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Found 1 result

  1. The reimagined grave system. After the death of the player, the player's corpse will spawn in its place (at the moment it is a regular humanoud skeleton). You can go to it and collect things (by holding RMB), by default only its owner or a player in a creative can collect a corpse. Not despawning. In addition, a waypoint will be created at the place of death. By default, it will try to resolve conflicts with known mods, for example supports StreamDC. Since the game is an unpredictable thing, this mod also adds the ability to restore items lost at the last death using the /returnthings command. By default, the last 10 deaths are stored for each player. You can also configure some things in the config: CanFired - the corpse will be destroyed if it burns for more than 15 seconds (default: false) HasHealth - a corpse has 100 hp and can be broken by other players (default: false) CreateCorpse - whether corpses will be created at all (default: true) SaveInventoryTypes - what types of inventory will be saved NeedPrivilegeForReturnThings - what privileges are needed to return things (default: gamemode) MaxDeathContentSavedPerPlayer - the number of recent deaths that are saved per player (default: 10) CreateWaypoint - whether to create a waypoint at all upon death (default: auto; automated turn it off if there is another well-known mod adding waypoints). And also various settings for waypoints. Download: ModDB or GitHub
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