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Found 2 results

  1. !Greetings Vintarians! Because of boredom and curiosity in the modding process, I decided to use some pictures of my friends and design new skin textures for the player to make them look more like humans. I think it turned out fairly well. I have posted the mod here if you're interested in using it. Since all it does is change some textures, it should work client side. Any feedback and/or cool screenshots is appreciated!
  2. I think an interesting addition to VS could be the choice of playing as different mythological races; each race would have pros and cons, and it would add to the overall vision. Here are a few very briefly described races that could be potentially added: Elves: Less health, but higher acrobatic skills. Boars and wolves would be less likely to attack an elf, perhaps. Dwarves: They could fit in 1x1 holes(?) and could get better drop chance when mining, but would run a bit slower than other races. This would cause dwarf players to prefer to live in proximity to mining areas. Halflings: Like dwarves, could fit in 1x1, but instead of getting better mining drops, they could have stealthy characteristics that would avoid aggro from hostile npcs. These are just a few that I could see fit in perfectly in the world of VS as it stands.
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