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Found 9 results

  1. What are your thoughts on adding prehistoric mining methods to acquire copper, etc at the early start of the game? Before metal tools existed in history this is apparently how people mined in parts of the world, atleast in Britain. You would need to find a naturally occurring 'hammer stone' suitable for mining like you do with flint for tools and use it in conjunction with animal bones somehow according to a video I saw about a bronze age copper mine, forgot the full details for the bone part but you should also apparently be able to use fire and water to weaken some rocks. If added it should be used in a balanced way obviously but it would definitely add a reasonable method to be used in conjunction with panning and prospecting for native nuggets I think. Stones which are deemed suitable for mining, like flint would have a lifespan and need to be replaced by other hammer stones after a certain amount of uses.
  2. Cave content is a mod designed to make the caves a little less boring, my hope is to one day make sure every cave you explore have more than just bare stone. Works in old worlds, but you will need to explore newly generated terrain to see the new content. Locust and bell changes are global to all areas of the world no matter when they were generated. Heres my patreon if you'd like to support me: Patreon Currently cave content tweaks/adds: New stuff- Rot caves- At the deepest depths, the same rot that brought the end of the world still resides down there, dormant, It's aged so much it's no longer a direct threat to your healthy seraph as it only slows your movement speed by 25% when walked through, but it still makes for an eerie reminder of the past, drops rot when broken. Compacted machinery- This strange ore seems to form uncommonly near the mantle, how these parts and gears got here is a complete mystery, what is clear is it offers a decent source of some rare components provided you have a decent enough pickaxe. Also drops temporal tinkerer parts with that mod installed. Tweaks- Added 2 more variants to locust nest spawns, a huge and gigantic variant, this should make nests a little more common, but these are also much more deadly to come across. Increased spawn rate of sawblade locust and the bell, since you will see more of them the sawblade locust has 5 less health and does 4 less damage. Images: Download: https://mods.vintagestory.at/show/mod/2140
  3. Im just wondering if anyone out there has information about the ore Alum and how to obtain it. Ive been looking for it for quite a while now on a multiplayer server. Through prospecting I have identified a large number of chunks that contain a "minuscule amount of Alum" and I strip mined through the sedimentary layer of rocks in these chunks but have found nothing. I have even tried going into single player and using a combination of prospecting and worldedit to quickly clear large areas of stone in search for the ores within. I couldnt find Alum even then. So I guess my main question is: How can I find alum? A secondary question might be: Was alum ore generation changed at all in 1.16.x? Perhaps it is bugged? Third: Does prospecting for Alum ever return larger probabilities than "minuscule"? Id like to know more about the ore as well if anyone knows any details on it as that may help in figuring out where to find it. All I currently know is the host rocks that it can be found in (sedimentary) and that it sort of spawns in vertical cylinders. Also, it doesnt seem like anything has really been posted about alum online, so maybe this can help other people as well. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Inspired by bonfire (by David Stark) sugestion . An alternative way to get copper nugets from ore chunks : 1. Heat them up in fire. 2. Toss them into water. In this seting water couses stone to crack with thermal shock revealing metal nugets hidden inside. With this we get an option to start using metal tools with only 100 units of copper. Since this one in inspired by another sugestion i will quote it here: Bonfires are large fires constructed by placing 16 sticks followed by 32 logs. When lit, they produce a large flame and smoke plume and burn for two days. They cannot be used for cooking. Like pit kilns, they set nearby things on fire, including any flammable items several blocks up, due to the tall flames. Once they have burned out, any immediately adjacent rock blocks become "brittle", allowing them to be broken by hand, yielding the usual stone and ore pieces. Why? They look really cool in your village center, wintry mead hall, great festival, or doom fortress. They provide a very slow and expensive way to mine ores without having unlocked the tools for them. This is how ores were actually mined in the copper age, by setting up large fires against ore faces. (If being able to mine any ores is OP, restrict this to working with softer ores that would be mineable with copper tools. Overal with bonfires we could remodel early metalurgy and make it bit more compicated and most important more time and resource consuming thus pushing it away in time from starting the world. Whole process of optaining copper tools would look something like this: 1. Find stones on the surface with traces of copper in them ( thats what i wrote in my comment on bonfire sugestion, basicly remade surface stones to contain only traces of metal making them unusable for smelting only acting as markers). 2. Dig out area of soil that will let you get to stone layer and make bonfire there. 3. Gather wood and sticks for bonfire , build it , fire it , wait (however long we make bonfire last for). 4. Bonfire makes all stone blocks that touches it brittle. Now those blocks can be harvested with any flint (or above ;D ) tools or just a stick. Since stone is cracked you would actually only need some sort of lever to dislocate chunks of it and pick them up. From stone blocks we get stones and from ores ore chunks. 