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Found 3 results

  1. Occasionally, in a dusty corner of a library, you may come across an explorer's journal or a letter by a settler, that mentions a rare Golden Wolf. They would describe a fanciful situation where this creature appears, almost out of thin air, and defends them against an attack by wolves or drifters. The image below is of a very old photo that supposedly shows a Golden Wolf quietly resting beside a settler. It is widely regarded as a fake. Changelog Download Golden Wolf v1.0.34.zip
  2. I am trying to make a mod where I can feed berries or something to the raccoons to follow me around. It doesn't need any real mechanical benefit, I just wanna run around with a pet raccoon I've tried modifying their behavior in some tests by replicating the followentity behavior pups have for female_raccoon but can't for the life of me figure out how to implement a way to feed them
  3. We have the Golden Wolf, and lately we got a mod for locusts as workers and guards... But pets in VS seem rather lacking nonetheless . I want to introduce foxes to the table but idk where to start really. Can I get any tips for this endeavor? My idea is a sort of ancestral fox... You stumble in an old structure underground or on the surface and find a soul gem, with this newly found fragment you can call the fox bound to the gem. If the fox dies, it drop soul gem dust which can be turned into a new soul gem ( with a temporal gear and uncut gems ) and after 24-48h it "cures" and can be used to call the fox again. What do I want the fox to do at least? - I am happy if it just sticks along and sleeps in my tent. It's rather lonely trying to be a nomad and moving camp every 3-4 days. But ideally gameplay wise: Crafting? Maybe simple pottery Inventory space in the form of a pouch or ethereal bond Maybe a sort of prospecting by telling you distance to an ore? ( destroying a nugget to gauge the distance to the closest ore of that type relative to the fox?..) So, Any heads up where to start are greatly appreciated. Thanks beforehand and Have an amazing day gals and lads. Scratch and Stretch-Red Fox original oil painting | Etsy (link to the picture...if someone wants it)
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