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  1. ((Firstly, I totally had this question in Modding, but I'm not opposed to using an admin command or in-game utility if it exists, if this post is too much clutter I will happily remove it and apologize for the double-post)) Hello to all, and I hope you're doing well! My question is thusly; is there a mod or a console command to add 'extra lives' to a currently running game, in which one life is given to the player, by way of using said mod, in game object/implement, and/or admin command? I know, I purposely selected 'One Life' for the danger, but I had the thought that I could enjoy the aspect of a mod, or item, or admin command, that adds extra lives to a player (think of it like playing an old game, getting the power up, and seeing your Life Counter raising up by a point, saving your character from one angry ape throwing barrels) and giving me some reward to temper the risk? If such a thing or answer can be given, I would be very appreciative. Take care, have a nice day!
  2. Hello to all, hope you're doing well! Got a question, and I've decided to place it in the Mod/ModDev thread because if there *is* a mod that lets me do this request, I'd be very happy to find it! My question is thusly; is there a mod or a console command to add 'extra lives' to a currently running game with one life given to the player, by way of mod or admin command? I know, I purposely selected 'One Life' for the danger, but I had the thought that I could enjoy the aspect of a mod, or item, or admin command, that adds extra lives to a player (thinkof it like playing an old game, getting the power up, and seeing your Life Counter raising up by a point, saving your character from one angry ape throwing barrels)? If such a thing or answer can be given, I would be very appreciative. Take care, have a nice day!
  3. I put my candle on the floor. I light it with my torch It burns away and breaks What am i doing wrong!?
  4. I want the game to not change my Y in flying mode when using WASD. I want my Y to be only modifiable by space and shift
  5. Hey there! I just bought this game earlier and I've been going around getting what I need to get my first house started and I've setup a lovely hobbit hole and a little camp fire so far. While I've been building these two areas I have died many times due to lack of food, so if any of you have tips on the food aspect of the game it's something I always struggle with no matter what game I play..
  6. So I don't know why but every time i kill a mod or animal it turns to bones. I have a few mods installed I just don't know which one is doing this. cellardoor1.2.1.zip Composter-v1.0.4.zip DSDebarkedLogs_v1.16.5-1.0.5.zip ExpandedFoods 1.5.4.zip fancydoors_v1.16.5-1.1.1.zip FromGoldenCombs-1.16_v1.3.13.zip GammaWeaponPack_v1.0.0.zip HelveHammerExtensions_v1.16.5_v1.2.1.zip humanlikeskintones_v0.0.1.zip JuicyOres-v1.0.0.zip MCB_StonePickaxes_v1.1.1.zip MoreCrops1.0.8.zip MorePiles-v1.2.2.zip OresAPlenty-v2.5.0.zip plantmaterials1.3.0.zip PrimitiveSurvival2.9.4.zip stickscrafting_v1.0.16.zip StoneQuarry_v1.16.5_v2.0.0-pre.5.zip usefulstuff_v2.3.2.zip vsmovemod_v1.0.9.zip vsvillage_v0.0.6.zip wildfarming_v1.3.3.zip AlphaWeaponPack_v1.2.4.zip AncientTools_V1.4.4.zip AnMiTech_v1.0.9.zip AnvilMetalRecovery_V0.16-Release.zip Bonfires-0.2.zip AnvilMetalRecovery.dll fragments.json metal_shavings.json de.json en.json pt-br.json ru.json variableMetal_smash.json fragments.json metal_shavings.json modinfo.json
  7. So ive been playing with my friends upnp style by just opening my world to land and then to internet. We all got the game like a week ago and have been having an amazing time! No problems at all playing the way we are. We are having so much fun tho that i would like to try and run a dedicated server once in awhile so they dont always have to rely on me to play. Im not very familiar with running servers to begin with, but the instructions looked simple at first. i launch the server .exe and do /serverconfig upnp 1 and it says it works in the command console. I cant even connect to my own game however. Im also unsure how i would copy the world we've been playing on to the server as well.
