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Found 6 results

  1. Updated 11-15-21: New version 1.3.4 compatible with Vintage Story 1.15.9 ONLY. -Fixed an issue with modded crocks. This mod introduces a new storage block with a new mechanic for Vintage Story. These "Better Crates" can only store one type of item but they store much more of it than a wooden chest. Features: No GUI element but instead shows the item model with quantity on the label. Interact by left clicking to take items out and right clicking to insert items. They can only be broken with an axe. Upgradable to the next tier by using an upgrade item on them, no need to put into crafting window to upgrade. Fully multiplayer compatible. Including claim protected, reinforcement and locking mechanic. Compatible with hoppers and chutes. Bottom side is the output. All other sides can be inserted into. Rotates when placed. Can also be placed into the floor to face up or ceiling to face down. Detailed Handbook information with links to each new block/item. Just search for "Better Crate". Reactive block interaction overlay information. Compatible with Carry Capacity mod. Highly recommended! Note: Crates can only be carried by hand. Known Issues: While nearly all blocks/items display correctly, some blocks that have overlays such as soil with grass will display without the grass. This only applies to creative mode as you can't have those blocks in survival. There is always the possibility with mods and newer game versions that new blocks/items may not display correctly. Chiseled blocks do not display properly. Fixed with version 1.0.1 Very rarely when broken the label quantity text will not get destroyed. This seems to only happen in creative mode. This will fix if you restart the game. Anvil work items in 1.14+ will not display properly. I feel this is a rare case usage and have not devoted time to fixing the issue for now. v1.3.0: Russian Language file not updated for steel crate/upgrade. Language Files Included: English Russian (Thank you DArkHekRoMaNT!) Recipe Examples from handbook: Usage example: I hope everyone will enjoy using this mod. It was quite the challenge to make. Special thanks to everyone who helped answer my questions in discord. Downloads: I'm using the Vintage Story Mod DB from now on for downloads. No need to have files in two places. https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/146
  2. Here i'd like to suggest an idea of cooking. A lot of food i've come across in game only restores stamina and not health. That's where i bring in cooking. To start off you'd make a cooking pit. That would require metal ingots or stone in a square of 8 with a fire pit in the center. After that you would require a fired pot made with any kind of clay. That would just be made with clay in a circle lol. In this, you're basically making soups and stews for the most part...but also boiling meats and veggies. You can use any kind of fuel in the fire except coal bc that would be nasty, and the layout is similar to a fire pit with a crucible. However, you'd need to fill the pot with water to work. Other than that, cooking is the same as melting metal in the crucible. Recipes: Broiled bushmeat Veggie soup: boil any veggie berry juice: boil an berry Game Stew: raw bushmeat + carrots + wheat and more to add onto
  3. So basically, this idea would be to incorporate a tanning rack system into the game. First off, you should be tanning hide through a rack to create leather. That also leads to other creations from my other suggestions. You could use it to create handbags (cheaper alternative to backpacks), leather armor, custom grips for tools and weapons, art, and so on. The leather rack would be crafted by placing three logs on the bottom of the crafting inventory in a line. Next you would put cobweb or string in the middle block. And finally surround it by sticks. Once crafted you would hang hide on it and wait for it to cure in maybe half an in game day. After that you would use your knife to tan it. The mechanics would be in a way similar to crafting a flint knife. Instead of knocking out pieces you would drag over the entire piece two or three times, each time making each individual block of the hide lose some color. In the end it would finally result into a leather piece. You could then dye it if wanted thru other systems to be discussed later on. That's all. Let me know if you like this idea or not, comment why you did or didn't, and let me know if i should continue with ideas as i have a LOT for this game lol.
  4. I thought it would be interesting for a few aesthetics and mechanics to be added to VS. I had a few ideas: First-Person Body This idea is as the name suggests: the ability to see your avatar's body in the first person, with the option to turn it on and off in the options menu. To be honest, I find it a little interesting to chop a tree down in first person in the morning, where my ax is simply moving up and down, whereas my shadow shows my avatar swinging his ax magnificently. Another idea that could fit under this feature is eye-shielding -- the avatar would shield his/her eyes using their left hand from the sun if you look towards it. Also, if the player is swimming near the surface of water, or wading in one block deep water, any light source (torch, oil lamp, etc.) in either hand will be held up higher. This is simply an aesthetic idea, just to make it seem as though the avatar is trying to keep the light dry and lit. Knockdown "Knockdown" would be when the player ragdolls, or just flies in a certain direction, landing on their back, front, or either side, depending on what knocked them over and from where. I got this idea after being attacked be a male big horn, and thought it would be interesting if they had a chance to knock you down. The player would automatically stand back up after being knocked down, doing so faster if you input any movement direction, or holding "Sprint". Fatigue and resting This idea has the player gradually get fatigued due to constant running around, fighting, and mining, digging, and felling trees. The more fatigued the player gets, the slower they will swing their weapon, tool, and run when sprinting. They would get hungry slightly faster, but could lessen their fatigue by sitting, eating comforting foods (i.e. cooked foods such as cooked meat), and sleeping -- with sleeping being the best at alleviating fatigue of the three. Fatigue could also be affected by climate/environment; running through a desert would cause the player to become fatigued much faster than a forest. Sitting near water (and water falls), flowers, fire pits, or furniture (like tables, chairs, or beds) would help slightly. If the player gets too fatigued, they could simply be prevented from working until they rest. If in multiplayer, players could gather together and sit together, allowing everyone nearby to have boost in fatigue reduction -- maybe like a +5% reduction by the group, with +1% per each individual person nearby, not counting the player's self; for example, if five people were sitting and resting together, each player would have a fatigue reduction bonus of +9%. Clothing could have varying effects on fatigue, with some increasing it, and others reducing it. Soft, comfortable clothing (cloth and such) could help reduce fatigue; but hard, uncomfortable clothing (such as metal bracelets and armor, if implemented), raising fatigue.
