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Found 6 results

  1. VSMM adds: Stamina based climbing (BotW Style) More movement-options like crawling A Glider-item A Sailboat see full description FAQ: Atm supports only SP ! Most propably will never be MP compatible because a rewrite would be necessary Mod-Systems : Stamina Sailboat (Beta) Glider Climbing Hanging / Grabbing Crawling Dashing Sliding Backflip Powerjump AutoStep Custom Animations New Sounds Configs = Download = : https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/970 Video-showcase (Sailboat - beta): Video-showcase (Glider): Video-showcase (Moves) :
  2. This is just a very simple mod that doubles the step height of players (from 0.6 to 1.2) so they can walk up blocks without having to jump. Built for 1.14 but might be compatible with other versions. (As long as the existing order of behaviors isn't changed.) Download StepUp-v1.2.0.cs [ VSModDB ] To install the mod, simply place the .cs file into your Mods folder. You can get there by going to the Mod Manager in the main menu and clicking Open Mods Folder. Changelog v1.2.0 - Now actually works just on client (and comes as a single .cs file!) v1.1.0 - Now works if just installed on the client (not required on server) v1.0.0 - Initial release
  3. I'm using 1.16 stable, but I noticed it sometime during the RC's. I'll be running, usually from a wolf, and then I just stop moving. Nothing is blocking my path, my shadow is still running, and so is the wolf! I've died a few times from this. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1260848014
  4. I was in my creative world and didn't put my hand on wasd, hitting q and throwing the block I was holding. It ended up flying off at an angle behind me when holding s. So I did some tests and found that you can throw things quite far and high with runs and jumps. You could possibly even do a game of basketball, even with dribbling as you throw the item ahead of you and pick it up before shooting for the hoop. Btw, here's a little throw test I did.
  5. Do you think it might be fun to allow faster ladder climbing mode (in those vertical prospecting shafts) in exchange for significantly faster saturation drop? E.g. when pressing both running key and climbing up. Twice faster - twice hungrier. But since in future the movement, combat, eating systems will be rewritten, maybe it is not worth it atm.
  6. Simple, when moving in a diagonal direction (by holding 'A' and 'W' for example), the player moves at a speed which is significantly faster than moving straight forwards or to the side. The effect is more noticeable when sprinting
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