  8. So I have a friend trying to join my server, it's being hosted by Anego Studios themselves (the paid server option). Friend is whitelisted and has the right ip but it continues to say "Server actively refused to connect", I haven't seen any recent posts about this, let alone useful ones with solutions so I presume this is a fairly uncommon issue. I'm not aware of a server password nor how to set one from the game's UI. Does anyone have any pointers in the right direction for this issue? Many thanks so anyone who does! ^-^
  9. Hi, i'm new. Sorry but i wanted to know if there is a demo version of the game to let me see if my pc supports it
  10. I am trying to make a mod where I can feed berries or something to the raccoons to follow me around. It doesn't need any real mechanical benefit, I just wanna run around with a pet raccoon I've tried modifying their behavior in some tests by replicating the followentity behavior pups have for female_raccoon but can't for the life of me figure out how to implement a way to feed them
  11. Just bought and downloaded the game. ive tried Uninstalling and redownloading. theres my crashlogs server-crash.txt
  12. So since, as He-Man would say, "I HAVE THE POWER!!!" (mostly because the developers have made this game so stupid-easy to mod even a complete brainlet like me can do simple stuff, yay!), I've decided to try to make my tools indestructible. My first thought was set the tool's durability to 0 in the JSON. Interestingly, that both did and didn't work. I have two hammers in the survival save I've been playing, one is damaged, ones is not. The undamaged one breaks in one strike. The damaged one *seems* to be indestructible. The undamaged one, obviously, has no durability bar. The damaged one's durability bar goes from <20% full to completely black. Since I didn't want to have to delete my save and restore the back up every time I test, I moved into a creative save. My second thought was "well, maybe set the durability to -1". That makes a pristine one break on one strike, too. My third thought is to adjust the durability cost of actions and set that to zero, but... I have no idea where that would even be, can someone point me to the right file? Or is that hard-coded into the game? My last-ditch thought, which I'd rather avoid, is to just set the durability to whatever the maximum value would be? Probably 2^32, or 2^64?
  13. I am trying to create a block behaviour which will allow some blocks (e.g. chutes) to be rotated when right-clicked with empty hand. The problem is that method BlockBehavior.Initialize(JsonObject properties) no longer takes JsonObject as parameter (as stated by Tyron here). It is also not taking a string parameter, because the reworked code class BlockBehaviorRotatableByHand : BlockBehavior { protected bool VFlipApplicable = false; ........ public override void Initialize(string propertiesAtString) { base.Initialize(properties); //VFlipApplicable = properties["VFlipApplicable"].AsBool(false); VFlipApplicable = true; } } throws "[Error] [rotatablebyhand] src\rotatablebyhand.cs(110): 'RotatableByHandMod.BlockBehaviorRotatableByHand.Initialize(string)': no suitable method found to override [CS0115]". All the sample code in the wiki and the code available in GitHub still use the JsonObject thingy (e.g. "BehaviorFiniteSpreadingLiquid"). As I passionately hate and despise microsoft, I really don't want to install VS (damn, I mean VertigoStudio, not Vintage Story). Can a good soul help me by telling me what is/are the current parameters method BlockBehavior.Initialize() takes and, possibly, how can I extract the individual parameters there?
  14. { ingredientPattern: "LL,LL", ingredients: { "L": { type: "item", code: "stone-*", name: "rock", allowedVariants: ["andesite", "chalk", "chert", "conglomerate", "limestone", "claystone", "granite", "sandstone", "shale", "basalt", "peridotite", "phyllite", "slate", "bauxite"] } }, width: 2, height: 2, output: { type: "block", code: "rock-{rock}", quantity: 1 } } Please can someone tell me why this kills ALL grid recipes in 1.15.5? I am making a simple mistake somewhere but I can not see it. All the mod is supposed to do is take a 2x2 grid of any stone type and output 1 raw stone block matching the input. I had it working just fine in 1.14x Thanks
  15. I'd like to create a system similar to that of cooking, where you put ingredients in a bottle instead of a cooking pot, however I don't want regular food recipes to be craftable while using the bottle (for example, I wouldn't want soup in an alchemical bottle) is there any way of creating a custom crafting type?