  5. So basically I was thinking the AMAZING devs that brought such a wonderful game could add new mechanics for making materials. Starting off i thought it would be cool to integrate a unique Lumber machine like the ones in skyrim. You'd get the log of your choice and crouch+click to make a long variation of multiple logs inside a long cutter that you could power manually or through water rotation(next topic). I like how this game has its own unique crafting mechanics and it makes the game quite wonderful. I'd like to see this game mostly stay around the medieval ages and maybe into steam powered orientations. Next we have Watermills. For this you would require a natural source of falling or flowing water. Creating such source would not work. You would need to make craft a frame for the fins on the mill and a frame for the rest and fill it out with the materials. This could then be attached to Stone mills, Lumber mills, Grain mills, and so on. It would require stone, cobble, brick, or any of that that suits your aesthetics for the base. However the actual rotor and fins would be made from a sort of Primitive Planks that could be made with an axe or saw. However actual Logged planks would still be made in the Lumber mill. Time for the Stone Mill: While we already have chisels and such, i feel using a mill would just make the game much more enjoyable overall. How this is made would be up to you guys and final decision by the devs. Other sources of power besides the Water mill would be adding horses and donkeys and breed them into mules. I don't think mules should automatically spawn...just to keep it as more work for the player. You'd lead them on rope around the spinning thingy that would rotate and provide force for the machine. Rope leads have a chance at breaking meaning the animal could ride off. That's where copper+ chains come in. Smelting and Forging animal equipment like such required to hold horses, donkeys, and mules would provide much better security than a simple rope. Of course this would also mean you could use horses and the likes for stuff like mass tilling for creating large farm plots and also carriages and caravans for moving large quantities of items and equipment. This especially would help if they bring in NPC's later on. Just imagine driving a merchant carriage with tools and gems to a city far away to sell and trade and come back home. Gives you something to do, right? As I mentioned mass tilling....this would again require more items. Whatever they called that tiller that the horses dragged across the land back in the day would need to be crafted. Wheels, blades, and so on. Maybe they should add a workstation that you have to build. Not a crafting bench, but an actual room made of certain materials with certain items in certain places to make it. There you could assemble stuff as if assembling on an anvil...but not tools as you know. NPC"S. If they decide to add NPC's (while this would bring it closer to minecraft) I would surely hope that they make it more like a quest type rpg line of NPC's, not like minecraft. They'd have dialogue that the community would be able to add onto in suggestions to ever increase the time you can spend on a single entity. Hell, I'd like to see to it that the NPC's have so much to talk about that you could go for hours if intended. Other than that you could sell, barter, do countless quests like bring certain materials or kill certain mobs and such all on a single NPC. Of course, the type of jobs and dialogue would depend on the NPC type. Hunters, Weaponsmiths, Smelters, Miners, Clothing Crafters, Odds and Ends NPC's, Fishermen(another thing to add), and so on. Maybe NPC's would even come to your settlement and you could officially create a town. Though that would require stuff like specific buildings and paths per NPC...and lighting and beds. Last thing would be Fishing. This is a MUST HAVE in my eyes. The fishing system i think should be different than minecraft. For one...you'd need bait like worms or caterpillars and other bugs...even makeshift lures. You can decided different ways to fish ranging from bobbers, bottom fishing, net fishing in rivers, and so on. Many different variations of fish and stuff like lobster, shrimp, and so on. Rather than just right clicking when it goes under or when it tugs, i feel you should have to actually reel it in. With a reeling method like real life fishing. And each fish would be different when it comes to fishing. Not to mention each fish can come in different sizes and does not require specific tier bait. However if you don't have a good line or rod or even a hook, then the fish could just snap the line. You could use caught fish as bait for higher chances at bigger fish...but not required. That's all for now...and this is my first post. I really hope to see this game grow and if i get permission i could even advertise it. Please let me know what you guys think and let me know if i should continue with suggestions and topics! See ya!
