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Found 7 results

  1. https://mods.vintagestory.at/axleinblocks Main features: New blocks that hide axle in bricks, dry stone and wooden planks. New blocks that hide gears in bricks, dry stone and wooden planks. New blocks that hide transmission in bricks, dry stone and wooden planks. New obsidian glass block (Used in recipes). Languages: English & Russian Recipes:
  2. !!This mod requires SuperFuel, for these recipes to be obtainable in survival!! This mod adds two new recipes to survival: the creative "Auto-Rotor", and the "Broken Static Translocator" as endgame challenges. Please note that the static translocator cannot be broken once placed, so be careful where you put it, the auto rotor however is movable in survival. The recipes are pretty well balanced as they require components like chromium, titanium, diamonds, meteoric iron and both metal parts/ temporal gears. These are really just supposed to be an endgame goal when you have obtained all of these exotic materials. With the "SuperFuel" mod you are now able to mine and melt both titanium and chromium into ingots, these ingots are used in both recipes. The Auto Rotor: Say goodbye to unreliable windmills, and hello to this temporal-powered gearbox! (meteoric iron in corners, chromium ingots at the top, titanium ingots at the bottom) Broken Static Translocator: Want to create a teleportation hub? well this will have to suffice for now... Creates a broken static translocator, like the ones you find underground. They still need to be repaired with the usual 3 temporal gears and 2 metal parts, so that's why the recipe is so "cheap". (chromium ingots at the top, titanium ingots at the bottom, diamond in the upper center) Placed Translocators act exactly like the ones you find underground, when activated they will "warp spacetime" for a while until it finds a destination, the more of these in the same area the longer the wait. They teleport you to an existing naturally generated translocator, and repairs them like normal so you can return. Download: Works on 1.13, and 1.14. Creative-Ables1.0.0.zip
  3. I would love to see the ability to place a large gear vertically, it would greatly improve our ability to compact mechanical systems. Historically this has been done as Cogwheels
  4. Can someone help me understand the info /weather is giving me. Are these percentages static for a given area? what does the tl@975/976, ect mean? what is the noevent(v=0.642) mean. Is this actually telling me the percentages that of different weather condition at the particular location? Can i use this to find a good windy place for windmills?
  5. Hello Guys just a quick question is there a way to debug the output of mechanical power with toruge kN and windspeed % like the windmill rotor on axles and gears? Information for minimum kN-Input for Quern / Hevle Hammer / Pulverizer? Because for a bit more complex machinery it gets a bit confusing what power gets received at the end of the axle and what power is needed. If there Is no way to debug this with a client / server - command is there a way to create Mod to receive this info? Greetings Qwer
  6. Hello Team, First time posting...so I'm trying to make a good bug report. I've been playing on a save for 70 some odd hours now, and got to start to venture into Mechanical power. I -thought- I set it up right, I've read through the forums, wiki's, the youtoobs just to kinda get a knack on it to address this, so this is kinda the culmination of a few days of my head being beaten against a wall. I will be attaching a creative demo world as well in 1.13.4 that I created an example in. The bug basically goes like this: I have a power train setup (Rotor>Axel>Gear>Axel x20-30>Large Gear>Gear >Power trains out to Querns / Helvehammer set ups. (Seen in the demo world) The problem occurs from whenever anything is engaged off the Large gear (so output can be split) the whole system locks up. Remove the gear, replace with a single small gear and all the jank goes away. Logs and example world attached. chemicalhazards WhywindmillWHY.zip Logs.zip
  7. Hi and welcome to how to make a helvehammer setup in your windmill, because I couldn't find any good tutorials and I had to figure it out by hand! And it sucked! To build one of these setups to hammer out iron blooms, you're going to need quite a bit in the way of materials! I will list what you'll need for both the windmill as well as what's necessary for the helvehammer setup. As a side note, the tools you use can be made of any metal. Windmill For the windmill itself, you'll need: Wooden Axles (as many as you would like the windmill to be tall) 1 Angled Gear 1 Windmill Rotor 4 - 20 Sails; you only need four for the base windmill, but you can top out at twenty. Tools you'll need: Hammer - Chisel - Saw Materials needed: Sticks - Logs - Animal Fat - Linen Recipes: You'll need to place a block to stick one of the wooden axles to for it to sit up vertically. From there, you can stack them as high as you'd like to your heart's content, until you want to turn it so you can extend it forward. For that, you'll need to place another block (or a stack of them), then set at least the first axle on the block. Between the last vertical axle and the first horizontal axle is where the angled gear will be placed. When you've got the horizontal axles extended as far as you'd like, you place the windmill rotor on the final axle, and then place the sails. You have to have four in your hand to be able to place them on the rotor. Helvehammer & Setup Again, the tools for used for this can be made of any metal/wood. The tools used before can be used for this. For the helvehammer itself, you'll need: Helvehammerhead - 8 boards For the setup, you'll need: 1 Angled Gear 1 Wooden Toggle 1 Helve Hammer Base 1 Anvil 1 Brake (Optional) For using the helvehammer to work blooms, you'll also need a forge, charcoal, and a torch. These items are used to heat the blooms up before putting them beneath the helvehammer. Tools you'll need: Hammer - Chisel - Saw Materials needed: Sticks - Logs - Animal Fat - Wooden Axles Recipes: To set up your helvehammer station, you'll need to first place the wooden toggle next to the bottom axle of the previously constructed windmill. In the empty space beside the toggle, and below the axle, is where the angled gear must be placed to connect the two items. The helve hammer base should be placed behind the wooden toggle, and the helvehammer placed on the base. Beneath the hammer is where the anvil goes, and it does not matter if you place it before or after you place the hammer. If you want to use the brake, in case you get sick of the tink-tink-tink of the helvehammer tapping away, or if you ever decide that you want to just stop your windmill from turning, it should be placed alongside the toggle. Right clicking it will close the wooden mouth over the axle within, and smoke particles should start appearing. It will take a few moments for it to stop the turning of the axles, so don't worry if it doesn't stop immediately. If you want to stop the helvehammer but not your windmill itself, simply remove the angled gear between the toggle and the windmill's axle. It can be easily replaced later. And that's how to build a working windmill/helvehammer setup! As a side note, you'll want to build your windmill where it will catch lots of wind. You can also connect a second windmill blade to the open end of the toggle/brake to give more power to the hammer! Big shoutout to @Valerie Frazier for letting me use her windmill and setup! She makes the cutest windmills, and after we worked together to figure out how to set one of these up she made one on her server!
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