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Found 3 results

  1. A Smithing Mod By Aetherial Labs Author: Vinter_Nacht, Texture Artist: AnxietyPealope JSON Files Assist: Raccoon Support Us Through Patreon! "With measured beat and slow, Like a sexton ringing the village bell" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow So what is Hammer's Ringing Fall? This mod has been in the wings since November of 2021, which seems like another world now. At that time I was pondering the fact that the progression from clay and stone storage to chests was rather abrupt. Chests were so easy to make, you could simply put them together with nary a bit of effort. Once you had your saw, it was chests all around. That was the first "problem" this mod was made to solve, an abrupt jump in tech precipitated with a simple saw. Quite simply, it increases the importance of metal in the lives of the Seraph. Everything from tools and weapons to planks and shelving requires some degree of a metal component. Chests require hinges and nails, metal tools require rivets and metal bands (with the sole exception of the copper ax/pickaxe/etc, whose recipe is only slightly changed). You'll find that there is a need for metal at every turn you make. It is worth mentioning that this mod was primarily made with the concept of a multiplayer environment in mind. Blacksmiths typically find themselves relegated to making armor, tools, and weapons, but precious little else. Little else, that is, unless you count a seemingly endless number of chutes for the automation inclined. With Hammer's Ringing Fall there will always be a need for the smith to be at his forge, and an endless supply of charcoal to feed him. Surely a good thing for any virtual economy. Added By Hammer's Ringing Fall Are: Rivets - Used in all manner of metal craft, such as chutes, weapons, and tools. Metal Bands - Used in recipes where reinforcement or securing is required, such as your helve hammer base. Nails - All manner of woodwork requires these, including shelving, planks, and stairs. Hinge Flange Top/Bottom - Two of the three parts required to make hinges Pins - Used, along with the Hinge Flange Top/Bottom to create a hinge. Tool Hafts - An oiled tool haft is made using a log, an ax, and a bit of fat, and then cured for 48 hours to become a finished haft. Comes in three sizes. Small for swords and knives, medium for axes and hammers, large for scythes, hoes, shovels, and spears. Frequently Asked Questions: - Does the mod increase the durability of tools/weapons? Not at present, though that is an intended feature. I wanted to get it out to get tested, find out what the interest levels were, and get some feedback about how that modification should happen. Based on the increased costs, I'm speculating about 35% - What mods does Hammer's Ringing Fall Support? Currently, it only supports vanilla items. That will be changing rapidly, see above about testing interest and feedback. Can I toss a coin to my modder? Of course you can, and we thank ya kindly. As always, the first updates supporting new mods will be released to supporters on Patreon, as a thank you for your encouragement and kind words. Upcoming Features: There's a lot planned here, but you'll have to wait for me to share it. I don't want to make promises without having some idea of how to achieve them. For now, I'm just Tinkering with some ideas.
  2. Ikd how difficult it would be to do but, I think that fire should belt nearby snow. I have pit kilns with snow piled up on the blocks around them. If I were to stand there, I would take damage. But the snow is untouched. Torches, campfires, ovens... Anything that provides heat should have some effect on the nearby snow.
  3. The trees in this game are already dynamic in that they grow and change height over time. I think you could take it one step further, though, using inspiration from a little known minecraft mod called Dynamic Trees. It basically overhauls how the trees look but keeps them faithful to their core shape, though in my opinion it does well to do away with large, tacky trunks. Rather, the trunks in dynamic trees thin with height just like real trees, eventually separating into branches. I think this tree design looks much better and would really help this game garner that more realistic aesthetic it's going for. For me, the juxtaposition between the finely detailed objects we can build and the thick, blocky trees in the environment is just really jarring. Truly a vestigial feature of early block game sandboxes.
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