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Found 16 results

  1. https://mods.vintagestory.at/axleinblocks Main features: New blocks that hide axle in bricks, dry stone and wooden planks. New blocks that hide gears in bricks, dry stone and wooden planks. New blocks that hide transmission in bricks, dry stone and wooden planks. New obsidian glass block (Used in recipes). Languages: English & Russian Recipes:
  2. I consider rifts to be a mild form of noise pollution more than anything else. The game's ambient sound is very immersive and attractive to me when there are no rifts around. Perhaps if you improved their sound spam somewhat then they would be less annoying. Honestly, I find rifts to be annoying just in general, same as drifters. It's more of an 'oh great, here we go again' than a credible threat in the game world.
  3. Hello ! I would like to suggest some ideas and mechanics for the game. 1.Commands 1,1- /weather sett ( /weather settemperature ) - sets the temperature in the player's region 1.2- /weather settype - sets the type of rain For example: rain, thunderstorm, snow, hail . 1.3- /locate - Search for buildings for example : ruin, (merchant's) cart . These commands give coordinates of buildings, biomes or climatic zones . 1.4- /locateclimate - Search by specific climate or temperature (useful in creative mode) for example:North Pole for example: ( 0 150 0) or (40 135 73 ) type ( x z y ) . These commands may be needed to create multiple locations in the world. An example would be cities in several styles. (China style in the jungle), they can also help with finding a suitable climate or structure. 2.Nature and food 2.1- Nature lacks wild-growing analogues of grain crops. 2.2- New trees such as baobab and palm or spruce . 2.3________________________________________________________________________ 2.3.1- New fruits: kiwi, bananas, tangerines, pamela, plums, coconuts, peaches and others. New berries: watermelon, raspberries, grapes, blackberries and others. New vegetables: pomegranate, cucumber, garlic, beets, radishes, peas and others. New crops: corn, cane and others. Where it says "others" you can add your ideas and suggestions to me and continue the list. 2.3.2- Lemon and cocoa beans can also be noted. They can be used to make chocolate or lemonade, respectively. 2.4- Birch sap is the sap that birch gives. 2.5- Drinks made from fruits or breads for example: juices, nectars, kvass (from bread), tea, coffee. 2.6- Supplements of all kinds of nuts for example: peanut . 2.7_______________________________________________________________________________ 2.7.1- Adding shore and ocean with its own flora 2.7.2- Adding different types of fish, jellyfish, shrimp, crabs, bivalve snails, predatory fish and dolphins.Adding a new type of food "seafood". 2.7.3- Underwater caves and ravines 2.7.4- Corals, sea herbs, algae, icebergs, small pieces of ice. 2.7.5- Sunken ruins. 2.8- Cooking types fry, boil, stew.For example: In order to cook you need a pot, for frying a frying pan in order to stew the stove and a pot in it. Also oven mechanics oven dough products for example: pies, cakes, cookies and more. 3.Creative 3.1- Adding various new blocks of concrete, cement. 3.2- Adding a non-playable character for various scenarios. (Like in fashion custom npc (MC)) 3.3- Adding symbols to the command block: @a - all players @s - you @p - closest player @r - random player 4.Mechanics 4.1- Adding water temperature and salinity mechanics.Adding mechanics freezing in cold water or transferring heat of hot tools to water, if they come from a churn furnace, transferring and heating to the ambient temperature of hot water (when the water block is hot, the temperature around it is 1-2 higher), heating water or evaporation if nearby lava block. Also converting salt water to fresh water. 4.2- Improving the influence of the sun on the water (water heating) if it is sunny and warm outside . 4.3- Heating system (with warm water), pipe system (instead of bonfires). This mechanic will come in handy if the building is in the north and setting fires does not match the style of the building itself. 4.4- Airship in vintage style, balloon in vintage style, trolley. Each of these vehicles has its own speed, its own type of control. 4.5- Moving to another dimension,measuring drifters where the shertern goes crazy. 4.6- Natural disasters for example: hurricane, tornado, flood, tsunami, storm, landslide. These cataclysms can be changed in the world settings (off / on). They differ in strength and type (tornado strength 1, type wide and high) 4.7- Processing of precious stones, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, lapis lazuli, poplar, and the manufacture of staves from them (possibly talismans to maintain temporal stability, increase lives, regeneration) 4.8- Enhancing weapons with gems such as a bow with an inserted ruby more damage. 4.9- Pets: cat of different breeds, dog of different breeds, fish, parrots.You can find dogs or cats from merchants. Parrots from traders in the jungle. You can also add a new merchant who sells pets. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks everyone for viewing my ideas.I hope I didn't tire you ! This "humble" list of ideas will improve your gaming experience.If you have ideas or you want to supplement mine, then add something of your own. Have a good game everyone !
