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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone!, First of all, excuse the way I write, I'm helping myself with a translator ... I would like to expose a topic that perhaps favors the immersion, I do not know if it is one that has already been exposed or that it is simply an option of admins when configuring the server. While playing multiplayer it struck me that every player was shown on the map, then I saw that nicknames are seen at a great distance like a beacon. Perhaps in cooperative servers it is useful, but not knowing the location of the rest of the players would have benefits in the immersion, for example to create ambushes, or if a kingdom declares war on another kingdom. Currently it is very easy to determine the spawn point of this or that player just paying attention to the map. Another implementation idea that I came up with is the scarf (mask?) on the face, when wearing it that hides the identity of the player even in the notice of player1 I kill pleyer2 = player2 has been killed. The towns, kingdoms or the established system of government could punish the use of the same, I do not know it may be a ridiculous idea, but I think it would favor the immersion in a medieval world and its dangers. As for the nickname that does not cross the blocks and that it is visible from kilometers. It is a humble idea and suggestion. What do you think? What can you think of for a greater immersion when interacting with other players? Thanks for taking the time to read me
  2. Your crosshair shifts so much during an attack you hit off to the side of what you are pointing at. Vintage Story 2020-12-09 00-06-30_Trim.mp4
  3. I would like to know if it was planned that there is a proximity vocal in games or that a person is working on it in mod ? (Sorry I use google translate)
  4. Proposal Introduce a small chance of a nugget dropping upon mining any block of rock, with the actual chance and nature of nuggets to drop being dependent on an area 'prospecting result' around that 'one sample block'. Option Combine this with this proposal by @Omega Haxors to achieve a more immersive mining experience by making the use of a prospecting pick result in chopping off a face of a rock. The code required for implementation of this, kinda related, proposal by @Quentin Preik to assist easier chiseling may come in very handy to achieve this. Source Discord #suggestions channel: trigger + post + option.
  5. xhodan

    Fast Travel

    Fast Travel Some form of fast travel - initial idea includes the ability for players to setup ferry spots where you can pay a traveler to ride on a carriage or something, similar to how it works in Skyrim. Rates can be determined by distance or even maybe set by players if a town has a ferry of their own. Let me know what you all think!
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