts - these things will mostly make the game harder (hot potatoes and food preservation notwithstanding) but there will also be other benefits to some of that. Were all the vegetation to die back, sure it'd be rough on me, but if I had food and firewood stocked (I did, in this first case) then I'd spend the winter planning, preparing, and prospecting. Caves and ruins would become more hazardous, but also easier to find, either for a risky expedition or to revisit in the warmer months if you can find them again. It would be easier to find surface deposits after vegetaion but before snow, or in a lull. Finding an animal, or a mature plant you had missed, would be immensely more rewarding. Warming by the fire on a long winter trek is good, but eating some toasty wolf steak will stick with you longer. The lessons learned the first time around, about leaving food for your bees or collecting ample firewood, would significantly reshape your second-winter preparations, and I think would further endear anyone who managed to stick it out Hit me with your ideas.
  19. One thing I noticed seemed a bit off was that you can't feed vegetables to animals, and I thought it might be a cool thing to add. Sometimes you find yourself with a surplus of vegetables, turnips for example, and in real life, animals like pigs would definitely eat them, which would be better than letting it rot. I think it would make sense for it to be 2 vegetables for 1 serving, although I'm not sure about that.
  20. lrain111


    look: you need dough and minced meat to make them. there is already dough in the game, and the creation of minced meat can be realized, and here minced meat + dough = raw pelmeni 12 pieces, and if you cook them in a pot, you get boiled pelmeni, and they will be made like a stew, from ordinary portions to abundant
  21. BERRY BREAD! (Outdated) Go download Expanded Foods instead, it includes this mod! Looking for a new use for all those berries rotting in your storage? Got more flour than you know what to do with? Do bright spots make you happy? This is the mod for you! It's pretty simple - just put some berries into your dough recipe and make berry bread! Berry breads come in 2 main types: Fruity, and Really Fruity. Fruity breads require less berries, but still count as grains. Really fruity breads need more berries, but give massive amounts of fruit saturation! Compatible with the Acorns mod for SUPERBREAD! Downloads: Berry Breads v 1.1 BerryBread 1.1.zip Berry Breads (Acorns compatible) v1.1 BerryBread 1.1 (Acorns).zip Old versions: Berry Breads v 1.0 Berry Breads (Acorns compatible) v1.0 Let me know if you find any bugs.
  22. A simple content mod that adds a almost imperishable foodstuff. The 'Hard-Biscut' (like hard tack, or ships bread). hardbiscut.zip
  23. I've noticed a few things that may be bugs related to food and eating. Some times food being stored in a vessel will say it as 4 days left, then the next day it's partially spoiled. Some times eating food from a bowl, the bowl will go back to inventory with food still in it. There's been a couple times so far when my hunger meter seems to be staying stationary, even while sleeping.
  24. How is the soilage of cooked food calculated? Does it make a difference when you use fresh food (e.g. fresh for 50 days) vs not fresh food (e.g. fresh for 5 days)?
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