  4. I was thinking about how to improve the sleeping mechanics. Sleeping in game is helpful, but not quite necessary... Unlike in real life. May be, we could make a mod (mostly for single player and small servers) that actually forces the player to sleep. Should be up to you though, when to sleep. Either half a day or half a night. You could punish sleepless characters by giving them nausia after two days uptime and reducing the nutrition values faster, the longer you lack sleeping. Maybe even lower the character's resistence to temporal instability. In addition to that, I think of a craftable tool, called the "alarm clock". Should be craftable by the clock maker using some rusty gears, mechanical parts and a brass plate or stuff like that. Maybe a craftable bell or so. Or take a step in between to craft clockworks for multi purpose uses, such as a decorative but functional wall clock, Cocoo clock and stuff like that. The alarm clock, however, should wake you up from sleep at a designated time of day, so that you have the option of sleeping for just as many hours as you need or want, even if your bed would give you more rest than you want. I'm just starting mod making and already have other projects to do, but this idea could be picked up by someone. I would love to see those features, even if they wouldn't be fitting for servers with multiple, separatedly playing groups of players (for obvious reasons). That's an issue, that can't be addressed, I guess. But for my girlfriend and me, this would be such a cool thing to have
  5. I think it's enough that we have storms, unstable areas on the surface and that stability goes down underground. Give builders and casual players a place to relax & build, if they choose so. And if you want challenge, well, go to the unstable areas, there are plenty of them. Also, tweaked light level spawning would be a nice addition.
  6. So with the addition of bone soil panning, I've noticed a huge increase in the amount of copper spearheads that I've been getting. While I do appreciate being able to have this supply of weaponry at hand, it can get overwhelming very quickly. I know that at least two people have spoken on this topic previously, but I have a very particular suggestion for this implementation that I think would be ideal. Provided that the tool has not been made yet, you can melt down the spearhead back into their base or alloyed metals, but you need multiple spearheads instead of just one to make one ingot. Some of the original ingot has to be split and hewn in order to make the item that you wanted to make in the first place, so it requires more pieces for you to recreate one ingot. You could even make it to where small items like shears require four times the amount of metal, medium items like pickaxes require three times the amount of metal, and large items like swords require twice the amount of metal. (So one sword would be equivalent to 50 units of metal, one pickaxe would be roughly equivalent to about 33.3 units, and one shears would be equivalent to 25 units) This would probably make the quick click mistakes that are made (you clicked sawblade when you really wanted a sword) a little bit more tenable in the long run because you're not losing 100% of the work that you've made, despite there being no real way to mitigate the loss that you would take to your resources (metal, charcoal, and hammers). And for people who choose to be on smaller worlds, it allows them to save as much as possible by recycling. I, being on 1M seed, am going to have more resources to take from than someone on a 50K or 10K seed.