5. After you obtined ore chunks heat them up again in fire and after they heat up toss them into water to crack them again and obtain nugets. 6. Rest of the process stays the same (for now XD ) If you want to make it more compicated and kind of force to even further away in time we could make stone cracking with bonfire 2n+1 steps process that needs temperature below 0*C. 3 steps would look like this : 1. Make bonfire let it burn out. 2. Pour water on all stones affected by bonfire and let it freze cracking stone even further (frozen water expands in cracks). Thats why low temperatures are needed and thats what pushes obtaining copper further away in time. 3. Make bonfire again to remove water. Steps 2 and 3 can be reapeted indefinitely (well i wouldnt set it to more than 3 times so 7 steps should be max) number of steps could depend on type of stone as well , more heat resistant or harder stones would require more steps. To sum up everything here this sugestion makes obtaining your first copper tools much more time consuming (if part with water is used even impossible before winter) and resource heavy. In my opinion it would shift player focus in first game year to securing things needed for survival like shelter , farm , animals and collecting resources for winter. It would also make crude/primitive blocks/tools more relevant and would make it logical for new players to better familiarise themselves with knapping and clay working (since clay storage vessel is best for storage before you get saw, my small one #3 would work nice here). This slower progression thats more focused on above surface resources feels more natural and kind of forces players to secure good survival foundation first before moving up on tech tree. I love slow progression that lets you get familliar with each thing or mechanic on every tier and leaves some time to side track and have some fun building but at the same time i hate grind i hate it when game forces me to do something a lot of times just for the sake if it. In my opinion its much better to extend stages in gama via logical choices of action or environmental variables than grind or dumb luck aka. RNG. Btw since this one is inspired by and i used your sugestion here David im curious about your opinion.
  5. Like, I have a world that I can´t get from the copper age to the bronze age, It´s my first and most played world, I simply can´t find any zinc or tin. What tips do you guys have for me to finally find some zinc or tin? So like, I made a prospecting pick, but I don´t know how to use it properly, so I need help to find a better way or to know how to use it, because I follow the tutorials but I don't have any success. Sorry for the english, it´s not my first language, and thanks in advance.
  6. I've read a bunch of similar questions in the forums but I couldn't find a clear answer. I've been playing this amazing game for more than 24 hours in total, and I'm still only in the copper age. I think I have maybe 5 ingots of another metal. I've spent about 5 picks and prospecting picks and I am yet to find tin/bronze or anything else for that matter. I've tried to go down many of the caves, and I've found a few of those machines that need fixing but I haven't been able to find other ores. I understand the game is a bit harder than similar other games, but is it really supposed to be this hard to find other ores? I've managed to get 2 gold through panning. In fact, i had to spend an hour or 2 to pan just to get to my first copper pick as I picked up all the copper nuggets i could but it wasn't enough to make a pick. I've found areas that show very high probability of bismuth, and i've cleared big areas but still nothing. I just died again with a brand new set of copper instruments and I've only got about 50 nuggets left at my base, so if I die again, i won't be able to make pick tools again unless i find more ores soon. I have also not been able to find any temporal gear. Any tips on finding other/more ore would be appreciated.
  7. Hi, i've been playing on a public server, the biggest one (hermits tale) and there are a lot of people, meaning a lot of the copper in the surrounding area, and ores in general, has been picked clean, if any of you know a way to get ores, mostly copper, that would be helpful, thank you.
  8. What if different types of ore of the same metal require different extraction/processing? E.g. native copper - just grinding and smelting. Some tetrahedrite - some initial process to separate different metals in it and then use them. Some malachite would require a specific carbon monoxide treating by using some specific firepit/bloomery setup. It may depend from the type of rock this ore was found in. Idk, e.g. sedimentary-hosted ores would require addition of some acidic element while smelting, metamorphic - an alcaline element, etc. This might make ore processing a bit more variative and interesting. When you found a new deposite of ore, it is not just a trivial thing to smelt it like all the ores you had previousely. Maybe some types of ore would require you to have a supply of domesticated animals, some drops from them, but in return you will get drastically more ore. Ofc this would require lot of developers' work and drastic recipe expansion. Also some implementions can simply increase complexity of ore processing without giving much in return. Definitely not worth it unless the idea is improved significantly, with more details and fun.
  9. Again another great suggestion following Ashantin's Christmas wishes video. Could locusts rarely (not too rarely) drop ore pieces? It will be an alternative way to get rare ores. So if you are unlucky as a miner - maybe switch to hunting locusts and get teh ore slowly?
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