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Found 11 results

  1. Lazy Warlock's Tweaks (AKA lazytweaks) Hello everyone! Now that I've got a suggestion to-do list I've started making small quality-of-life tweaks to the game using simple asset mods. I mostly play single player, so I don't know if these would ruin tribe dynamics for multiplayer servers where resources and land claiming is important. However I think most will appreciate the small changes I've made here. (Also let me know if they can't be used on servers, not sure what needs to be done with asset mods to make use of them server-side) Okay now for the Mods: Whittling (IE stick crafting) Okay, so sticks are a crazy valuable resource in VS but I didn't like how you couldn't craft them from other pieces of wood. No more! Now you can craft sticks from planks and firewood using a knife or saw, however planks and saws are far more efficient at making them: Recipes (they're all shapeless): Stacking Tool Heads Sometimes you just want the spend your primitive night knapping a bunch of javelins to throw, only to find your inventory is full and you don't have a wicker basket to store anything. Now you can make tool heads to your hearts content! Some items stack less since they would technically be larger than others (like scythe blades), but anything you can knap from a piece of flint can now fit into stacks of 64 (arrowheads can stack up to 128). Limestone Gathering Gathering limestone can suck hardcore if you spawn in an endless sea of peridotite (like I did). I wanted a consistent way to get lime and still remain faithful to the semi-realistic methods of VS, thankfully I found a cool bit of info about limestone here (Limestone Deposits). More or less, in real life limestone is quite common on sea floors and can be found as chunks mixed with muddy silt. So I thought, why not make use of that "muddy gravel" that does nothing. You'll still need a bucket and quern to get the desired end result, but at least you won't have to find another continent to continue your progress. You can also produce limestone even faster in a barrel, by mixing muddy gravel and water in a 1:1 ratio. Recipe (Shapeless): Ash Leaching Potash is a useful substance in VS for K fertilizing, but it's a rather scarce product. I fixed this by introducing White Potash, also known as Caustic Potash. Following the real life methods of production, it first requires making ash by burning logs, firewood or planks in a firepit. Certain woods, like oak, produce more ash than others. Once you have your ash, soaking it in a barrel with a 4:1 ratio of water over 24 hours will produce Lye, which must be evaporated slowly again in a barrel to produce White Potash in a 2:1 ratio. White potash is just as effective as regular Potash, and almost triples the effective fertilization of regular ash (which can also be used as a basic K fertilizer). (once I or the VS team make a item-to-item recipe in the cooking pot I'll change this method) Recipes: Cooked Eggs A simple recipe that allows you to cook eggs on a firepit (which can be done IRL for all the skeptics out there, check this out here). Cooked eggs don't last as long, but at least you can eat them now Recipe: Tool Molds and Smithing Adds in tool molds for knives and spears and reduces the units required for some smaller tools. I calculated this mostly by checking the smithing recipes and counting the voxels. Then I rounded to relatively simple numbers to keep the units from being overly precise and frustrating to mix alloys with. Most are in multiples of 25 units (25, 50, 100, 150). If people REALLY want precise measurements though, I can release a separate mod that counts units down to multiples of 5 or less. I also added a double knife recipe for smithing and tweaked the shape of the knife since it seemed too boxy. Iron Spears Iron spears are strangely missing from the VS files, and spears can't be cast (which they definitely were in antiquity). They also don't have damage tiers, which I thought was strange. This fixes all of those things! Pictures: Straw Straw is a new item addition that I found to be somewhat absent in Vanilla. Straw is obtained by harvesting any grain. It replaces many of the recipes for Dry Grass and reeds, including skeps. You can also use it to make thatch roofing. Seed Conversion Any grain can now be converted into a seed. They cannot be converted back however, as seeds do not degrade over time and this would allow you to indefinitely keep grains. Powdered Materials Sulfur and charcoal can now be powdered in a millstone, which is essential for making blasting powder and terra preta. The recipe for blasting powder has also been changed to be more realistic, and ultimately more efficient since saltpeter is generally easier to find. Compost Changes Compost is a little strange in Vanilla VS, so I changed it to suit my preferences. You now create a compost item from rot, any dirt and straw. The item cures over time into different stages and improves at each stage. At the final stage (cured), it can be combined with soil to make "composted soil", or it can be used as a fertilizer. Even more significantly, it is an essential component for Terra Preta production, which you can now make with the addition of charcoal powder, bony soil (renamed ancient loam). You can also now make a "Compound" fertilizer, which combines various things to make a very effective universal fertilizer. Pictures: Efficient