  7. Sleeping through temporal storms skips them with no ill effects to the player/s. There should be a major drawback of sleeping through temporal storms. Ideas for drawbacks: Temporary lowering of max temporal stability Health drain while sleeping in a temporal storm Drifters do extra damage for a while after sleeping though a storm The player has to use temporal gears to sleep through a storm, more gears depending on storm strength Thanks for reading! : )
  8. Hey everyone! My Name is Haku ,i'm 23 years old and i'm from Switzerland. I invested a lot of my lifetime in sandboxgames also in survivalgames. First before i get to the point, i want to say "wow Vintagestory is a great game for what it offers so far". I think personally the best are mechanics such as pottery and smithing. Please keep in mind: "this post comes just from a person that would see this game in future" Farming Farming like searching for seeds to plant them, watering and defending from the rough wildlife is a nice idea and the mechanics behind them is good. One thing that it needs is (in my sight) a mechanic that allows you to get seeds from mature crops and i dont wanna talk about the 5% chance for a extra seed (its really hard). Vintagestory already have a depth and i would like see a mechanic that is more complexe to get seeds. example: Flax could be harvested and seeds by thresing them whit an flail and drying in sunlight. bulbs to prick out whit tools Automation / advance crafting Automation in a way is very important. i'm not talking about robots just like simple things: Pottery table, waterwheel, automated saw for sawmils, spinning wheel, loom ,bellows all this kind of stuff should be implemented. Discuss, comment, would see what you think. //cheers Haku
  9. PvP is pretty boring! This mechanic is already so stale in games like Minecraft, etc. As for me, it would be interesting if players fought not just by constantly clicking on the right mouse button. And let's say players would try to evade or repel a blow with a sword(this will not work with a spear, but it can find other advantages). Or for example when arrows would hit metal armor in consequence of which the arrows would ricochet (with the effect of sparks) and it would depend on the angle of the shot at the target just like in life.. And all this mechanics would depend only on the angle of the attacker's strike and the angle of the defender's block. You can also add shields to the game. And most importantly, such PvP would cause a lot of tension and interesting artificial experience! It would be necessary to constantly monitor the enemy's attacks, make clever maneuvers and strike directly at vulnerable places, and all this would be accompanied by the sound of metal hitting and sparks. You can also think about stamina, but not too much.. Otherwise the fight will turn into a rest )) And with such mechanics, even an Indian with a stone spear with a good skill will be able to defeat a man clad in armor. vgif-ru-25202.gif (720×404)
  10. References: Baluranne; Forum: Frequently Suggested; Worldgen and Mechanics (very appreciative for this summary) Devlog; Roadmap; More game play content Vintage Story: Feature Wishlist 2020; Transport Mechanics In reading the Forum posts, I found the on-going discussions about Transport Mechanics (TM) interesting but I couldn't find (yet) a clearly described reason (i.e. game mechanic) for implementing them. To state the obvious TM (animals/carts/boats) are used to carry heavy things. But why bother when your character can conceivably carry hundreds of tons of weight in their inventory? So having a TM avoids having to make multiple trips but it may be just easier to make those trips rather than the cost of the TM (i.e rails for minecarts). This leaves TM as mostly aesthetics (which would still be totally cool) for all but a limited number of situations. But what if terrain blocks had mass? The primary complaint is probably that doing so would make building a nightmare as you would be running back and forth for every block. This could be overcome by making the TM's inventory an extension of your personal inventory (essentially the same concept as the reed basket) so long as you are within some number of blocks of it. This motivates the player to use the various TM characteristics to overcome a realistic limitation. Examples are as follows: wheelbarrows are only useful on paths that are only so steep and can carry a moderate amount, horse drawn carts are only useful on surfaces of a certain sturdiness and can turn only so fast but carry more far more than a wheelbarrow, boats are only useful on in water of a certain depth and still need something to move them but carry far more that a horse cart, minecarts are only useful with a rail system but would be necessary to clear mine tailings, and so on ... This drives infrastructural improvements as the player's world expands. This then makes TM the way to move terrain blocks between places that have a local block distribution system. I apologize if I am re-hashing previous discussions and just missed them in my review. Thank you for your patience and consideration.
