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Found 9 results

  1. Ka Ev

    Fancy Sky

    Fancy Sky The moon and sun are round, and the night sky with stars is also changed. I hope you enjoy it VSmodDB github The mod works on the client side regardless of the game option, single player or server game. fancysky.zip
  2. README INSIDE WITH TEXTURE Cloudy3DX Cloudy3DX VS Version 1.14.3.zip
  3. hey that would be really sweet to add that to vs
  4. RU: Создаю мод добавляющий в игру катаны. Проблема создания моды возникла с момента создания слитков. Они не отображается когда складываешь их на пол. Вылетает игра когда кладу слиток из моды на наковальню. Еще я нашел "code:" ingotpile "," в файлах игры Другие моддеры, пожалуйста, помогите мне советом. Как исправить это дело. RU: Я создаю мод, который улей в игру катаны. Проблема создания моды возникла с момента появления слитков. Они не предоставят, когда вы кладете их на пол. Игра вылетает, когда ставлю на наковальню слиток из моды. Я также нашел в файлах
  5. App Developer: Aidan647 Site Developer: Traineratwot Discord: https://discord.gg/BGNQWq2Vev Site: https://vs.aytour.ru/ Download: https://vs.aytour.ru/download Github: https://github.com/VsModManager
  6. I made Vintage Mod Manager first beta is ready so you can test it. Hope you like it. Manager uses our website for mod list. At the moment Website and Manager is Work in Progress state. Download: https://vs.aytour.ru/download 57,8MB/150MB download/unzipped size Github: https://github.com/VsModManager Discord server: https://discord.gg/BGNQWq2Vev "Original post" If any problem occurs please contact me. Change log:
  7. Vanilla+ by JabZ My first themepack and the first themepack for VS in general! Here it is, Vanilla+ improved models in a Vanilla friendly way. I got inspired to create this themepack by the odd looking "nubs" on some weapons and tools, the sword and spear most notably. Then I expanded V+ to blocks aswell, like cheese and barrels. Adding some details to it that don't disrupt the game's design. The goal of this themepack is to improve on the base game models without losing the vanilla charm. Most notably, the "nubs" on the longblade and scythe have been removed along with
  8. Hello fellow Vintarian! This fine mod adds the ability to put 6 Iron Ingots and 6 coal into a bloomery to get 6 Blister steel! You can still use the Refractory Furnace to make steel if you feel like it, this mod just adds the alternative to use a bloomery instead. Credit to: ZigTheHedge for figuring out how to make this work! Simple Steel v1.0.0.zip
  9. Welcome to my weapon mod, Medieval Weapons! This mod currently adds maces of all metal variants, they are 0.5 dmg stronger than their sword counterparts. For balancing purposes they are only smithable! So get to smacking! Changelog: Added maces. Medieval Weapons v0.1.zip
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