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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to the forums but have been a long time vintage story fan. As I play I always thought the idea of adding bears and deer to the game would be so wonderful. These two creatures would compliment the rest of the wildlife so far and make things more interesting when it came to survival and hunting. Alongside this I would love the idea of being able to display things such as pelts on walls or as a carpet on a floor. Taking animal heads, skulls, or antlers and hanging them on walls would be so cool. What are your thoughts on these ideas? would others like these too?
  2. Drifters spawn at night, and once in awhile there's a light - heavy temporal storm, but wouldn't it be great if there was something that absolutely terrified you at night? Demon Wolves! \m/ And if you kill one of them, there's a rare loot drop?
  3. MammaJamma


    I didn't find a previous post on this so: Fishing as a mini-game is a great way to extend the play life of a survival/sim game (for me at least) I love seeing what I can catch in different ponds and biomes fish are a great early game, non-scary way to get protein fish traps, weirs, poles and nets would all add to the immersive feel of the game, primitive skills can create fish farms and managing a fishery is interesting and challenging It would add some use for the lovely ponds scattered everywhere (other than farming and water) (what about turtles and frogs too?) streams! could add special awesome fish (trout) and maybe a flyfishing mechanic? maybe just a few flies rather than a fully stocked inventory of flies adding mayflies (or other inverts) as an indicator of where fish are would be super cool Entities? the programming in this language is less resource hungry for sure but I wouldn't want to cause entity induced lag so I understand if these ideas are unreasonable.
  4. Greetings all! I am starting this thread because I did not see this topic addressed directly in the forum elsewhere. If it is and I missed it, sorry for the redundancy! I understand that there will be at least two methods for catching and/or harvesting animals- using devices for trapping and developing tools for hunting. Both will be necessary because, unlike in Minecraft, animals will be much more difficult to hunt.. (YEAH!!! ) I wanted to create a topic in the forum for a discussion around this part in the game. I have several thoughts and questions I will pose when I have time, but only sharing a few for the moment that I had after chatting briefly on this subject in the chat forum earlier today. I would like to see animals yield more than just meat and hides for eating and clothing. Bones were an early source for things like needles, tips for arrows and spears, bone knives, horns, etc. Tanned hide can be used for clothes, but also was a source for making stronger rope. Sheep's wool is useful for all sorts of things that I don't need to mention, but wool makes string, A lot of string can be used to make wool rope, I assume, but I have never heard of wool being used for that. It does not seem to me that rope should come from wool. String for various things yes, but not for rope. Cleaning a larger animal correctly also provided sinew, very useful for making bow strings and for use in traps that required small diameter but strong chords. Woolen string might be ok for use in a weak bow, (maybe) but could not hold up to the strain of a large, strong hunting bow. Meat is meat, useful for eating and for bait in traps- all which does not need to be elaborated on. It is good to know that larger animals will produce meat in proportion with their size- you can eat on a dear, bear or wild boar for a LONG time on your own. I understand a method for smoking meat as a means of preserving is in the future? Hopefully the challenge of successfully taking a large animal will provide enough meat that you can forget about hunting for a while to focus on other aspects of the game? Hunting, I feel, should not be something I have to think about doing every day, unless I am close to being out of food and traps and game have been elusive and my food is running short... Trapping younger animals and domesticating them has all kinds of possibilities. Harvesting them provides all of the above, and I would assume manure for fertilizer in the farm? And so that a player does not get to secure in his husbandry skills that he grows lazy, I would assume predators seeking an easy meal would be a threat to the livestock in the nighttime hours? Waking to have to deal with a ravenous bear tearing into your chickens or your sheep pen would provide the occasional unexpected and undesired encounter with a dangerous natural threat. Just some initial thoughts...
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