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Found 3 results

  1. Dear Vintage Story Team, recently I stated changing the German translation to help improving it. I changed some translations in the "\assets\game\lang\de.json" file, used the ModMaker Tool to get these changes in a separate file and then changed them online in the Vintage Story Translation Center (https://vintagestory.oneskyapp.com/). After that i started the game and looked if i could add some more, I went to the "Create new World" section and discovered that under the Advanced settings, none of the values are translated. So i searched for these in the translation file and found them at the end of the file. They were all translated but none of them showed up in the game. I looked into the text above them, trying to find any problem that could create problems with the json parser, so the parser is not loading these, but i found nothing. All translations above are working and there were no formating issues or something else (that i could find). So i wanted to ask if this is a software sided Bug or something with the file is wrong. MineLPPhynix
  2. I would suggest to make the handbook-search language independent. Following completely fictional Scenario that definitely didn't just happen: You check out the Wiki and learn about a Club that you can create. You go ingame and try to find it in your german handbook The word "Club" has like 4-5 different meanings in german, which means you try all of them and find nothing in the end because there is one meaning you forget about. So you scroll and scroll and scroll to maybe find it by the picture. In the end you just give up and restart the game in english to properly search for it. That would be fixable when you can simply search for "Club" and find it without hassle. It can be shown in the localized language but to make it findable by atleast the english word would be an improvement in my eyes.
  3. What if signs didn't say what you wrote. What if like the github icon they used an algorithm to generate a pattern on the sign and then when you got close enough to select the sign a floaty box like they have for the chests pops up and has the text you want to say? Uses: Can put more text than can fit on a sign. (Fixes the giant sign issue Milo was having for his tutorial map) Can also apply to blocks with "hieroglyphs". Lore specific - The tooltip doesn't pop up unless you know the language it's written in. Can learn different languages by finding and consuming lore books found in ruins. When placing a sign you can select one of the languages you know and now only people who can read that language can read what you wrote on the sign. I think this would be another layer of immersion as well as solving the issue of signs not being big enough for the text you want to write. What do you all think? For instance if you knew the language of the Incas you'd be able to tell in a tool tip what this quipu said.
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