Leather Tanning Allows you to convert every stage of hide into smaller pieces to make batch processing easier. You can use a knife or shears to process the hides, but shears provide slightly more pieces. Also adds a final "tanned" version of hide rather than having the barrel convert prepared hide into pieces (which doesn't really make sense). Skep Changes Real world skeps don't need to be destroyed to harvest the honeycombs, so I just made it so the skep drops when harvested. You can also make skeps from straw as well, as was traditionally done in various parts of the world. Miscellaneous Changes: You can now make a new firepit with peat bricks. Added a recipe to convert hay beds into wooden beds. Next on the List of tweaks: smelting down intact tool heads disassembling anvils Installation (Vintage Story Version: 1.12.+) Just drop the zip file right into your "mods" folder in Vintage Story! If you can't find it, you can open it up in the vintage story mod manager at the main menu. For those having issues with steam: Known bugs: I had to adjust the GUI position of a few tool head so they didn't intersect with the stack number, but this caused some to move out of place on the tool-tip window. Log tooltips and the firepit recipe don't match up with the quantity of ash produced. The tooltip is the accurate amount! Incompatibilities Potentially incompatible with anything that alters Vanilla spears, let me know if this comes up and I'll see what I can do. Changelog: Licence & Support: Current Version: Lazytweaks V3.0.0 (Google Drive Link) Older Versions: lazytweaks v1.3.0.zip lazytweaks v1.8.1.zip lazytweaks v1.9.1.zip
  2. Adds a tooltip to the map for regions that you have prospected. This mod is clientside only, no need to install it on the server. Add files to mod folder -> done! Now when you prospected a region the latest info gets displayed on the map ("M"). SourceCode: https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsProspectorInfo 1.0: initial release 1.1: embedded dependency to allow mod to work even if the library mod is not installed on the server. 2.0: Updated to VintageStory 1.13.1 For VS-1.12: ProspectorInfo-1.1.0.zip For VS-1.13.1: ProspectorInfo-2.0.0.zip
  3. The issue: This is a "strict" voxel game (no terrain smoothing or such shenanigans) so if you build roads, they always go in a perfectly straight line. The obvious use case for using those roads is for the player to travel in a likewise straight line... but mouse sensitivity and screen resolution makes that an impossibility. You're always that little fraction of a degree off no matter how hard you try. The suggestion: If the player is moving forward and his heading is within 2-3° of the 8 main directions (0°, 45°, 90°, etc.) then the game will slowly micro-adjust the heading to exactly match the value of this main direction. There would be no UI, nothing to know, nothing to operate. It just "works better". - - - - - - - - Maybe I'm unlucky with resource spawns in my world but there sure is a lot of walking involved in getting all the things.
  4. GraveMod A simple little mod that on death creates a waypoint and stores the items in a grave, to ensure you can get your stuff back and don't have to wonder "where did i die ?" ,"Are my items despawned or is this the wrong place?" Graves can also be crafted for decorative purposes. To install just drop the zip into the Mods folder. More infos and source code: https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsGraveMod Version history: 1.0: initial release 1.0.1: small bugfix 1.1: now search surround blocks for a position for the grave 2.0: Use Foundation library to ensure compatibility with my other mods 2.1: embed foundation library to avoid conflicts. 2.1.1: fix npe some user experience. GraveMod-2.1.1.zip
  5. A simple client side mod that allows to switch on a toggle for the mouse buttons. Gone are the days with hurt fingers because you had to hold the mouse button to get rid of the whole forest. Also since version 3 there is a toggle for sprinting (thx @Tyron for the necessary changes to the input handling) Put it into your Mod folder and press the "Toggly Toggle Mouse" (defaults to tilde) or "Toggly Toggle Sprint" (defaults to capslock) hotkey ingame. For more information and source code: https://github.com/p3t3rix/VsToggly 1.0: initial release 1.0.1: working on multiplayer clientside now 2.0: use foundation mod to ensure compatibility 2.1: embed the library because library mods currently do not work independent where deployed. 3.0: added toggle key for sprinting. Downloads: For VS-1.12: Toggly-2.1.0.zip For VS-1.13.1: Toggly-3.0.zip
  6. Hi I just made a new mod called Quivers! It's very simple and just allows you to craft the quiver which currently does not seem craftable for some reason but after some testing it seems functional, so now with this you can make and use it! I have changed the mod a little, it now adds the leather quiver with 12 slots AND there are now also more quivers for early and mid game. Tiered Quivers: Primitive Quiver - 4 slots and made from cattails, twine and a knife. Linen Quiver - 8 slots and made the same as primitive but with linen instead of cattails. Leather Quiver - 12 slots! Made the same as previous tiers but with leather. Ideas and suggestions welcome. This is my first completed mod ever so while constructive criticism is greatly appreciated, be gentle Version history and downloads Downloads are inside the spoilers!
