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Found 1 result

  1. Given this game's focus on realism, and taking inspiration from a number of Minecraft mods, I wanted to bring up a mod I find essential in most of my playthroughs these days, which I think it'd be really cool to try to emulate to an extent, or at least take some notes from it, because currently trees look a bit, for lack of a better term, plain. The mod is Dynamic Trees, and it overhauls how trees generate and grow, with a focus on more realistic shapes and sizes. Some features include: -Trunks that get thinner higher up -Branches that extend and, well, branch -Leaves that constantly grow, regrow, and change -Trees growing from a small sapling over time into a full-sized tree naturally -Trunks that can be over 1 block thick, but under 2x2 in size -Trunks that can be under 1 block thick -Falling tree physics (to an extent) -Larger trees generating aboveground roots -Branches being far quicker to break than trunks -Tree disease/lack of nutrients from soil causing stunted growth and tree-death -Saplings planting themselves when leaves naturally decay -Trees growing taller to fight with other trees for more sunlight under the canopy -Emergant forests that live, grow, and wane on their own -Unique generation for each tree type -Surprisingly minimal performance hit, even in Minecraft, for all the tree updates happening constantly in wooded areas It makes trees gorgeous and vastly improves their generation, look, feel, and functionality. I feel like this style of tree, and a lot of the functionality, would feel right at home in Vintage Story's more detailed look and mechanics! I can even imagine thinner branches being affected by the wind... It would look beautiful- Of course I'd suggest crediting Ferreusveritas if you were going to take inspiration from the mod.
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