  6. hello guys. first of all i want to thanks the developer of this beautiful game! and to share with you my suggestions over the hours spent with this title WOOD LAVORATION after made a saw, we can make wood planks: - Ok, is better than minecraft, but we can make the gamplay more deep. when you "saw" 1 wood log you break it in 9 wood axis (similar to firewood but cleaner) 9x(wood axis) -----------> 1 block of wood Planks 1 block of wood planks + saw + hammer -------> Wood working bench (where saw and hammer , have endless life) with this working bench only for wooden items we can create the same items, but only by wood axis -for exaple opened the workbench menu in the crafting grid whit same mechanis you can craft doors, fences , stairs ecc..... DAY DURATION improve the day/night ratio -another problem i've noticed , the day-time is too short i think in game (at 1.9.2) is 12:12 day/night ratio. my suggestion is to add day time by 14:10 longer days -following the day/night problem, we can make overall 24h time-speed slower, (without changing the mecanism times like cooking or smeltin) i tought by a 0,5x time speed so we can explore farther or simply stay under sun longer MORE MINERAL ORES AND MOLDIN MECHANIS ingots and crucibles can be carry with something like "pot holder" this can be logical, we can't hold something hot, especially if it has a temperature of 800/1000 grades , so we can craft a pot holder by flint or stone knives shape (not proprely knives , but the product of knapping that produce 2x) and two sticks so: 2x stone/flint knives + 2x stiks -----------> 1 pot holder without pot holder we can't approach high temperature stages, so it became so necessary more ore minerals to improve the range and the bio diversity of the already exist. for example something for specific tool ,like diamond chisel (unbrakeable) ,or titanium items to make lighter and durable tools (in orther to suposed weight update) and improve the beautiful chemical aspect that already exist and intrest very alot the comunity (right now is very very accurate, but we can do better for exaple with a hardness parameter different by ore spec) FARMING AND PRODUCTS be serius , please . add cannabis plants we can found randomly a cannabis plant! this will be very interest , everybody knows the importance of cannabis-fibers. the plants could be of two tipes : male and female for the seeds we need both but what they drops? 1st stage * 2nd stage * 3rd stage* little male (1 block height) ------> 4x hemp sticks mid male (1.5/1.75 h.)-----> 8x hemp stick old/mature male (up to 2 h.)-------> 20x hemp sticks little female -------> 4x hemp stick + 5x flowers mid female --------->8x hemp stick + 10 flowers old/mature female ------> 17x hemp stick+ 20 flowers +1 apical *(IMPORTANT!!! growing stages aren't blooming stages) -by smashing with the hammer on anvil we make from 1 hemp stick -----> 2x hemp fiber hemp stick have same propeties of cattail, so can be used for crafting of baskets ec... and hemp fiber can be use like dry grass but also for the carfting of bow (hemp stick = frame + hemp fiber = string) importance of inflorescence: they also drop flowers.....but unfortunly not for smoking.......the flowers contain resin, this is the same of beewax but we need to extract it! so put in a crucible 20x flowers at low temp. and long wait we have the HempWax unit 3x HempWax ------> 1 candle 1x HempWax + 3x Hempfiber +3x hempsticks --------> 1 Hemp Poultice (+3Hp) the apical can be used for bees or smashed into 5x flowers (this tipe of plant will be very important for the fauna , bees expecially) the life of Hemp plants this is the most important thing, they lives only in temperate/hot climate, they need all nutrients for growing (N,K,P) in case of nutrient lack they cant grow upper stage 2 also in longer times and they can reproduce whit a simpathy and intrest mechanic : put one male and one female in distance not longer than 2 block , in a mature stage the male "fecund" feamle so she can't pruduce flowers but seeds fertilized feamle Hemp ---------> 20x hemp sticks + 200/250 Hempseeds (in case of 3rd stage plant) this is totally random expecially the female/male selection. so seeds can be use for growing more plants or for make some edibles like the HempPowder created by smashing hem seeds on the envil , in order to make bread for example ecc... Another big lack of this game is the want of fruit trees we can add some fruits trees like appletree , lemon ,orange , watermelon (i know , they dont grow on a tree , this can be scary), pear ,cherry ecc... and to make the game more harder , the fruits cant yeld only by shears , whitout it you can take anyway the fruits ,but braking the bush the fruits trees have tree stages : 1st stage: only leaves 2nd Stage : leaves + flowers (different type of flower by type of fruit) 3rd Stage: Fruits + Leaves (no fruit maturaion stages!) -every time you keep all fruits the cycle restart from 1st stage. FOOD cooking on fire pit this will seem stupid, but i think a mechanic more like crucible is not too bad for the gameplay , so instead cooking directly on the fire pit an a little frame magically show up, we need to build this little frame whit stick 3x sticks ------------> 1 cooking frame (coocking frame have only 2 slots avaible) further we can build it by metal and make it that will not be consumed POWER SOURCES Nothing to add, a big part of actually comunity is a big supporter of this aspect ,the only advise is stay away from electricity! only clean sources so Thanks for reading and sorry for my english!!! , during my journeys in vintage story i will update this message with some intrest new suggestions King Regards from ITALY!!!
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