  16. So I tried to purchase the game on the website, multiple times, and every time I do, it says "There was an error processing the payment. Please try a different payment method or contact us for assistance." I have tried multiple times throughout the day, with the same results. I used the support system on the website and 10hrs later have not had a response, (which is fine I'm sure they're busy) so I am making this post. My internet was fine for every attempted purchase, and I tried at different times of the day, incase the issue was the site having a lot of traffic. Anyone know what the problem is?
  17. Hello I am new to VS and was able to set up a server on my own pc that my friends can play but when I try to join it I get an error message of "no message could be made because the target machine actively refused it". The server works for my buddies but not me, is there something I'm missing about server hosting or do I just need to disable the server and use the open to internet feature when I want to play with my friends?
  18. I've been trying to make a tea mod I managed to make 3 different tea plant blocks using the variantgroups properties and the actual item (tea leaves) using variantgroups. However I can't wrap my head around on how to make for example teablock-gea-crop, drop the gea leaves item and teablock-tea-crop, drop the tea leaves item, etc Problem is that the 3 different types of tea plant won't drop their respective type of tea leaves, they don't drop anything. got it solved. { code: "teablock", variantgroups: [ { code:"teatype", states: ["tea", "gea", "bea"] }, { code:"plantstage", states: ["crop", "growing", "ripe"] }, ], class: "BlockPlant", creativeinventory: { "general": ["*"], "plants": ["*"] }, renderpass: "OpaqueNoCull", drawtype: "json", blockmaterial: "Plant", shapebytype: { "*-crop": { base: "block/myteablock", }, "*-growing": { base: "block/myteablock", }, "*-ripe": { base: "block/myteablock", }, }, texturesbytype: { "*-crop": { all: { base: "block/emptytea/{teatype}", }, }, "*-growing": { all: { base: "block/floweringtea/{teatype}", }, }, "*-ripe": { all: { base: "block/ripetea/{teatype}", }, } }, dropsByType: { "*-ripe": [ { type: "block", code: "theteamod:teablock-{type}-crop", quantity: { avg: 1 } }, { type: "item", code: "theteamod:tea-{type}", quantity: { avg: 2.2 } }, ], "*": [ { type: "block", code: "theteamod:teablock-{type}-crop", quantity: { avg: 1 } } ] }, attributes: { butterflyFeedByType: { "*-1": false, "*-3": false, "*": true }, beeFeedByType: { "*-1": false, "*-3": false, "*": true }, sitHeight: 0.55, tickGrowthProbability: 0.05, handbook: { include: true } }, sideopaque: { all: false }, sidesolid: { all: false }, replaceable: 3000, lightAbsorption: 0, resistance: 0.5, sounds: { place: "game:block/plant", break: "game:block/plant", hit: "game:block/plant" }, rainPermeable: false, collisionbox: null, selectionbox: { x1: 0.0625, y1: 0, z1: 0.0625, x2: 0.9375, y2: 0.25, z2: 0.9375 }, materialDensity: 200, vertexFlags: { grassWindwave: true, weakWave: true }, combustibleProps: { burnTemperature: 600, burnDuration: 10, } }
  19. Can anyone help with creating an inventory for the block? Maybe someone give me some examples?
  20. I have an i5 3470 vPro and a GTX 1050 TI. Can I run Vintage Story? I run Minecraft on hypixel with badlion client at about 140 fps
  21. So I've started making my own skin, as in the first picture(ignore the sword, I fixed that already). But I ran into an issue with any armor or clothing showing up like the second picture(Fresh install); I even deleted everything related to VS and it shows up like this... I tried messing with some .json files involving armor, wearables, seraph, etc. and using the model maker to see if I messed up a texture path or something, but no dice. That's why I decided to uninstall and reinstall just incase I did any real damage, nothing changed in-game though. I did see that trying to load helmets in the model creator will cause it to say it's missing it's background model, and I can manually select seraph and then it[model creator] works normally, I think... dunno if ti's normal or not. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance!
