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Found 5 results

  1. Introducing the Improved ORASCOPE! It is a map overlay. Makes finding ore ~ far less of a challenge. Install Procedure: Simply COPY Zip file directly into /Mods > Orascope_Release_V0.3.5.zip < Instruction; Use Prospecting pickaxe on rock face direction of the area you want checked; it will let you know if there is any ore within a short distance. ORASCOPE USE: Control it with these commands (Press 'T' for console) .orascope on .orascope off .orascope stats .orascope surface .orascope proximity You may also need to set a permission, the mod will supply the command text needed. Release notes [v 0.3.5]: New Surface scan; dedicated mode for nuggets found on the ground. Re-worked Cave/Underground scanning (uses raycast projection) minor tweaks to many messages Re-scanning to try and find a larger ore vein The surface scan mode does exhaustively try and find nuggets - and uses a Archmedian spiral style search.
  2. ive noticed that the world map when looking at it doesnt show all of the world gen all of the time just what is around you. i know i can see the waypoints i have but its annoying to travel 2k-8k blocks away and halfway realize i shouldve taken a small detour because of giant mountains or because of ocean between me and the location im trying to travel too. tbh ive had to get use to not using the map at all, not even the minimap because i seem to be able to remember better personally then what the map provides. so far all i use it for is marking ore veins, on top of it we still have to use the command lines to mark waypoints ( this is reasonable and already mentioned to change at some point.) but can we please get a map that is painted in of the locations we have been to? and only update the graphics of it when you reload the chunk and update said large world map? tbh i think almost every map mod ever for minecraft has done something similar to what i have explained...? i could always be wrong. maybe there is even an option somewhere that i can change to have it work correctly but it isnt explained anywhere or atleast not very well.
  3. Mika


    Simply add the ability to create a way point in the map, for example to mark a cave or our home
  4. Hello everybody! Chris again. This time i will open a thread on my current project. A huge Vintage Story city. Im trying to build this city because i never built a real, good looking city and also because of a random wall i was building to test new WE features and i thought, why not using that wall in an outer city wall? At the moment i am still at the beginning of my project and i am experimenting on many things like the style of buildings, blockvariety, size and terraforming and of course the general theme of the city. First of all: How am i going to proceed in order to build this map? 1. Basic terraforming and terraindesign. 2. Basic structures and planning where to put each individual building. 3. Exterior walls and structures. 4. Basic surroundings of the city. (streets, parks, ways, stairs, lakes, ...) 5. Adding nature to the surroundigs and the buildings. (Trees, bushes, decorative leaves, flowers, flower pots, more detail in naturalizing the terrain,...) 6.More detailed surroundings. (Lanterns, outside lights, details in the streets and ways, details on the exterior walls, ...) 7. Intirior design and details. 8.Additional things like eastereggs, secrect passageways, hidden doors, hidden rooms, organics, maybe nametags on each indiviual building. As you can see the first "block" (a group of buildings surrounded by a main street) is already finished talking of basic exterior walls, but of course this was just the first experiment on which style i am going to choose. Those 19 buildings in this first "block" are only a small percentage of the future amount of buildings (about 400 are planned right now) and of course i have planned to include some bigger marks on my map. - One huge castle (bigger and more military looking. More towers and less decorative meaning) - a palace (more detailed and decorative building with more windows and less towers) - a huge temple - a highgarden building (a building with different levels with different "gardens" on it) - a huge gate as entrance to the city - a main market right in front of the gate - another marketplace (the city is going to be big so i place the second maketplace a bit further away from the first) - arena (well i guess there's no need to explain) - and of course different " special" buildings and places like a variety of stores, a blacksmith, a library, many parks, waterfountains,... If you have any suggestions about what you would like to have in this city just post a comment down here! :-) Also i still don't know exactly how i am going to call this city, so suggestions concerning the name are welcome as well! I will use this open thread to post updates, wether by editing or just commenting under this main post, so if you are interested in my current project just come by every once a week and be hyped for the day Vintage Story will have another EPIC project on its list. Thanks for reading! Greetings from Germany, ~Chris
  5. I found screenshot feature surprisingly useful in VS. Idk why, maybe there is no map, or maybe because it is built-in so good. Btw, love the sound. I found it comfortable to screenshot places of interest to return to later, instead of writing down coords in a notebook irl. Quite comfortable to open an explorer window in parallel and scroll through screenshots if needed. It might be even more comfortable if I could look at the screenshots right in game, instead of alt-tabbing into a windows Explorer. And have a built-in categoriser which allows to quickly assign tag(s) to screenshots. E.g. "ore" "ruin" "berries" "chickens" "base" "outpost" etc. So later it would be easier to search in them, e.g. viewing only ore-related screenshots. [Update]: ideally some map may be available with screenshots attached to coords they are taken, with filters to show only ore/ruins/... Which connects to another existing suggestion of maps where all your ore surveys are accumulated
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