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Found 13 results

  1. If an interface for non-player characters is added, then add a relationship system (100 levels with the ability to link replicas with a list under a given level). Plus the ability to convince (threaten, insult, flatter or bribe). The system is like this - a customizable level of attitude to flattery or threat. If not configured, random in range (good or bad for flattery or threat) or constant. Same goes for cheap gifts. The reason is that the player will try to solve some game problems in a non-violent way.
  2. I'm digging through assets and I am trying to figure out whether projectiles, and other entities, can emit particles just like class: "BlockTorch" does. Can they? Really, all I'm looking for is if there is support in place already ...or if it'll take c# code to configure. (Disclaimer, I'm new to vs modding and have extremely limited knowledge on cs/c#) Any feedback would be appreciated!
  3. English Hi all! I made some translations in french for a few mods. I thought it would be useful to have a topic with the list of my translation files to be downloaded. I will try to get in touch with each modder in private messages to let them know it exists (and to avoid flood messaging in each mod topic). If you want to incorporate my translations to your mod, feel free to do so, I'll be happy to know it helped some french speaking players ! If you stumble across this post and you see that your mod has been translated and I haven't got in touch with you, please also feel free to use them too! If you updated your mod and changed something in your translation file 'en.json', please tell me, so I can update my translations. If you want me to translate your mod in french, I can also take requests (as long as my free time allow it). Feel free to get in touch here in this topic or in private message. French Bonjour à tous! J'ai fait quelques traductions en français pour certains mods. Je me suis dit que ça pourrait être utile de les rassembler dans un topic pour les télécharger. Je vais essayer de prendre contact en message privé avec les moddeurs pour leur faire savoir que c'est là (et pour éviter de flooder le forum de messages sur les topic des mods). Si vous souhaitez incorporer mes traductions dans votre mod, n'hésitez pas. Je serai heureux de savoir que ça a aidé des joueurs qui ne parlent que français! Si vous êtes un joueur français et que vous aimeriez que je traduise un mod spécifique, faites-le moi savoir, j'essaierai de regarder si c'est possible (certains mods ont vraiment beaucoup de textes à traduire et cela peut être long). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ List of translated files: Ancient Tools 1.4.1 - fr json Animal Cages 2.0.6 - fr.json Capture Animals 2.1.1 - fr.json Cats 1.4.0 - PetAI - fr json HUD Clock 2.7.0 - fr.json Instruments 1.1.2 - fr.json Lichen 1.6.1 - fr.json Pet AI 1.4.2 - fr.json Player Corpse 1.3.1 - fr.json Wildcraft 1.2.3 - fr.json Wolf Taming 1.4.0 - PetAI - fr.json xlib 0.6.8 - xeffects - fr.json xlib 0.6.8 - xlib - fr.json xrowboat 0.0.3 - fr.json xskills 0.6.8 - fr.json
  4. How do I turn the players head and camera with the mod. Also can I add custom libraries/dependencies/apis to my mod?
  5. Will stream again this Saturday (10-22) Last weeks stream:
  6. Hello everyone , Can someone help me to generate my structures right? The structure is one, wich has a top on the surface, and then a underground-part. I the .json file i write all right (in my oppinion), and i set the inside-block-codes-parameter to grass and not to water, but the struktures keep generating there! Here some examplepictures: I dont understand where the mistake is. Here the .json code: [ { "op": "add", "path": "/structures/-", "value": { "code": "dungeon1", "offsetY": -84, "chance": 0.5, placement: "surface", "schematics": ["dungeon1"], inblockcodes: ["soil-medium-normal", "soil-low-normal", "soil-verylow-normal"], }, "file": "game:worldgen/structures.json" }, ] If someone could help me, it would be gratefull! Thank you
  7. I'd like to create a system similar to that of cooking, where you put ingredients in a bottle instead of a cooking pot, however I don't want regular food recipes to be craftable while using the bottle (for example, I wouldn't want soup in an alchemical bottle) is there any way of creating a custom crafting type?
