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Found 2 results

  1. English Hi all! I made some translations in french for a few mods. I thought it would be useful to have a topic with the list of my translation files to be downloaded. I will try to get in touch with each modder in private messages to let them know it exists (and to avoid flood messaging in each mod topic). If you want to incorporate my translations to your mod, feel free to do so, I'll be happy to know it helped some french speaking players ! If you stumble across this post and you see that your mod has been translated and I haven't got in touch with you, please also feel free to use them too! If you updated your mod and changed something in your translation file 'en.json', please tell me, so I can update my translations. If you want me to translate your mod in french, I can also take requests (as long as my free time allow it). Feel free to get in touch here in this topic or in private message. French Bonjour à tous! J'ai fait quelques traductions en français pour certains mods. Je me suis dit que ça pourrait être utile de les rassembler dans un topic pour les télécharger. Je vais essayer de prendre contact en message privé avec les moddeurs pour leur faire savoir que c'est là (et pour éviter de flooder le forum de messages sur les topic des mods). Si vous souhaitez incorporer mes traductions dans votre mod, n'hésitez pas. Je serai heureux de savoir que ça a aidé des joueurs qui ne parlent que français! Si vous êtes un joueur français et que vous aimeriez que je traduise un mod spécifique, faites-le moi savoir, j'essaierai de regarder si c'est possible (certains mods ont vraiment beaucoup de textes à traduire et cela peut être long). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ List of translated files: Ancient Tools 1.4.1 - fr json Animal Cages 2.0.6 - fr.json Capture Animals 2.1.1 - fr.json Cats 1.4.0 - PetAI - fr json HUD Clock 2.7.0 - fr.json Instruments 1.1.2 - fr.json Lichen 1.6.1 - fr.json Pet AI 1.4.2 - fr.json Player Corpse 1.3.1 - fr.json Wildcraft 1.2.3 - fr.json Wolf Taming 1.4.0 - PetAI - fr.json xlib 0.6.8 - xeffects - fr.json xlib 0.6.8 - xlib - fr.json xrowboat 0.0.3 - fr.json xskills 0.6.8 - fr.json
  2. So at the start of the server, we were plagued by constant issues, mostly with the host not allocating enough resources to us for the server. Well, we have good news! Vintage Civ is now on its own dedicated box, improving performance 10 fold! We invite you to come enjoy a high player count, a civilization building experience with old and new friends. We are multilingual, and are looking to expand our European population for a more around the clock experience. PM if interested, or need assistance! All appropriate links are below! Website: [ENG] : Https://www.vintageciv.com [RUS]: Https://ru.vintageciv.com [NL]: Https://nl.vintageciv.com [DE]: Https://de.vintageciv.com Discord: https://discord.gg/Qp4gjhNy PM me Here: SouthernBloc#0001on Discord
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