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Found 1 result

  1. The armor system is pretty flawed in its current state, but the foundation is actually pretty good. This patch reworks how armor stats are distributed and gets rid of the Tier system to allow its true potential to shine. Items that previously had High Tier Protection will instead get a +50% damage reduc in its place. Instead of focusing on Damage % reduction, Flat Damage is the focus, and % reduc is used as a bonus. Instead of calling it Flat Damage Reduction, I will be calling them Defence Points. Each defence point lowers damage by 1. Simple. If you have Damage Reduction, that calculates after defence points are applied. Did you know that Leather Armor is actually High Tier Protective? Yeah, for whatever reason the tooltip doesn't show for this, but thankfully the new system means it gets a nice 50% damage reduction. Not bad for an early game set. The values are so intuitive I don't even need to explain them, but i'm going to anyway: Improvised Wood: 0.5 defence points Leather Jerkin: 1 defence point Wood Lamellar: 2 defence points Leather Armor: 2 defence points + 50% damage reduction Copper Lamellar: 3 defence points Bronze Lamellar: 4 defence points Woven Cloth (Gambeson): 5 defence points + 50% damage reduction For metal armors, a different system is used. Take the base value for copper, add 1 for bronze, 2 for iron, and 3 for steel: Brigandine 8 base defence points Chain: 9 base defence points Scale: 11 base defence points + 25% damage reduction Plate: 12 base defence points + 50% damage reduction Bonuses: Bismuth Bronze is worse than Tin Bronze, so it has 5% less defence points Black Bronze is better than Tin Bronze, so it gains +5% more defence points Iron and Steel are strong. Everything made out of them gets a bonus +10% damage reduction Anything made out of Gold gives +20% extra damage reduction Anything made out of Silver gives +15% extra damage reduction and 10% more defence points Meteoric Iron has 2.5% more defence points than Normal Iron Pristine Antique armor has the same defence value as Steel Plate Damaged Antique Armor loses 10% of its defence points of Pristine Broken Antique Armor loses 600% of the defence points of Damaged Be careful taking big hits with armor not designed to do so. While damage reduction will always apply in full, damage dealt to durability remains the same. You might find your armor taking heavy damage from attacks of higher tier. Download is now available on the ModDB. Enjoy! And feel free to leave feedback.
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