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Found 3 results

  1. Can we make a mod where clay is distributed around the perimeter of a centered square (since that is the shape of most pots). it would greatly reduce the time it takes to make most pottery items, and it would be realistic, especially if there was a potters wheel. one of the problems is that most pots are centered on one pixel, but the storage vessel is centered on 4 (and maybe the watering can too, but I didn't check)
  2. Even in the Iron age, you still have to mould clay by hand, well not any more, once you get access to metal, and a saw, you can create a potter's wheel. the windmill probably is not neccessary, since I am pretty sure it is manually operated. The pottery wheel will easily make any radial shape (well square, but that's just the game), these are things like bowls, pots, crucibles, pots and crocks. The wheel uses the same crafting interface as by hand, but there is another option to place clay in a ring (square) shape extending out from the axis. and of course, the moulds are equivalent to the ones found in the immersion / neolithic mod; negatives of other common clay patterns, like ingot moulds, bricks, and shingles, and maybe other things the dev adds; and can be filled up using the "copy layer" function of clay forming. The moulds could be made of (fired) clay themselves, or out of metal
  3. Clay forming is immersive and cool looking, but can feel like an enormous chore, especially when you want to create multiples of the same item. What I propose to make the process faster and easier is not a complete overhaul of clay forming or a way to get around it, just the addition of one simple block that slightly changes how it works. The pottery wheel is a block that needs to be powered mechanically to work. You start a clay forming process on top of the pottery wheel, and once it is powered, it slightly changes the mechanics of the clay forming by making it so that when you place or remove a voxel, it will do the same to all voxels in the same "ring" (square centered on the grids center) as that voxel. To illustrate this, I made these terrible edits in MS Paint: This is a representation of the grid of the clay forming layer that the player is working on, divided in "rings" (the black/white concentric squares). With a powered pottery wheel, any action done to a voxel is also done to all voxels in the same ring. So placing/braking the voxel marked in purple would do the same to the voxels marked in pink. Below you can see it in-game to make it clearer: In normal clay forming, breaking the purple voxel would break it alone, but if the clay forming is being done on top of a powered pottery wheel, it will remove all of the voxels marked in pink. The same would happen if you place a voxel instead. This would make creating "rotationally symmetric" pottery like planters, flowerpots and storage vessels much faster by vastly reducing the number of voxels you have to place/remove while still maintaining the believability, immersion and the same basic mechanics. One issue is that some pottery (crucible, claypot, bowls, crockpot, the body of the watering can) end up not being "rotationally symmetric" because their centers are not aligned with the center of the grid due to them having sides that are an uneven number of voxels while the clay forming grid has sides with even numbers. This could be fixed by making these items have slightly different clay forming grids with sides with uneven numbers (making the innermost "ring" a single voxel instead of four) so that they properly align, or changing their shape slightly. The pottery wheel could also be used in automation by rotating blocks placed on top of it according to the rotation of the axle/gear powering it.
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