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Found 4 results

  1. Salutations and welcome to my very first suggestion! This will be the first of many detailed suggestions laying out the mechanics of a deep and complex NPC presence in the worlds of Vintage Story. Please be aware, I am not entirely sure how technically feasible most of what will be covered here will be which is why I will avoid discussing extraordinarily complex systems such as Civilizations engaging in diplomacy with each-other. I will also be alluding to features/items that may not even exist in the base game. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that a rich NPC presence will make VintageStory that much more scrumptious to behold. (modders, please go fucking crazy with this stuff since it's probably not gonna happen in the base game ;v;) The Basics. NPC Civilizations (1) would be realistically generated (2) across the world with random characteristics/specializations/technologies (3) to aid them in their bid to survive the harsh and unforgiving world. Civilizations could be nomadic hunters, mercantile societies, or your run-of-the-mill agricultural societies. 1. NPC Civilizations WOULD NOT be direct and explicit representations of civilizations that have existed in the real world. They could be named via RNG with randomized banners (See JJ's Coat of Arms MC Mod.). 2. Realistically generated in the sense that civilizations would be found where food and water is, i.e. along lakes/rivers. If those resources are scarce in a region, then you'd be finding nomadic hunter/gather societies. 3. Think of the characteristics as sort of class buffs that could tie into AI behavior. Specializations would determine what technologies the civilization is using. NPC Civilizations could also be technologically diverse and different from one another. You might find a dinky little fishing village in one place and then a bustling river town in another (4). Some civilizations could be using windmills, another could be using watermills. One civilization may have nice rice patties, others might have complex irrigation channels instead (5). Over time, the less developed civilizations could catch up to neighboring civilizations, "unlocking" and using new technologies (6). 4. I'm not too keen on Ancient Warfare 2's crazy structures/civilizations existing in the game. There doesn't need to be any Kings Landing like cities, maybe a comfy lightly walled town, but nothing crazy. 5. The NPCs do not need to literally use these technologies, the implication that they are using them should exist however. Unless of course, the NPCs can get away with being very independent. NPC Civilization populations would be dynamic with generations coming and going (6). These populations would be subject to the same environmental challenges that players face; the changing seasons, eldritch abominations, and natural disasters. Challenges unique to the Civilizations include but are not limited to famines and warfare (7). If things are dire enough (or if players have a vendetta) then an entire population could be wiped off the face of the world. 6. Knowledge does not need to be passed down from generation to generation. 7. Warfare is probably going to be between Civilizations and Player Armies. Interactions between Civilizations and Players wouldn't be as shallow as "Trade this, Steal that, Kill them when done." Nay. Among the things that would deepen interactions would be a basic Player-Civilization standing system that affects what exactly a player can do within the territory of a Civilization (8). If a player gets real friendly with a Civilization, then they could possibly hire individuals of the population to do various tasks from chores to fighting (9). 8. No more mindlessly wandering into a village and ruining the food supply of the poor NPCs slaughtering them after they've unwillingly contributed to your greed. 9. The initial cost the subsequent upkeep of AI companions will be significant factors players will have to put thought into before making the investments. Eventually, primal urges for conquest may sway players to hire out a company of brigands (10) to lay poor villages to siege. In order to take and sack a village, players would have to eliminate structures or NPCs that contribute to the claim of a civilization territory. Should a Civilization be successfully dominated, the player can occupy the lands and "obtain" the populace, or just scorch the place. 10. Players really shouldn't be able to full-blown sack/destroy/capture a civilization without help of some kind.
  2. It would be very interesting, when npcs appear, to add the ability to automate all processes by assigning residents or workers to certain actions. Such a unit could be programmed to fit your needs. For example, personally assign routes to couriers so that they transfer things from specified containers to others. Hire guards, and assign them patrol areas (you can also equip them with equipment yourself). Ask artisans a sequence of items that need to be crafted within a certain time using materials from a certain container, etc. What do you think?
