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Found 5 results

  1. Temporal Tinkerer (Formerly "useful-locusts") is a mod that aims to implement all sorts of gadgets and trinkets to extend out endgame content. Currently there are two technologies temporal and electric, both have their own quirks but still provide powerful items. Includes 3x3x2 mining, a super fast multi-tool, powerful armor cutting swords, and a couple new sets of insane armor. Now introducing the new temporal armor sets! These armor sets are split into two categories- utility and combat. These armor sets, like the tools can be recharged with temporal power cells in the crafting grid, watch out however as they are not unbreakable- they will still get destroyed once the durability reaches 0 so try to repair them before they get too low. The utility set provides: +75% movement speed on the boots but you use hunger 35% faster and they don't protect you very well +50% faster ranged weapons and accuracy on the helmet but provides mediocre protection The chest plate provides a new unique effect- reduced-hunger drain! While wearing this device you will drain hunger 50% slower, it has drawbacks though, the device is heavy, sometimes unreliable, and you only heal at 50% the rate with items when wearing it. It does not provide any armor value but still degrades when hit. The combat set provides: better protection values than even the strongest of metal armor sets, high protection tier. But they are vulnerable in PVP to the swords added in this mod because they deal massive damage to armor durability. +20% movement speed and very high protection on the leggings, but 5% increased hunger rate +15% ranged accuracy, high protection, but 5% slower move-speed/increased hunger rate on helmet The chest plate generates an invisible force field around itself meaning that any attack targeting the chest slot (50% chance) will be completely negated, the armor also amplifies the effect of healing items. The item has fairly low durability though so be sure to frequently recharge it with cells or it will eventually break, items like the temporal sword can chip down the durability pretty quickly as a counter New schematic/trading system: Now you can summon a trader hologram when using a trader summon item, this will spawn a tinkerer trader who can offer up parts and schematics you will need to craft any temporal equipment, save up those gears! Schematics are used in the grid with ingredients and will never be consumed, so you can use them forever once purchased. New stuff: The new schematic system introduces a complete overhaul to all the recipes for temporal equipment Temporal essence is now the new power source for temporal items, you can obtain the essence from drifters or purchase it from tinkerers then use it to craft temporal power cells Added recipe for the creative rotor using very late game components New items like ancient plating can be obtained from junk piles, locusts and the tinkerer General Mod Content Overview: Images: Feel free to- suggest anything, build off of the mod, or use these assets in your mods! All existing worlds with the mod previously installed are compatible with any previous update. You wont loose any items, but you will need to generate new chunks to find any new ruins. Downloads: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/444 Old Downloads:
  2. Butterbot

    Cursed basement

    I don't know if I could have done something to the settings, or I don't fully grasp the game mechanics, but I seem to have a cursed basement. In daytime, it's nearly as brightly lit as outside, with no dark corners. The walls and ceiling are granite cobblestone, the floor is basalt rock. The ceiling is between 2 and 5 blocks high. I made a small 2 wide, 5 long, 2 high room, blocked it off from the rest of the basement, and it was still lit up like a field. Even at night, it seems much better lit than it should be. I'm new to the game, but I've played a few other worlds and never encountered this before. Is this a bug, or have could I have done some esoteric thing when setting up the game to cause this?
  3. Hey Guys, my idea is a special tool that you can use to measure the light level of a special block to prevent drifters from spawning in your base. Maybe with an indicator which says "bright enough" or "no drifters will spawn here". Hope you like the idea!
  4. VS have a nice particle system. Good example - color torches. They have brightly colored heads and nice color particles raising from them. They make good additions to builds (currently creative only). But currently they are planned to be replaced by colored lanterns (for survival at least). Which is definitely more believable but I guess lanterns will not have particles and will not be brightly colored in general, because metal takes most of the texture. Maybe add some stuff for players to use colored particles in builds? Maybe braziers? With maybe ability to adjust particle output parameters by materials used in crafting or as fuel. E.g. size of a particle and number of particles per second. E.g. adding more coloring substance will increase particle size, and adding more fuel - number per second.
  5. Now Included in The Neolithic Mod: I decided to have all my mods in one thread, It should be easy for me to manage. Light Sources: The Bowl Stamp: Cracked Blocks:
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