  11. Hello, When playing on servers, you notice progress of time can both be quite crippling and boosting at the same time if you compare the mp experience with the sp experience. When you're not in-game while others are, time progresses to affect food decay, plant & animal growth and reproduction, torches burning out and barrel aging/ripening processes (and crop decay as of next update) in the chunks you are in, even when your whereabouts are nowhere near the place where other players are active. So, when you rejoin the server after some period of absence, you can find all your food (and crops) decayed, the torches you placed burnt out and all those saplings you planted the day before fully grown. This is not encouraging nor adding to the intended immersion for any player in early game, for players who play less frequently or on a more occassional/casual basis than the more fanatic ones on any server. The food (and crop) decay aspect is the most discouraging one in this respect, obviously. Many experienced veteran players have hardly experienced this as an inconvenience as they either hardly played as a new player on servers since many time dependent relationships were introduced, or are already aware of how to deal with the odd inconveniences, as I experienced myself as well after a while. Still, it does not seem right in various ways that the mp experience differs so strongly from the sp experience, for any player, in any in-game development stage. I think any game ready for beta release should strive to provide similar mp and sp experiences to its (new, cash-flow generating) player audience especially when it comes to mechanics that strongly affect what a player does or plans to do on an in-game-daily basis. The time progress mechanics connected to food decay, crop growth (and decay) and all of the other time dependent processes are referenced to a server timer, and calculated based on 'world time progress' as soon as a chunk is loaded. I wish to suggest to consider to add chunk and/or player based time referencing for those mechanics and make this configurable for servers. This would imply adding chunk and player time stamps, respectively updated every time a chunk is unloaded or a player logs off. These can be used as reference for calculation of food decay state every time a food item is loaded/accessed by the player who last touched/accessed/processed it and also for calculation of any other time dependent states each time a chunk is loaded. Progress in time will resume normally once players (incl. their inventories) and chunks are loaded, just the progress during the time they were not loaded will have stagnated. When a player is online and moves from one chunk to another, and eventually chunks they started in are unloaded and when they return and load chunks back again, you would want time for both food decay, crop growth (and decay) and other time dependencies to have progressed during the entire time that player was online. So, player online time duration should be leading in any case. This implies a server must store the last login time of a player and the duration they played since then, for chunk progress mechanism updates to be referenced. Then, upon a chunk reload, the progress for said mechanics shouldn't be adjusted by just accounting for the timestamp left in the chunk, but corrected for player playtime since last unloading event of that chunk and until recent loading event as well, and that for the player who last left the chunk before it was reloaded. This implies a chunk would also have to store 'last player who was in the chunk before it unloaded'. For food decay one could consider two variants. One where a prepared food items decay is calculated based on a timestamp connected to a player and their nett playing time, and another where food decay is calculated based on the time the chunk where that food item is stored has been loaded. For multiplayer servers this can make a huge difference in areas where many players are active in the same or overlapping areas for many possible reasons. For instance, for hardcore PvP servers, where player competition can have quite a devastating character, players can force load chunks of other players' bases and consequently make their food (and crop) storages go to waste. For such servers it may be recommendable to use 'player playtime referenced food decay'. For strict PvE servers where many players are building their own and in many cases only visit each others habitat for direct interaction, 'chunk loadtime referenced food decay' would be an acceptable alternative. For cooperative food production and sharing it will be worthwhile to 'retag' a food items decay time reference with another player as soon as the item is handled by a different player than the one that originally 'created' the item. In case of 'player playtime referenced food decay' there can be a potential 'tavern exploit' where one player processes a lot of food in single item containers (crocks) in one area to leave it for others to use when they need it and the producer player logs off for an indefinite period of time. Chances of players actually doing this may be relatively low, but it is not an unthinkable scenario and it therefore justifies a counter. On