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Found 1 result

  1. So guys, here is a little puzzle for you Maybe you could give some ideas please? I was mining obsidian in a big lava lake and since obsidian rocks are quite useless atm, I wanted to maximize raw obsidian block output. Still haven't invented a good approach. Too much basalt and obsidian rocks. Basics: When lava is touched by water from top, it turns into obsidian. When lava is touched by water from side, it turns into basalt. My current approach: If you cover all lava with water, so an obsidian layer is created on top, and break one obsidian block, a well will be created down to the bottom, with sides made of basalt and all center blocks dropped as raw obsidian. Because as soon as an obsiddian block is created at the bottom of the well, it drops as an item, because there are no ajancent blocks around it. So if you make the next well shifting e.g. two blocks left and one block forward, you get the tightest pattern to create wells. Still basalt:obsidian ratio is 4:1 And all the natural cave forms, e.g. wall's roundness, are worsening the output. Good thing is you mine very little, if you don't want basalt. And the method is quite safe even if lava damage will be added. I tried to make usual checkerboard walls, but water is too tricky, constantly getting to lava from sides and making basalt. Any experience or ideas how to increase raw obsidian output?
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