  3. As the title says a mod that adds village managment like minecolonies there is also mods like Millénaire and Ancient Warfare 2 that adds village/npc managment/building. Minecoloneies have a nifty scematics system build in and the npc are more or less automatic npc managment. Ancient Warfare 2 have research and more of a manual npc managment
  4. Hello everybody! Chris again with some ideas about what could be fun or just possible to add to this game. All of that is just putting some thoughts together and writing them down, so pls do not feel like this has to be done or something :-) -Villages and npcs I have already seen some posts about villagers and thought about how they could be interesting and fit into a rpg like world, where grinding for resources is an improtant element of the game. A variation to different normal deals are "quest" like deals. Let's say the game has certain mobs as standard. Every player will encounter them at some point. Some are spawning in all areas, others only in certain. Now completely independent of where the village is, wouldn't it be nice for them to request all kinds of things as a trade for other things. I'm thinking of a dialogue-like overlay. Where the deals or "quests", a villager has is randomly generated from a pool of possible trades and then saved until that deal has been done or maybe even permantently. What i understand as a quest is a little story of why this certain villager needs that exact item. Let's say you walk into a village and "speak" with one of the villagers. His dialogue will say something like: "We were attacked by monsters (any possible mob in the game) and they have killed one of us. We want revenge! But we are'nt fighters and too scared. Could you kill some of them and bring us their ... (whatever the dead mob drops) I will give you ... ( A number of a certain item. ) for it. So you go ahead and just find some of those mobs and bring back their drops to trade with the villager. This is of course just one very basic idea how a "quest" could look like. It could be everything! From mob-drops to food or even weapons or tools they need. It will create a more rpg like feeling in the overall game. Of course normal deals should also be there. Maybe there could be different kinds of villager. One kind trades with you, another sends you on "quests" and maybe other can teach you something. I don't know exactly how the player progression will work exactly, but let's say you have different skills and in a village can be one "teacher". You talk to him and you have an option to level up a certain skill or maybe trade that level up for something of greater value. After that you cannot get another skillpoint from the teacher. Maybe there will be a standard dialogue with him, where he states that you have already learned all he can teach you. There are so many ways of how this could be done and dialouge is certainly not one of the hardest. I am not even talking about a wall of text there. Just 1-4 sentences about what's going on. -Mobs This is not really something anyone else can influence but those who design and develope the game but as i said at the beginning this is just a post with some strange ideas. Of course there will be "standard" mobs. Monsters and maybe non hostile animals you will encounter in your everyday gameplay. But i think there are so many options to that. As i have seen there will be a time where generated structures is already part of this game. Ruins can include so many forms of different monsters. These areas could have a Minecraft like spawning system like spawnblocks. Or maybe have a diferent way of spawning certain mobs only in this area. From ghosts to special versions of undead creatures. So many things are possible. Crocodiles or reptile like creatures in swamps and rivers located in deserts. Scary monsters in "temples" of maybe even angel like creatures on generated floating islands in the sky. Of course all of this is depending on which way the game will go. In a more realistic world that would be little bit stupid. I always see these kind of blockgames placed in a fantasy enviroment. But of course what can or will be added is up to the team. I just hope the variation will be a little bit bigger than in MC. -Boss battle Now let's have a talk about boss battles. Of course again depending what this game will be in the later developement is setting the foundation on which kinds of mobs and possibly bosses can be found in the players world. I just set it as condition that it is a fantasy world. I read the story page on this site and just the fact it mentions "a god" makes me feel excited about the possibilities this game has. There can be boss battles in normal dungeons and maybe in normal generated structures like ruins and temples but i think there could be ways to involve the story of the game a little bit more. As the player progresses he or she will get stronger and better equipped. Making it possible to face even stronger enemies. Just imagine the thought of a world where gods make you face danger and death at every moment bring fear to whoever tries to just coexists. Now the player finds out there is a way to strike back! As i have seen the possible feature "infinite dimensions" I intantly thought, this is it! Maybe there could be a bunch of certain structures on the map, every player has access to. I imagine floating islands and temples like in " the aether" mod But of course this is an extreme and very fantasy based possibility. Other option would be castles, huge temples, gigantic ruins. Just bigger and more impressive landmarks. This is where you have to face not only special enemies and stronger mobs. But most importantly something i call a "guardian". Fighting the "guardian" alone will be a boss battle itself but what i want to achieve is making it a bigger challenge to get to a "god" or "godlike" creature. Making it possible to kill these guardians, then create a portal to another dimension. A dungeon itself where you have to fight yet again, against special mobs just to fight you through to the final boss of the dimension. Similar to the enderdragon. Every "godlike" creature will drop something of extreme value. It could be just an immense amount of valuable standard items or maybe even something unique. Something worth fighting through all of this and even prepare for it to begin with, by playing the game. What makes me want to have something like this in the game is the fact, that i think a normal sandbox-survival game like this doesn't have enough goals to achieve. Even I, and i have to say that i was one patient guy back then, got bored by just surival and farming. Building your home, mining more and more ores and enchanting your best equip. But what for? Even the enderdragon is either boring as hell or even if you have defeated that thing, it doesn't feel like something too awesome. You just came back to your normal world and that's it. Wow. -Books Another way of including the story with less "fantasy elements" is just with books. Not only are books you can write or read yourself good, but also maybe books, where are already things written down. Books where the story and lore of the game is captured again. Like in some RPG's i played. Most players just see them as trash and they may do so, but i collected tons of books. Each of any book. Just to have and read them whenever i wanted. Maybe they can be rare items found in generated chests randomly or maybe they can be found in villages in a certain building or by trading with a certain villager. If you want to collect them, do it! If not, just ignore them. I think books can make the story of a game get far more involved. Not only having a page on your website where you can read the story, but always have access to the story and surround yourself within the game changes the ambient for some players. The most will ignore them anyways but i think the fact they exist will influence the players passively. -Another villager idea I have written down some ideas concerning villagers. I'd like to add an idea which can be great for both the realistic survival way and the fantasy rpg way. Hire villagers to work and fight for you. It might be a hard thing to do but this is just a list of crazy ideas by a guy who has no idea how to put them to work. But if villagers could be hired to do things for you it would make life a lot easier. Of course the price has to be very high to balance it, but if you need a guardian to protect yourself or maybe just your home. Set up a villager you have hired. If you need someone to mine stuff for you. Hire a villager and give him a direction and tools to dig a tunnel. Set up a chest and maybe it can be somehow "marked" so the villager knows that he has to put the stuff he mined in that chest. It is less of rpg or fantasy or realism functions but a practical. Well as i said, just an idea. Of course you could limit it to a maximum of 5 villagers or maybe even less or more, but i think it could add a lot potential to interest players who are just plain lazy. Let's face it. Many people today could'nt last a few days playing survival mode without getting bored. If you are the kind of guy who likes realism and hard gameplay, just dont hire them. After all they shouldn't be OP or something. Just like a weaker player who does things for you. Also wouldn't it look nice to build a bigger homebase maybe even a settlement and set up your own ppl inside? I'd love that. Well that's it for now! I apologize for my bad english and mistakes i may have made. Also thank you for reading this! Greetings from Germany Chris
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