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to implement following logic: User puts item into active slot. Right clicks on specific block Pop-up asking for text entry is shown When pop-up content is saved (and only if) - save entered text into item, and block coordinates I've implemented it in the following way: if (!(byEntity.World is IClientWorldAccessor)) { return; } string prevName = _name == null ? "" : _name; BlockPos prevPos = _pos; GuiDialogBlockEntityTextInput dlg = new GuiDialogBlockEntityTextInput("Enter your text", bec.Pos, prevName, bec.Api as ICoreClientAPI, 500); dlg.OnTextChanged = (text) => { _pos = bec.Pos; _name = text; }; dlg.OnCloseCancel = () => { _name = prevName == "" ? null : _name; _pos = _prevPos; }; dlg.TryOpen(); But, this _name property is set only on Client's side, I've tried to use : slot.Itemstack.Attributes.SetString("name", _name); But they are also set only on client's side. So the question is - how can I send information from client's copy of an item to server's copy of an item?
  9. Hello. I want to add block called "statue" to my mod and it is very important to provide user an opportunity to control block orientation. It always looks one way. Is there a special property to fix this (I have checked official documentation page several times but didn`t find anything...)? Thanks in advance)
  10. I've been trying to make a tea mod I managed to make 3 different tea plant blocks using the variantgroups properties and the actual item (tea leaves) using variantgroups. However I can't wrap my head around on how to make for example teablock-gea-crop, drop the gea leaves item and teablock-tea-crop, drop the tea leaves item, etc Problem is that the 3 different types of tea plant won't drop their respective type of tea leaves, they don't drop anything. got it solved. { code: "teablock", variantgroups: [ { code:"teatype", states: ["tea", "gea", "bea"] }, { code:"plantstage", states: ["crop", "growing", "ripe"] }, ], class: "BlockPlant", creativeinventory: { "general": ["*"], "plants": ["*"] }, renderpass: "OpaqueNoCull", drawtype: "json", blockmaterial: "Plant", shapebytype: { "*-crop": { base: "block/myteablock", }, "*-growing": { base: "block/myteablock", }, "*-ripe": { base: "block/myteablock", }, }, texturesbytype: { "*-crop": { all: { base: "block/emptytea/{teatype}", }, }, "*-growing": { all: { base: "block/floweringtea/{teatype}", }, }, "*-ripe": { all: { base: "block/ripetea/{teatype}", }, } }, dropsByType: { "*-ripe": [ { type: "block", code: "theteamod:teablock-{type}-crop", quantity: { avg: 1 } }, { type: "item", code: "theteamod:tea-{type}", quantity: { avg: 2.2 } }, ], "*": [ { type: "block", code: "theteamod:teablock-{type}-crop", quantity: { avg: 1 } } ] }, attributes: { butterflyFeedByType: { "*-1": false, "*-3": false, "*": true }, beeFeedByType: { "*-1": false, "*-3": false, "*": true }, sitHeight: 0.55, tickGrowthProbability: 0.05, handbook: { include: true } }, sideopaque: { all: false }, sidesolid: { all: false }, replaceable: 3000, lightAbsorption: 0, resistance: 0.5, sounds: { place: "game:block/plant", break: "game:block/plant", hit: "game:block/plant" }, rainPermeable: false, collisionbox: null, selectionbox: { x1: 0.0625, y1: 0, z1: 0.0625, x2: 0.9375, y2: 0.25, z2: 0.9375 }, materialDensity: 200, vertexFlags: { grassWindwave: true, weakWave: true }, combustibleProps: { burnTemperature: 600, burnDuration: 10, } }
  11. Hello everybody I want to create a new item "kunai " but i don't know how it works to create a knapping recipe. I have already created the following pattern : "____##____", "___####___", "__######__", "_########_", "__######__", "___####___", "____##____", "____##____", "___####___", "____##____" in the file : recipes/knapping/kunai.json Can someone help me ?
  12. So I decided to create a custom weather pattern for fun, and this happened... (I named it "Tornado" if you were wondering)
  13. I noticed Minecraft has a mod maker called "Mcreator" do you think "Vintage Story" will ever have a dedicated mod maker program ever at some point? Cuz I have some ideas but I'm not much a coder, I mean I can and can't code given specifics hard to explain!
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