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Found 2 results

  1. I'm currently building a mod that exposes game events and APIs (currently only one) to other servers (and tools) through nats. This makes it possible to use pub/sub messaging in your mods and even make communication with external services possible, as long as they are using nats as well. Currently everything is still very much alpha status, but it's already possible to send chat messages from outside to one or all connected servers and each connected server will show chat messages that are written on other servers. The API is currently still considered unstable and will probably change a few times while I'm implementing more features and learning more about how the game works and what makes most sense. If you want to try it out, the source code is available at: https://github.com/hardliner66/vsnats Just follow the instructions in the readme and you should be able to see some messages arriving at your nats server. If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to ask. Cheers hardliner
  2. Been playing with my BF and we've started trapping animals. While doing so, we end up with a decent mix of certain animals in the "wrong" pens. I'd really like to be able to net the chickens, piglets, rabbits and raccoons when I'm close enough to interact with them. (Also used on fish when those are implemented.) To further note: the nets would NOT kill any animals (except fish, technically) and you can only transport one animal at a time. Maybe even set up so that you can't interact with other things when holding a full net. It could even have low/one-use durability, depending on crafting materials.
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