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Found 8 results

  1. Proposal Introduce a small chance of a nugget dropping upon mining any block of rock, with the actual chance and nature of nuggets to drop being dependent on an area 'prospecting result' around that 'one sample block'. Option Combine this with this proposal by @Omega Haxors to achieve a more immersive mining experience by making the use of a prospecting pick result in chopping off a face of a rock. The code required for implementation of this, kinda related, proposal by @Quentin Preik to assist easier chiseling may come in very handy to achieve this. Source Discord #suggestions channel: trigger + post + option.
  2. Introducing the Improved ORASCOPE! It is a map overlay. Makes finding ore ~ far less of a challenge. Install Procedure: Simply COPY Zip file directly into /Mods > Orascope_Release_V0.3.5.zip < Instruction; Use Prospecting pickaxe on rock face direction of the area you want checked; it will let you know if there is any ore within a short distance. ORASCOPE USE: Control it with these commands (Press 'T' for console) .orascope on .orascope off .orascope stats .orascope surface .orascope proximity You may also need to set a permission, the mod will supply the command text needed. Release notes [v 0.3.5]: New Surface scan; dedicated mode for nuggets found on the ground. Re-worked Cave/Underground scanning (uses raycast projection) minor tweaks to many messages Re-scanning to try and find a larger ore vein The surface scan mode does exhaustively try and find nuggets - and uses a Archmedian spiral style search.
  3. I like the diggy diggy hole - probably more than most - and not finding anything interesting to dig is just boring and grindy. This mod increases the likelihood of underground ores and minerals spawning and increases their abundance / size of deposit. Common ones like copper got a minor increase (maybe 30%), rare ores a much bigger one, making it a lot easier to find them in the first place. As random world gen games go, this change will only take effect when a chunk is generated, possibly only at world generation time. Gems / gold / silver are not increased. My goal here is to make basic progression smoother, not to have all the coolest things quickly. PS: Going from zero knowledge about modding this game to my first working mod took about an hour. While this really is super easy, the Wiki is vague/wrong/outdated on some details. #alphalife RichDeposits.zip
  4. Servus ihr Lieben, ich hoffe, es gibt hier auch ein paar deutschsprachige Mitglieder für diese Hilfe, da ich englisch nicht so wirklich beherrsche. ich spiele nun schon seit mehr als 30 stunden und gammel immer noch mit dem Kupfer Werkzeug rum. Aus dem Wiki, das ja leider nur auf englisch ist, werde ich auch nicht wirklich schlau.Ich finde einfach keine anderen Erze außer Kupfer.und das geht mir langsam auch aus. Welche möglichkeiten gibt es also, Zinn oder andere Erze zu finden, um endlich mal T3 Werkzeug zu bekommen? Gibt es hier auch soetwas, wie Bei MC mit dem Stripmining? Es gibt ja noch diese andere Spitzhacke, mit der man angeblich erz finden soll. Der nutzen dieser, erschließt sich mir aber nicht. vorallem weil ich meist nur erze "finde" mit 0,1-0,3%. gibts da auch nen trick? oder ne Erklärung auf deutsch? so. ich hoffe mal, jemand von den Veteranen kann mir etwas unter die arme Greifen Liebe Grüße aus der Oberpfalz (Bayern) Euer Dominik
  5. So guys, here is a little puzzle for you Maybe you could give some ideas please? I was mining obsidian in a big lava lake and since obsidian rocks are quite useless atm, I wanted to maximize raw obsidian block output. Still haven't invented a good approach. Too much basalt and obsidian rocks. Basics: When lava is touched by water from top, it turns into obsidian. When lava is touched by water from side, it turns into basalt. My current approach: If you cover all lava with water, so an obsidian layer is created on top, and break one obsidian block, a well will be created down to the bottom, with sides made of basalt and all center blocks dropped as raw obsidian. Because as soon as an obsiddian block is created at the bottom of the well, it drops as an item, because there are no ajancent blocks around it. So if you make the next well shifting e.g. two blocks left and one block forward, you get the tightest pattern to create wells. Still basalt:obsidian ratio is 4:1 And all the natural cave forms, e.g. wall's roundness, are worsening the output. Good thing is you mine very little, if you don't want basalt. And the method is quite safe even if lava damage will be added. I tried to make usual checkerboard walls, but water is too tricky, constantly getting to lava from sides and making basalt. Any experience or ideas how to increase raw obsidian output?
  6. Telem

    How do you mine

    Well I was wondering "how do people mine in VS?" I must admit I´m kind off stuck with the habitual thinking of strip mining which kind of turns into a waste of time and ressources ^^
  7. Currently bombs are awesome, both in mechanics and special effects graphics. Could we please have more usage for them. E.g. making shafts, vertical or horizontal. Something like shaped charges. E.g. if we place a bomb and a special focusing block near it, it will destroy a long shaft in direction opposite of the block. Or if craft bomb in a special way - then one of it sides will show which direction explosion will go. So making vertical shafts when prospecting might be easier or more fun.
  8. As some of you guys already know, me and my dad have been very passionate Minecraft players since beta. Few things we always enjoyed to do is building our bases, outposts, long railway connections (with lots of sightseeing possibilities) and mining. My dad favors tunnel mining when he plays alone, but when together - we do a lot and lot of caving. I always wished caving would be much more dangerous, caves go deeper and resources less abundant / harder to get. Now the future looks bright! We're taking small steps but we'll never stop going forwards. While one by one challenging features are going to be added, me and my dad created a new world, settled in and started building. These few weeks have been amazing! We got the first impressions of surviving, tested how difficult / easy certain things were. Lots and lots of balancing ahead to be done for sure! The experience of this journey is definitely something I would like to share, who knows, maybe somebody else besides me will find it interesting! After some exploring and gathering basic food for surviving, we build our very first "classical" storage house around 100 blocks from spawn point. Getting our garden expanded. Our food stacks are overflowing... ...and we are drowning in berry bushes! Mining was so painfully slow. Still is! Waiting for bronze age and annoying the hell out of my lovely husband to start working on alloys, smelting in vessels and molds. That's all for today, but I will occasionally keep updating our progress. Not that it matters, but back then, when we used to play Minecraft, I wrote journal of few hilarious adventures of how stupidly we died and then ventured several thousand blocks back to retrieve our belongings and yea... died again. I wrote a lot about building, went into very boring technical detail. Then I wrote about our endless butterfly chasing fun, finding rare species, collections etc. Those wonderful times.... So yea. I have no idea what awaits me many years from now, but if there is one thing I'm sure of - finding this post again and reading it will be the day of epic win! My very best greetings to all of You, Saraty ^_^
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