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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, I want to make it so that wolves have a attack pattern similar to rams and won’t attack you from 15 blocks away. I put my world in passive but I just discovered that partly inhibits other things I want to do. I’ve never done any modding before and would appreciate any help.
  2. Is there any kind of mod that allows you to mine a block, plus adjacent blocks of the same type? I've looked around, but I've been surprised to have not found one. I thought it'd be pretty easy to find one, considering the size and depth of the modding community. If anyone does know of a mod of this type, would they please share it? I'd be very happy to find one.
  3. I bought the game a few months ago and so far haven't played much except some in game days till winter came, after that i haven't played much do to work. Now while playing it again, i'm in this apocaliptyc night with 27+ drifter on the third night, wich didn't happen on my last time playing it, leaving aside the temporal storm wich happened in the 10th day. I'm playing with the default world setup. before making the base i checked the rift activity and it was low.
  4. Hello everyone , Can someone help me to generate my structures right? The structure is one, wich has a top on the surface, and then a underground-part. I the .json file i write all right (in my oppinion), and i set the inside-block-codes-parameter to grass and not to water, but the struktures keep generating there! Here some examplepictures: I dont understand where the mistake is. Here the .json code: [ { "op": "add", "path": "/structures/-", "value": { "code": "dungeon1", "offsetY": -84, "chance": 0.5, placement: "surface", "schematics": ["dungeon1"], inblockcodes: ["soil-medium-normal", "soil-low-normal", "soil-verylow-normal"], }, "file": "game:worldgen/structures.json" }, ] If someone could help me, it would be gratefull! Thank you
  5. Hello! I'm fairly new to the Vintage Story scene, and its modding in general, but have had some good successes. After getting used to everything and starting to add stuff that I actually wanted modded in, I started work on another part which has to do with modifying the scythe code. This would be the first coding work I'd done in it, so I figured I'd start out by making my own version of the scythe and then replace the vanilla one when I was done. I went about this by essentially just copying the ItemScythe code from the survival github to a new CS file called ItemScytheModded. This is where I intended to play with the tool. After adding the file and adding the code from the ItemScythe file, trying to run the game through Visual studio leads to it not loading my mod. It had been working before adding the code, and seems to load the mod when I remove most of the ItemScythe code. Note that I've tried both having the item registered and not, and both ways the mod still won't load. I've gone about trying to remove all json that included the file (as at first I figured I'd try just patching the scythe to use my class rather than the vanilla), as well as making an entirely different item in my assets folder, but regardless the game won't even load the mod to see those json files. Am I misunderstanding something here or is this weird? Here's the ItemScytheModded code, so you can see it's the same as in the original file: The odd thing about this to me is that even with the file not being used in any json and not being called anywhere, it just stops the game from loading the mod, but does load the mod if I remove parts of the code, specifically all of the overrides.
  6. Hello everyone! I am a new player (but experienced in TerraFirmaCraft) looking to get the best experience out of Vintage Story. I read that the game is at it's best in Multiplayer, but I have limited time to play due to IRL (job, family) and will probably be available only a few evenings per week. I would like to try a Multiplayer server, but would my "casual" schedule be frustrating (food spoilage, skipping seasons, etc.)? What length of day/month server settings should I look for? Do most servers expect you to have a lot of in-game hours? Thanks for your help and greetings from Canada! P.S. : I love the game so far and I looking forward to joining this friendly community!
  7. So I found and repaired a static translocator, but when I step on the square it doesn't teleport me anywhere. Game version is 1.12.8. Any suggestions?
  8. Hi I am trying to make tools and weapons that use the right mouse click instead of left click. I know right click is OnHeldInteractStart and step but how could I make it attack or mine blocks when the interact is held?
  9. I noticed Minecraft has a mod maker called "Mcreator" do you think "Vintage Story" will ever have a dedicated mod maker program ever at some point? Cuz I have some ideas but I'm not much a coder, I mean I can and can't code given specifics hard to explain!
  10. Hi everybody! Chris again, but this time I just made this post in order to find a name for my newest project in Vintage Story. Here's a picture of the wall i built. Doesn't seem too epic hm? Ye it looks pretty small. Actually the highest point of the tower on the right is exactly 256 blocks away from the lowest block of the structure. So this thing is MC maximum build-height. But it's gonna be much bigger than that. As this is just a small part of the outer city wall. I plan to build a huge city with an arean, temple, a few castles and palaces and of course more than 150 normal houses. I'm looking for a great name. I might be creative building stuff but my imagination is not the best so i thought it wouldn't hurt asking for suggestions on that matter. So if you have a fitting name to a huge medieval-fantasy city, then post it here as comment. You will be updated here or in another thread in the "build" area on the current status of the project. Thank you for reading and suggesting! Greetings from Germany Chris
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