  22. I build a firepit, gathered clay, made a pot, fired the pot, placed the pot on the firepit, placed ingredients and fuel. Nothing I do makes it provide the message that it will cook, and it won't do anything except burn away all the fuel. Screenshot Below https://i.gyazo.com/a160080e21ef8b64b16db39c1cf178bd.png EDIT: Also 2 uncooked meat alone will not work either. Been trying various combinations from the wiki's cooking page and it just doesn't do anything.
  23. I'm using filezilla, and I'm unsure how to install the server files into it remotely. I'm connected through FTP, do i just replace the core files? Is there something I'm missing?
  24. I would like to know if anyone found out how to add tooltips to blocks and items? I see things like blockmaterial will display the Material, but just want to know if there is a way to expand on that, write a description.
  25. Hi and welcome to how to make a helvehammer setup in your windmill, because I couldn't find any good tutorials and I had to figure it out by hand! And it sucked! To build one of these setups to hammer out iron blooms, you're going to need quite a bit in the way of materials! I will list what you'll need for both the windmill as well as what's necessary for the helvehammer setup. As a side note, the tools you use can be made of any metal. Windmill For the windmill itself, you'll need: Wooden Axles (as many as you would like the windmill to be tall) 1 Angled Gear 1 Windmill Rotor 4 - 20 Sails; you only need four for the base windmill, but you can top out at twenty. Tools you'll need: Hammer - Chisel - Saw Materials needed: Sticks - Logs - Animal Fat - Linen Recipes: You'll need to place a block to stick one of the wooden axles to for it to sit up vertically. From there, you can stack them as high as you'd like to your heart's content, until you want to turn it so you can extend it forward. For that, you'll need to place another block (or a stack of them), then set at least the first axle on the block. Between the last vertical axle and the first horizontal axle is where the angled gear will be placed. When you've got the horizontal axles extended as far as you'd like, you place the windmill rotor on the final axle, and then place the sails. You have to have four in your hand to be able to place them on the rotor. Helvehammer & Setup Again, the tools for used for this can be made of any metal/wood. The tools used before can be used for this. For the helvehammer itself, you'll need: Helvehammerhead - 8 boards For the setup, you'll need: 1 Angled Gear 1 Wooden Toggle 1 Helve Hammer Base 1 Anvil 1 Brake (Optional) For using the helvehammer to work blooms, you'll also need a forge, charcoal, and a torch. These items are used to heat the blooms up before putting them beneath the helvehammer. Tools you'll need: Hammer - Chisel - Saw Materials needed: Sticks - Logs - Animal Fat - Wooden Axles Recipes: To set up your helvehammer station, you'll need to first place the wooden toggle next to the bottom axle of the previously constructed windmill. In the empty space beside the toggle, and below the axle, is where the angled gear must be placed to connect the two items. The helve hammer base should be placed behind the wooden toggle, and the helvehammer placed on the base. Beneath the hammer is where the anvil goes, and it does not matter if you place it before or after you place the hammer. If you want to use the brake, in case you get sick of the tink-tink-tink of the helvehammer tapping away, or if you ever decide that you want to just stop your windmill from turning, it should be placed alongside the toggle. Right clicking it will close the wooden mouth over the axle within, and smoke particles should start appearing. It will take a few moments for it to stop the turning of the axles, so don't worry if it doesn't stop immediately. If you want to stop the helvehammer but not your windmill itself, simply remove the angled gear between the toggle and the windmill's axle. It can be easily replaced later. And that's how to build a working windmill/helvehammer setup! As a side note, you'll want to build your windmill where it will catch lots of wind. You can also connect a second windmill blade to the open end of the toggle/brake to give more power to the hammer! Big shoutout to @Valerie Frazier for letting me use her windmill and setup! She makes the cutest windmills, and after we worked together to figure out how to set one of these up she made one on her server!
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