servers where this possible exploit is deemed a serious risk, 'chunk loadtime referenced food decay' may be considered. An alternative is to add a 'claim ownership/access permissions override'. Any food item in a claim accessed by anyone with specific privileges in that claim, will have decay progress dependent on the in-game time of any of those players. If a 'tavern' has food stored produced by player A and player A shares the access to the containers in that tavern with players B and C via the claim system, in-game presence of players B and C will also ensure decay progress of any of the food items in the claim. Also with this scenario in mind, the desirability of any option can strongly depend on the type of server, so configurability seems required. For PvP/faction focussed servers the claim override option may be best suited. Another alternative may be to have a setting per player that determines whether the food decay for items produced by that player will be 'player playtime referenced' or 'chunk loadtime referenced'. That can then be set at the moment a new player joins the server, either defaulted or left to the player to choose. Any food item will then get a tag indicating how food decay progress is to be calculated. As soon as a different player handles an item or a food holding container, the tag of the affected item(s) can be made to irreversibly switch to 'chunk loadtime referenced'. Seasons are planned to be introduced in a next game update. This will enhance the effects offline time progress will have on individual, new and/or more casual / less active, players on servers, and will therefore only increase the urge to address the issue brought forward here. Overall: For food decay, calculate the actual shelf life progress of any item based on the playtime of the player who last processed/handled/stored it: 'player playtime referenced progress of time'. If a player creates a processed food item and stores it in some container, the shelf life progress will be equal to the time that player is in-game. As soon as another player 'takes over', the in-game time of that player will become determinant for the shelf life progress. For all other processes, calculate the time progress based on both the time the chunk where the affected items/entities are located and the time the player spent in-game who was the last to load the chunk: 'chunk loadtime referenced progress of time'. This may also be useful as an alternative for food decay, dependent on server/community playstyle/goals. For food decay a combination of both calculation methods may also be considered. The proposed changes will not lead to an 'ideal fix of the issue' (which may simply be non-existant or not achievable), but it will improve the situation considerably for a lot of players on servers. For new and/or more casual players on servers who value the experience of the various sp game dynamics next to having company while playing, the situation will become much more pleasant and inviting. For servers where most players are involved in joint efforts, focussed on one or only a few locations, or where most players spend their time 24/7 on the server, it may be worthwhile to leave the option to not use this alternate time referencing method and just keep using the present method. There may be more aspects to address when considering this suggestion. Any progressive insight will be processed in the core text above. This will obviously not be of any added value for single player worlds, but for multiplayer worlds this can have profound impact on the experience of individual players and on their motivation to continue playing, and consequently on long term server and community viability. I hope the above makes sense, you will be able to find a suitable way to tackle the issue brought forward and my suggestion is worth considering. Cheerio, Alte Edits: 1) After more pondering it became obvious that for food decay on multiplayer servers the aforementioned 'timestamp connected to a player' option would be the way to go. In other words this would concern a system where each food item is time-tagged with the player who last handled it. This could also be seen as an 'ownership system' as worded by radfast in one of his constructive comments below. This post summarizes this view and some additional thoughts related to hoppers. 2) This also concerns the burning time of torches, and the aging/ripening times for various recipes in barrels. For these processes I would also recommend to use time referencing based on a combination of chunk loading/unloading and player activity. 3-5) Various rewrites. Added remark related to potential 'tavern exploit' that could affect mass produced food in single item containers, as discussed with Saraty on Chrometech. Included 'crop decay'.
  12. I was in my creative world and didn't put my hand on wasd, hitting q and throwing the block I was holding. It ended up flying off at an angle behind me when holding s. So I did some tests and found that you can throw things quite far and high with runs and jumps. You could possibly even do a game of basketball, even with dribbling as you throw the item ahead of you and pick it up before shooting for the hoop. Btw, here's a little throw test I did.
