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Found 3 results

  1. Abandoned by author. No further support. VSProspectorInfo This mod takes the results from your prospecting pick attempts and stores the results automatically, on the appropriate chunk in the world map. This makes it a lot easier to dig for local peaks of ores, generally just prospecting whenever you're out spelunking and gives you visual aid as to where you have prospected before. I recommend you to read more at the moddb instead: https://mods.vintagestory.at/vsprospectorinfo This mod is a fork of P3t3rix's original mod, ProspectorInfo, from here, so all credit to him for the original idea of the mod and the original code! I merely forked it, fixed it for v1.14.2 and added some new features. The mod is purely client-side, and will not require the server to have it installed, but neither will any data be shared with others. Don't install on a server. Features Parse, save and load prospecting pick data, per chunk Toggleable visual aid on the world map, of which chunks you have data for Installation Download the zip package for the latest release here: https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vsprospectorinfo/-/releases Drop the zip directly into %appdata%\VintageStoryData\Mods (or where ever your VS data is installed to) Don't extract it Make sure you do not have the old vsprospectorinfo (or prospectorinfo) installed Commands .pi - main command for the mod and the default sub-command is to 'showoverlay', which will toggle the rendering of the texture on the map .pi showoverlay [true,false] - Sending no arguments will simply toggle the value of the RenderTexturesOnMap config option. Sending either true or false, will set the config option to the appropriate value .pi setcolor [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] - Set's the value of the TextureColor field in the config & rebuilds the texture. .pi setbordercolor [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] - Set's the value of the BorderColor field in the config & rebuilds the texture. .pi setborderthickness [number] - Set the BorderThickness value in the config & rebuilds the texture. .pi toggleborder [true,false] - Set's the `RenderBorder` value in the config & rebuilds the texture. Configuration TextureColor [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] - The default color to use for the texture. Default: 7 52 91 50 BorderColor [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] [0-255] - The default color to use for the border texture. Default: 0 0 0 200 BorderThickness [number] - The thickness, in pixels, of the border color. Default: 1 RenderBorder [true,false] - Whether or not to render the border at all. Default: true AutoToggle [true,false] - Whether or not to toggle the texture on map automatically, based on the player equipping/unequipping a prospecting pick. Default: true Usage Whenever you finish prospecting a chunk, the data is saved into the ModData folder and added to the chunk info of the world map. This is just a 1:1 parsing of the chat message that the prospecting pick sends. The mod renders a transparent square of all chunks that have been prospected. If a chunk is re-prospected, the message is simply overwritten. The rendering of these squares can be toggled with the .pi command. Contribute Want more awesome Vintage Story content? Help me spend more time developing mods than enterprise software, by becoming a patron or donating straight to paypal! Prospecting mini-guide All you gotta do for prospecting is find the ‘local peak’ of whatever ore you’re trying to find. Run around the world and start prospecting each chunk until you get like a reading of Medium or above, then you can begin finding the local peak. Propick once, if nothing, skip like 5 chunks. Use `.debug wireframe chunk` to visualize chunk borders, so you always stand in the middle of a chunk to do it, so the distance between your propick attempts are consistent. Remember that only the first block destroyed matters, the two other do literally nothing besides making it a non-trivial task to propick. It shouldn't take very long to find the local peak if you propick once in a chunk, then go 1 chunk in each cardinal direction from the same chunk and propick again. Then keep going like that, until you find the local peak. As long as you do it once per chunk (and save data with mod or bookmark), you will very quickly see the pattern of the ore map. Then you just have to continuously walk in the direction in which the concentration of ore increases, to quickly home in on the local peak. If you 'overshoot' by skipping like 2 or 3 chunks at a time, and then the percentage starts going down, then you already know that one coordinate of the local peak is between where your concentration started to drop and where you propick'ed the last time where you saw it increase. Once you found the local peak, dig straight down in the corners of the chunk + the middle, until you find the veins of ore. Optionally, use the secondary propick mode on the way down to help you find veins. You never want to be digging horizontally, only vertically. To find every single vein in a chunk will, at most, require 6 tunnels from the top to bottom, if you use secondary-mode propick at every 6th block going straight down in your tunnels. Source Code: https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vsprospectorinfo Releases: v4.1.0(19/07/2021): https://mods.vintagestory.at/download?fileid=1881 v4.0.2(10/05/2021): https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vsprospectorinfo/uploads/719ff5a6d2c29dccf088ddfa9fd826fb/vsprospectorinfo_v4.0.2.zip v4.0.1(28/04/2021): https://gitlab.com/vsmods-public/vsprospectorinfo/uploads/ee1b7ba875f76b2664cd5de053045bf6/vsprospectorinfo_v4.0.1.zip
  2. Proposal Introduce a small chance of a nugget dropping upon mining any block of rock, with the actual chance and nature of nuggets to drop being dependent on an area 'prospecting result' around that 'one sample block'. Option Combine this with this proposal by @Omega Haxors to achieve a more immersive mining experience by making the use of a prospecting pick result in chopping off a face of a rock. The code required for implementation of this, kinda related, proposal by @Quentin Preik to assist easier chiseling may come in very handy to achieve this. Source Discord #suggestions channel: trigger + post + option.
  3. For me personally the current prospecting mechanics it a bit too hard, grindy, vague and complicated. Mostly I speak about bronze ores like tin, zink, bismuth, because they are mid-game and should be easy enough to get. It is not ... controllable ... Not much fun. Takes too much efforts and doesn't return anything reliable. First you need to do the complicated prospecting with all distance measurements and digging to stone. And bloody not-block-centered grass keeps disturbing your distance counting And bloody mobs at night. And then you don't get anything guaranteed, just some probability, so you just kinda have to remove all chunk's stone to get the ore. If you want guaranteed results. You can spend days trying to find a decent reading, and than you give up and try to do shafts at poor readings and after 2 shafts kinda give up finally. Also it is quite unpleasant to spoil the plains (easiest terrain for probing) with all the probing holes and signs. Surely some people understand the current mechanics better and found it quite fun. If the majority thinks so, it is awesome. Maybe just an improved Wiki description will do. It is quite good atm, but still requires reading few times and digesting all the info. Maybe there should be some general guides of ore presence, not requiring the complicated propicking. E.g. ore depends from biome. So you can narrow the area you should probe. Unfortunately I can't propose a better mechanics. TFC' one was quite fun, I enjoyed long exploring runs, spamming propicks. But yeah, it was too casual and shallow. Too "magic". Maybe we can invent better mechanics, so the general approach and complexity will not be harmed, but become more reliable and fun to play. Please share your ideas and thoughts and vote in the poll, to help the developers see the current situation. A previous topic with some info: here.
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