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Found 5 results

  1. Is there any way to use different texture file for each part of entity, just like for block faces? I am making air balloon mod, and want to use different texture files for basket, balloon and burner. It's really difficult to make all these textures as single file. And entity tutorial describes only how to specify one texture file (or it's variants, but not parts).
  2. So I've started making my own skin, as in the first picture(ignore the sword, I fixed that already). But I ran into an issue with any armor or clothing showing up like the second picture(Fresh install); I even deleted everything related to VS and it shows up like this... I tried messing with some .json files involving armor, wearables, seraph, etc. and using the model maker to see if I messed up a texture path or something, but no dice. That's why I decided to uninstall and reinstall just incase I did any real damage, nothing changed in-game though. I did see that trying to load helmets in the model creator will cause it to say it's missing it's background model, and I can manually select seraph and then it[model creator] works normally, I think... dunno if ti's normal or not. Any ideas anyone? Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I have a question related to adding models in ".obj" format. I am creating a simple mod in which I would like to use the previously mentioned format, but I am not sure how? I was doing a google search "how to use obj models in VS" but couldn't find anything. I didn't find anything like that on the wiki, so I decided to write here, because maybe the help provided here will also be helpful for other creators. So what exactly does it look like? Is it enough to add information about the model format my block in "blocktypes" should use? If so, what exactly does it look like? If, however, I need to use a class written in .cs for this, it would also be good if there was a guide for this.
  4. have you: 1. ever wanting the realm the world as a fox 2. wanted a small mod that doesnt change gameplay if so then this is the mod for you please do note that there is a bug with the head spinning out of control in idle and that i cannot fix it! foxyplayer_v1.0.0.zip
  5. Here im gonna provide u with my mods and recipes! Im working on 1.4.2 so the mod is only compatible with 1.4.2+ Im doing some animals for now, the sheep is already done and can be enjoyed fully here: They come in 3 variants and are friendly, they bah and drop some meat (hopefully wool in future!) sheep.zip
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