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Found 7 results

  1. As we have a decent number of Linux users in the community, I would be great to collect the experience, for which distros/configurations it could be managed to run VintageStory. Please share in the comments your working VS linux configuration in the following way: Distro / Kernel release : Ubuntu Studio 16.04 LTS / 4.4.0-127-lowlatency Mono / .NET package version : mono-complete Graphics driver version : NVIDIA binary driver 384.130 (proprietary) Works for client, mp server or both : client + multiplayer server Installation method used : server.sh Hacks (if needed) : server.sh needs at least wget version 1.17.9 (not in the standard repo of Ubuntu 16.04)
  2. Carlo Masaia

    Cursor locked

    Hi, I would like to report a problem with the 1.6.9 for linux. When the mouse is free to change the direction of the camera, clicking will reset it to a specific state, does not matter where I was looking. This does not apply when the inventory or any other sub-window are opened and the camera rotation is locked. Bye!
  3. Test case how to reproduce this issue: last observation: 1.3.2 on linux run a survive and build world (single player) have a chest with some content next to your spawn point open it (just watch, don't interactually wait until you die be because of hunger respawn the chest is empty, the content is floating around
  4. Test case how to reproduce this issue: last observation: 1.3.2 on linux (but its pretty old) run a survive and build world (single player) walk around and break a block to see if it generally works open the inventory with E move the cursor to the item slots at the bottom of the screen to the point where lvl and payer name is shown press escape to quit the inventory (cusor becomes invisble) try to break or place a block but this does not work (I think because the focus is sill the item slot)
  5. VS-Server Service Copy your server.sh script with sudo or root to "/etc/init.d/<name>" Now you can user the script from everywhere e.g. "service <name> start" The server.sh commands start: Starts a new screen (use "screen -ls" to get the name) stop: Save the map warn the player and stops the server status: Tells you the if the VS-Server is running or not command "/<command> <parameter>": Execute a command with highest ranks backup: Saves all data in you VS folder except the backup folder in the backup folder (with VS-Version, time and date) update: Compares your version with the current version If the current version is higher warns users and stop the VS-Server Makes a backup Downloads the new version, extrakts and overrides old files Sets username and path in the new "server.sh" and sets executable rights Starts the VS-Server reinstall: Does a fresh installation of VS (a force update) Tips and Tricks Server setting are in "./VintagestoryData/serverconfig.json". There you can set settings like Port, Password, map size, Welcome Message and group settings Tweak performance when you have a strong server in "./VintagestoryData/servermagicnumbers.json": ChunkColumnsToGeneratePerThreadTick: 10-21 ChunksColumnsToRequestPerTick: 4-7 SpawnChunksWidth: 0 (When you set up buildprotection) ChunksToSendPerTick: 20-42 Good to know servermagicnumbers.json SpawnChunksWidth: How much chunks should be load/generated before server accept users ChunkThreadTickTime: 10(ms) = 1 Tick, that mean you have 100 generation-Ticks/second ChunksToSendPerTick: 20(ms) = 1 Tick, that mean you have 40 send-Ticks/second
  6. Important-Importante-Wichtig-重要-重要-важно If you have no clue how to use, monitor and maintain Linux, then you should use a professional gameserver hoster or if you have to much time and leisure, you should get first basic hosting skills. CentOS 7 (RHEL, Fedora) 1. EPEL/screen/wget/curl Install yum -y install epel-release screen wget curl 2. Mono Install yum -y install yum-utils rpm --import "http://keyserver.ubuntu.com/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x3FA7E0328081BFF6A14DA29AA6A19B38D3D831EF" yum-config-manager --add-repo http://download.mono-project.com/repo/centos/ yum -y install mono mono-utils 3. Add the port to the firewall firewalld firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=42420/tcp firewall-cmd --reload iptables iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 42420 -j ACCEPT 4. Download the game Goto http://account.vintagestory.at/downloads Copy the link of the newest "vs_server_*.*.*.tar.gz" package Enter in the console "wget" and parse the link Hint: Make for VS a own directory the tar have no subfolder 5. Open TarGZ package tar -xzf vs_server_*.*.*.tar.gz 6. Make the server.sh executeable chmod 755 server.sh 7. Edit server.sh file USERNAME='<your-vs-server-username>' VSPATH='<your-vs-directory>' 8. Server start and first steps ./server.sh start # Wait for startup then you can give you OP ./server.sh command "/op <youusername>" 9. Connect to you IP/Domain and have fun
  7. Afaik there is no official linux support yet, but Tyron still did some changes to enhance the linux compatibility. This means, the following instructions are for v1.08 only because this will change for sure. Prerequisites (as tested with Ubuntu 16.04): wine (only to run the insta ller) mono-complete (to run the game after installation) After running the installer with wine, you will most probably run into an error about encryption. This will prevent the game from connecting to the Vintagestory Account Manager. If no error pops up: Good look with testing the game with wine. The error is due to the incomplete windows explorer implementation of wine. Never mind, we don't need wine to run the game. But you need to use the terminal to complete the setup. You find the game installation in your "wineprefix" path, you have to change dir most probably to something like cd "$HOME/.wine/drive_c/users/$USER/Application Data/Vintagestory" The following steps are required to fix some packaging issues of v1.08 1. rename dllmap configuration file mv Lib/cairo-sharp.config Lib/cairo-sharp.dll.config 2. remove the windows-style line termination (CR = ^M) from the scripts install.sh Vintagestory.desktop 3. create xmp gameicons for the desktop starter (cosmetic) convert assets/gameicon.ico assets/gameicon.xpm (the convert command is part of the imagemagick package) 4. set execution privilege for the install script chmod ug+x install.sh Run the "install.sh" script ./install.sh The simple script performs the following tasks: Relocate the game installation to $HOME/ApplicationData/Vintagestory Install the Vintagestory fonts in $HOME/.fonts Install the desktop icon to start Vintagestory Run Vintagestory via desktop starter If something does not work, please check $HOME/ApplicationData/Vintagestory/VintagestoryData/Logs/install.sh.log This script is not written to perform a reinstallation. If you want to do so, please: Move $HOME/ApplicationData/Vintagestory away Delete the desktop starter Have fun with Vintagestory on Linux
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