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Found 5 results

  1. i am trying to create a custom shaped block using multiple textures for each face ( some use the same for saving resources ) the block property code is currently this ( green is the texture code and i think the problem is in there ) : { code: "zombiemod", creativeinventory: { "general": ["*"] }, blockmaterial: "Stone", drawtype: "json", shape: { base: "block/zombie1" }, sidesolid: { all: "false" }, sideopaque: { all: "false" }, textures: { up: { base: "block" }, down: { base: "block" }, south: { base: "block" }, north: { base: "block" }, west: { base: "block" }, east: { base: "block" }, }, resistance: 3.5, sounds: { "place": "game:block/anvil", "walk": "game:walk/stone" } } the textures are in textures/block/ under is what i wanted it to look like: under is what it looks in game;
  2. Vanilla+ by JabZ My first themepack and the first themepack for VS in general! Here it is, Vanilla+ improved models in a Vanilla friendly way. I got inspired to create this themepack by the odd looking "nubs" on some weapons and tools, the sword and spear most notably. Then I expanded V+ to blocks aswell, like cheese and barrels. Adding some details to it that don't disrupt the game's design. The goal of this themepack is to improve on the base game models without losing the vanilla charm. Most notably, the "nubs" on the longblade and scythe have been removed along with additions to other tools and blocks, see for yourself down below! DISCLAIMER! The client side version of this mod is now called "Vanilla+ Legacy" and does not need to be installed by everyone on a server, but it's missing the chest model for compatibility sake. For the version with updated chest models both the server and all users need to install the "Vanilla+ 1.X.X" version! Known Incompatibilities: More variants mod (Fix WIP) Patreon: I now have a patreon where you can support my work financially and reap some cool benefits! https://www.patreon.com/JabZ?fan_landing=true Version 1.6.6 Changelog: V+ is now tagged as a "Content" mod to allow things like chests to be remodelled Chests have been given a metal trim Version 1.6.5 Changelog: Completely Overhauled the bucket from 2D sprite to 3D Features Barrel now looks sturdier thanks to an additional plank on all sides Ladders now have 4 steps instead of 3 Trapdoors now have crossbracing Displaycase is now 1 voxel taller Bushmeat is thinner, indicating it's low nutritional value Redmeat is thicker, indicating it's high nutritional value Onion are now bigger, everyone loves a nice large onion Version 1.5.5 Changelog: Added a more "round" ish look to all sorts of cheese. Corrected some misalignments on tools Preview Images: Downloads: Vanilla+ (v1.6.6).zip Vanilla+ Legacy.zip
  3. Hello all! Try to make some better game models (shapes) So you all can try it. 1. Pumpkin ripe, and stage 2-3. May be leter I will make a release, when have more of it... Monolithysworkshop.zip
  4. RU: Создаю мод добавляющий в игру катаны. Проблема создания моды возникла с момента создания слитков. Они не отображается когда складываешь их на пол. Вылетает игра когда кладу слиток из моды на наковальню. Еще я нашел "code:" ingotpile "," в файлах игры Другие моддеры, пожалуйста, помогите мне советом. Как исправить это дело. RU: Я создаю мод, который улей в игру катаны. Проблема создания моды возникла с момента появления слитков. Они не предоставят, когда вы кладете их на пол. Игра вылетает, когда ставлю на наковальню слиток из моды. Я также нашел в файлах игры некий код: "слиток", ". Другие моддеры, пожалуйста, помогите мне советом. Как исправить это дело.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm here to share what i have made until now whit the VS Model Creator. (They are just models and textures) Alchemy stuff: https://imgur.com/a/HGsdy Could be used in the future whit the alchemy and chimestry using other players suggestions. Barrels: https://imgur.com/a/gsrKK A more "rounded" look to the barrels and more variants. (They could be used to store liquids such as beer, wine, water, etc) Instruments: https://imgur.com/a/d4mmn You know, just for annoy your friends or play a sound whit them Braziers: https://imgur.com/a/ZmLCj A "bronze age" light source. Random stuff: https://imgur.com/a/2AzHL Just some random stuff related to kitchen and other things. Update 1: New table models sugestion: https://imgur.com/a/m6Nfd I think the table legs are too big, soo i made this models based in the original texture! (still need to make the aged wood table) Download: eagle's stuff.rar new table.rar I give all the permission to the dev's or any modder to use these models and textures and put in-game and make them functional in some way! If you have an idea or suggestion, please contact me in the Discord and i will be doing it.
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