  13. It's no secret that a few of us are trying to get mods ported over from the Civcraft genre of minecraft servers. Next item on our list (hopefully), is something that recreates only the basic functionality of the mod which I've posted a demonstration video of below. The purpose of this is to enable players to trade with one-another without having to coordinate play-times, and enable trade in a multiplayer environment independent of the NPC traders. By no means will this decrease the significance or utility of the NPC traders, as there are still many items which cannot be crafted in survival as of yet. On the contrary, this will provide greater opportunity for more homebodied players, or those more adept at building and farming that caving and mining, to acquire gears and other valuable goods by supplying more adventurous types with basic commodities that they might not feel inclined to farm. The benefits of inter-player commerce are myriad. (Also, I figure this is one less feature for me to nag Tyron about, and most certainly one that can find use in other multiplayer settings (Hi, Tony) until such time as player-owned shops are a vanilla feature.) The idea of the mod is as follows: A player creates a shop chest (more on that below), which acts as a sort of simple vending machine. The shop outputs an item (or multiples of a single type of item) for a predetermined input cost. A customer approaches the shop with the input selected in their hotbar (right hand), and double-clicks on the chest, at which point the input items in their right hand are exchanged for the output item(s). In order to set up a shop chest I want to deviate from the example below and add a material cost other than the chest and reinforcement: the Temporal Gear (everyone's favorite). The steps as I envision it are as follows: 1.) Shopkeeper places a chest or labeled chest (remember to lock and reinforce). 2.) Shopkeeper places desired output in the first slot of the chest. 3.) Shopkeeper places input requirement in second slot of chest. 4.) Shopkeeper shift+right-clicks on the intended shop chest with a Temporal Gear, instantly consuming the gear and permanently defining the shop's exchange condition. 5.) Shopkeeper may remove the input material, stock up on output material and reap the benefits of trade and division of labour. Now, I don't expect anyone in the community to do this for us (though that would be nice), but I figured I'd do a bit of preliminary research while Light is temporarily unavailable to see if it's possible with the current API functionality or if we'll have to beg Tyron for some additions. (Thank-you for your time and attention)
  14. Over the dinner table, me and my dad had an idea for the game that uses pre-existing mechanics to VASTLY increase the amount of food items available through cooking. The basic idea is as follows: we already have a system for shaping clay, and speaking from experience, clay is very similar to dough in consistency. As such, its not much of a stretch to imagine a dough-forming system as a re-skin of the clay-forming system. The advantage of this is it allows for the creation of a variety of shapes. Instead of just being able to make loaves of bread, we could also make dozens of different pastas (including meaty ones like ravioli, though I imagine the meat would be added after forming the dough), pizza crusts, rolls, dumplings (again, adding the meat later) , biscuits and even pastries, though sugar will have to be added first for most of them. These items wouldn't have to be stand alone foods either: pastas could be added to soups, as could dumplings. Pie crusts and rolls could be filled with meats and veggies, creating a whole new class of food. You could even have breadbowls for soup, because who doesn't like breadbowls? Not to mention all the permutations of pizza... I imagine this mechanic of dough-forming would be best to add after the addition of ovens, which appear to be a wip already, at least judging by Saraty's twitter.
  15. MammaJamma


    I didn't find a previous post on this so: Fishing as a mini-game is a great way to extend the play life of a survival/sim game (for me at least) I love seeing what I can catch in different ponds and biomes fish are a great early game, non-scary way to get protein fish traps, weirs, poles and nets would all add to the immersive feel of the game, primitive skills can create fish farms and managing a fishery is interesting and challenging It would add some use for the lovely ponds scattered everywhere (other than farming and water) (what about turtles and frogs too?) streams! could add special awesome fish (trout) and maybe a flyfishing mechanic? maybe just a few flies rather than a fully stocked inventory of flies adding mayflies (or other inverts) as an indicator of where fish are would be super cool Entities? the programming in this language is less resource hungry for sure but I wouldn't want to cause entity induced lag so I understand if these ideas are unreasonable.
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