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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everybody! Fair Travels is a community and server for Vintage Story focused around roleplay in a medieval fantasy world! We are looking for new players, Veterans or Beginners, and if you are looking for a new server to play on: Look no further! Features include: - Long day and night cycle. - RP proximity chat and formatting. - A lean mod list that prioritizes stability, performance, and quality of life. - Unique lore! - Fun and relaxed environment. - Newly generated map. Survive in a new harsh world with others. Found a community, build a store and open a business or guild someday! - Future events such as fairs and festivals as well as very fun expeditions to faraway lands! Join the discord and make a character! We have unique background lore to help make a fun and interesting character. https://discord.gg/BQsREYegD2
  2. So I was talking my friend Selzyr and he mentioned once when he posted on these forums that the developer said the citizens of the world are called Serephs. Supposed fish-people. So I was wondering if that has anything to do with a lack of breath/underwater systems, or alternatively they're just undeveloped because of focus on other subjects in the game.
  3. Hello! My name is johnlofort or I go by VerusSapio on discord. My question for today is is there any actual reason or lore explanation about the subject of Temporal Storms and generally why is this world ominously creepy, like people existed and now only very small amounts of humanoids still exist besides the drifters. There are humanoids also in the form of traders, but I guess the game gives me a sense of a world mostly devoid of humans and civilization, It's creepy. But I like the game so far! I'm addicted. I did however search this topic online and found nothing! Why? No one cares about the lore of such a world? I find the game fascinating. Anyway, if you could so kindly answer my question that would be awesome!
  4. xhodan

    Fast Travel

    Fast Travel Some form of fast travel - initial idea includes the ability for players to setup ferry spots where you can pay a traveler to ride on a carriage or something, similar to how it works in Skyrim. Rates can be determined by distance or even maybe set by players if a town has a ferry of their own. Let me know what you all think!
  5. Some Fan-made Lore for Vintage Story I have made some completely non-canon and fanmade lore. Some will have evidence in the game files and most will be completely made up.
  6. What if signs didn't say what you wrote. What if like the github icon they used an algorithm to generate a pattern on the sign and then when you got close enough to select the sign a floaty box like they have for the chests pops up and has the text you want to say? Uses: Can put more text than can fit on a sign. (Fixes the giant sign issue Milo was having for his tutorial map) Can also apply to blocks with "hieroglyphs". Lore specific - The tooltip doesn't pop up unless you know the language it's written in. Can learn different languages by finding and consuming lore books found in ruins. When placing a sign you can select one of the languages you know and now only people who can read that language can read what you wrote on the sign. I think this would be another layer of immersion as well as solving the issue of signs not being big enough for the text you want to write. What do you all think? For instance if you knew the language of the Incas you'd be able to tell in a tool tip what this quipu said.
  7. I decided to turn this suggestion into an ingame lore book. This is the beginning of a big alchemy system. A field guide to alchemy. By Anonymous As many scholars have observed in the past, our world is driven by forces we can not explain. What many pretend to be magic is actually explained in the field of natural philosophy. This misunderstanding of natural philosophy has lead to the death of many scholars. If you use the knowledge of this book in the public, you might learn that death by fire is a very unpleasant way to die. The church has the habit of forbidding everything they don't understand, trying to fix our worlds problems by burning them who really try to fix them. Be aware, utilizing the power of the devil is magic, unlike natural philosophy, which is a more advanced way of manipulating our world. There are many fields of natural philosophy, but for this guide I will focus on the field of alchemy. Alchemy is the art of changing and utilizing the properties of things to fit your liking. Well knows examples of alchemy are transmutation and herblore, but also things as simple as brewing. I advice readers to do their research in hiding, for obvious reasons. About the properties of things Knowing the properties of things is useless on its own. The important part about most properties is the effect on the human, and sometimes inhumane, body. Luckily for us, there is an easy, but not always very safe, way of discovering the effects of things, other than reading old books: taste. My studies found that most things have up to four effects, often less, but never more. The strongest effects seem to be the easiest to taste, but also the one one will experience on them, when tasting the ingredient. While one can always taste the strongest effect, it may require alchemists to taste things multiple times, discovering the weakest of effects has alchemists tasting the same thing on average eight times. An introduction to herblore Your newly gained knowledge can be utilized very easily. Just eat things to gain their strongest effect for a short time. The strongest effect is always the easiest to utilize. But many have found a simple way to also use the second strongest effect: creating a paste. Creating a paste is very easy, you just mash your ingredient with a mortar and pestle. The resulting paste can be also eaten and will apply the strongest and second strongest effect for a short period of time. But how does one extend the duration of the effect? The answer is very simple: By using a bandage. The bandage has to be occupied by the ingredient or paste, whose effect you want to extend. The bandage can then be wrapped around a wound and its effect will last for a long time, usually a whole day, sunrise to sunset, although the effects are a bit weaker compared to consuming them directly. It may be necessary to cause a wound yourself, but a small cut is enough. About the potency of beer and wine You may have noticed, that beer and wine change people in a similar way. In small amounts they lighten the mood, in medium amounts they make us dizzy, in great amounts they harm us. The cause of these effects is a liquid named alkohest, which beer and wine only contain small amounts of. Alkohest however has other uses than making people drunk, it's a irreplaceable part of alchemy. Any ingredients that are contacted with alkohest dissolve their effect in it. Because of this, any drinks containing alkohest, like beer or wine, carry one effect. This is well known, as beer often makes men tougher. But your drinks can hold even more potential if stored in a barrel with an ingredient for some time. The three strongest effects of that ingredient will then be dissolved in the alkohest of the drink, the effect will last longer, the longer the drink matures in the barrel. But be aware, alkohest has noticeable side effects, don't drink many brews in rapid fashion or you might succumb to drunkenness. The distillation of alkohest Distilleries are expensive devices, but very useful for any alchemist. They can be used to extract the alkohest from drinks. This is of particular use, when knowing that the natural effects of drinks weaken the potential for adding effects. The extraction progress is simple, just fill the distillery with the drink you want to extract alkohest from, Then heat the distillery. The temperature is really important, it has to be high enough for the alkohest to vaporise, but low enough to keep the other liquids liquid. When having the right temperature, the alkohest in the distillery will evaporate and rise into the condenser. In the condenser it will liquefy again. One could alternatively use a glass alembic for distillation. Pure alkohest can be used to amplify fire and light whole villages with ease, so be careful when experimenting with it. Neutralization of effects Alkohest has the biggest potential to carry effects and it thus used for making potions. But be aware, pure alkohest potions are almost deadly to men, the alkohest has to be neutralized first. This can be done with salt. Salt is a common neutralizer and will destroy all alchemical effects. This also explains its function for conserving food, as the alchemical rotting effect is stopped. Salt can also be used to survive poisons, if applied at the poisoned wound with a bandage shortly after the poisoning. When mixing salt with alkohest, detoxified alkohest is produced. But do not mix potions with detoxified alkohest right away, as there is still salt in it. Therefore all potions created would be without effects. One has to boil the detoxified alkohest and catch the vapour. When all alkohest has been boild away, only the salt will remain. The vapor will liquefy into detoxified, saltless alkohest, which can be used for creating potions.
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