  7. Simple source mod that removes (or to be specific, resets it back to normal every 500ms) the higher hunger rate when you hold an item in your offhand slot. I like to hold torches/lanterns in my offhand at all times and my food store cannot keep up. should realistically keep working for a longass time through many versions. NoOffhandHunger_v1.0.0.zip
  8. A very simple patch mod that removes all the negative effects from armor. Because I personally feel making armor is enough of a chore already and I feel like I am being punished for wearing armor in vanilla. So I thought that there's enough effort to make armor, so I don't need more negative effects when wearing them! I'm sure some people out there agree with me so that's why I release this patch. This is a very simple targeted patch that should continue to work for as long as the armor.json file doesn't change enough for it to break. So I'm assuming it won't break for a long time. NoNegativeArmor-1.0.0.zip
  9. Small Quality of Life Suggestion by FrosiX760X on the Discord : The ability to Swap Left Click and Right Click ( mouse ) in the settings.
  10. The aim of ExtendedPlay is to add tweaks and some quality-of-life changes. The mods are as follows: Animal Pelts: Adds exactly what it says on the tin - Animals now drop pelts that can be used as decoration for either walls or floors. To change a floor pelt into a wall pelt and vice versa, simply put it in the crafting grid. Useful Monsters: Adds Health Shards that let you heal up. The small variant drops from Locusts and Drifters and heals you for 2HP and lowers your Saturation by 50. You can craft 4 of them in a grid to make a large version that heals for 8HP, at the cost of 200 Sat. Anna Tweaks: Adds small changes to the game. Namely - Updated bamboo and andesite/granite textures, ability to turn copper toolheads back into ingots, recycle copper anvil back into ore, increased hay yield per craft, scythe now works on reeds. Note that texture changes are clientside, and will work on servers. Includes Stroam's wolf damage tweak Builder: My block adding mod. For the moment it only adds bamboo doors and mud walls (See version history for recipes) Fear Not: Don't fear the reaper - This mod disables dropping your inventory on death. Now go forth and explore Version history (Global): More items may be added as I come up with ideas. It should be fully compatible with anything, however - Don't use the All-In-One version along with the others. Downloads: (Always up to date) All-In-One Version Animal Pelts Useful Monsters Anna Tweaks Builder Fear Not Likely future additions: -Door variants for all planks -Simple food making -Proper versioning
  11. Hey guys, here are some common suggestions I've seen in the suggestions channel of the official VS discord channel. Most of these suggestions are focused on quality of life stuff and decorative things to spruce up your Vintage Story experience! I've added sections, and will add to these as seen fit as well as combine them in the future if need be. Recommended by Ashantin, Xhodan, LordJameh Cooking Bush meat (supplemental meat) for 3, 4th recipe slot eatable cactus flesh Pot's and Farming Plantable ferns and bamboo (flowerpots). Trellis for berries, grapes, pees, pepper, etc Plantable/Harvestable Saguaro cacti Armour and Clothing Armor and clothing stands. Or some other means of displaying armor. Not like how Minecraft does it, would prefer actual model stands. Nature & More More tree types and wood types. I:e, weeping willows with greenish wood, Ebony for darker wood. Climbable vines Water lilies bloom and produce flowers Plan-table green bamboo Harvest-able/plant-able Papyrus Rainbows Housing & Miscellaneous More uses for shelves (currently under works). Wall cases for jewelry Chests and doors with different color variations. Lead Glass: Lead glass, commonly called crystal, is a variety of glass in which lead replaces the calcium content of a typical potash glass.[1] Lead glass contains typically 18–40% (by weight) lead(II) oxide (PbO), while modern lead crystal, historically also known as flint glass due to the original silica source, contains a minimum of 24% PbO.[2] Lead glass is desirable[3] owing to its decorative properties. - Wikipedia Mats and rugs Candelabras and candlesticks Actual shutters for windows Curtains Functional chimney blocks so we can have fireplaces that produce smoke outside the house Japanese Stone Lanterns That's it for now. If you would like to see any of these or more please let me know, hopefully these things can get implemented! EDITED: 12/31/19
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